Chapter 565 Bear child becomes silly as soon as he gets to school.

Xing Sisi’s expression is dazed and she will bite her lips and slowly say, "Ordinary girl?"
"Yes, Sisi, stop being persistent and stay away from that person!" He Zhen beauty hesitated for a while before he spoke again.
"You are not white …" She is different from her mother.
Her mother robbed Ye Lingshan of her mother’s man, but now Ye Lingshan robbed her.
Ji Nanrui likes her. Although he said they broke up with Ye Lingshan, how could they not?
How can you accept Ye Lingshan so quickly if you don’t have a stalker chasing after him?
He Zhenmei’s lip trembled and wanted to say something, but Xing Sisi’s eyes were red with tears and she said nothing.
Ye Lingshan was yelled at by Ji Nanrui early in the morning on Monday, knowing that this girl is not at all concerned about her studies.
I didn’t call her until I went to bed last night. Remember to get up early. It’s almost seven o’clock, and class will start at one o’clock. She is still sleeping here.
Ji Nanrui directly dragged Ye Lingshan out of bed. Ye Lingshan was sleeping soundly when he was suddenly pulled out of bed. Of course, he didn’t mind and body. The bed slipped in a circle. "What are you doing this early?"
"Early in the morning? I asked you to set the alarm clock. Do you know what time it is? Ling Ye, do you still have to learn today? " Ji Nanrui will be angry with her.
"Even if you study, don’t get up so early." Ye Lingshan didn’t want to open her eyes. She just walked and ate breakfast.
"Get up and dress yourself, or don’t blame me for doing it myself." Ji Nanrui wanted to rip off her pajamas.
Ye Lingshan woke up with a fright. "Don’t don’t don’t I get up. Can’t I get up?"
Ji Nanrui watched her get out of bed to wash her hands and wash, and then she went out of the room to let her change.
Ling Ye Shan has the strength to come out of the room full of resentment. Alas, this study is really not a worry. Her good days are coming to an end again.
Ji Nanrui sent her to the school gate. Ye Lingshan was awakened by Ji Nanrui’s scolding and walked from the car to the school.
Ji Nanrui asked through the window, "Do you know which classroom?"
Ye Lingshan walked on while looking back. "I know that you have said it a hundred times."
Feeling that I bumped into a person, Ye Lingshan quickly said, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry …"
Ji Nanrui looked at the reckless bump Ye Lingshan not far away and shook his head. The bear child became silly as soon as he got to school.
Alas, worry
Ye Lingshan’s actual reading is not too bad, but he is definitely not a good student. He has always followed the crowd since he was a child.
But when she was born in Ji Nanrui, who was strict with learning to master, she became slag, but she didn’t learn how to carve jade from rotten wood for so many years.
Ye Lingshan didn’t go wrong. The classmates next to the classroom are the same as her class. Although the professor is an amiable old uncle, she still wants to sleep.
There is no way to learn how lonely the world is and know for yourself.
It’s hard to get to class at ten o’clock. Ye Lingshan stretched herself and looked at the schedule Ji Nanrui prepared for her. The last two classes are elective courses.
If you choose to skip major courses, you must skip elective courses. Anyway, she, a transfer professor, should not notice.
Hehe, don’t say that learning is easy to get hungry. It’s good to see a coffee shop at the door when you learn early. Otherwise, how about having a cup of coffee?
Ye Lingshan couldn’t control her feet when she thought like this, and walked down the road to class to the door.
University management is not too strict at home or abroad, so there are many students in and out of the campus
It is normal for students as big as Qingda to have two classes in the afternoon.
Although this coffee shop is not decorated very much, it is not too high-end, but it is more in line with students’ aesthetics. It will not be too quiet to talk in twos and threes, nor will it feel too lonely to sit alone.
Ye Lingshan asked for a mocha, and when she brought it, she took a sip and it tasted good.
By the way, I ordered another dessert. When I was seriously tasting the delicious food, I felt a person sitting opposite me.
Ye Lingshan consciously looked up and then bowed his head to drink his coffee. This person is going to haunt him, right?
How long has she been sitting here? She smells like a dog, right?
Xing Sisi looked at Ye Lingshan and ignored her. She bit her lips in a low voice. "You should have guessed … what am I looking for you?"
Ye Lingshan holds her chin with one hand and stirs the coffee lip corner with a random spoon with the other hand, which evokes a smile, which is frivolous but makes people not feel arrogant.
She cut to the chase. "Don’t you just want to persuade me to leave Ji Nanrui? You are his true love?"
She has always been straightforward. Xing Sisi knows her temper, but this sentence is still straightforward and beyond her expectation.
Xing Sisi bit her lip because of her tainted background. Ye Lingshan said something about it, but it was hard for her to say it directly.
Ling Ye took a bite of the cake and sent it to her mouth. She slowly chewed the casual expression, revealing the little girl’s innocence.
After eating, he went on to say, "Xing Sisi Ji Nanrui really liked you, but that’s past. People like you don’t like people chasing you. You don’t care. You like it and you can’t face it. You have to wait until the other person makes all the effort to pursue you. When the other person comes after you, you have to put on airs and pretend to be arrogant and not eat people’s fireworks. When he loves you, you don’t know how to cherish you. When you lose your heart, don’t blame others and feel that the world owes you!"
"Since you despise people like your mother in your bones, you have a little backbone. Don’t pester you to continue to be lofty. I may think highly of you! But now you are also suspicious of Xiao San. I may be kind to my half-sister, but I won’t be so polite to Xiao San. "
Xing Sisi’s face changed slightly and pinched her fingers before she sank. "I didn’t want you to leave him. I want to do an experiment with you to see if Ji Nanrui loves you more or loves me more. If his true love is you, then I will never entangle after Xing Sisi."
Ye Lingshan smiled sarcastically. "Xing Sisi, don’t you think it’s very chatty? If he still loves you, you kept him yesterday, but what about the result? Did he come to attack me because he refused your proposal? Do you think I am much more stupid than you to be so confident that I can accept your proposal? "
Chapter 566 You’ve been too moody recently. Is this menopause?
Xing Sisi was silent for a short time, and then he said with a slight silence, "Does he really not love me?"
Ye Lingshan looks primly. "There’s nothing wrong with being smart, but if you are smart, you’re digging your own grave. Go and bother me again, and I’ll let Big Brother throw you away."
Xing Sisi suddenly bit his lip and was silent for a long time, then turned away.
Ye Lingshan’s ears were finally quiet, but she also lost her interest in being lazy here. She finally escaped two classes and was defeated. What a nuisance!
It’s still early, but it’s not good to sneak back to class. It’s still early for lunch, so let’s go home and take a nap after lunch.
Ye Lingshan took a car to pack a class bag and carried it casually. It’s less than ten minutes’ drive from here to her place.
"Aunt, I’m back!" Ye Lingshan kicked her shoes and changed her slippers. She leaned on the sofa and planned to take a nap first.
"Why are you leaving school so early!"
"It doesn’t mean anything, first …" Ye Lingshan stopped in the middle of the words, and the whole person suddenly got up from the sofa. This sound is not right, but JiNanRui!
"Ye Lingshan, how dare you skip class!" Will Ye Lingshan come or not? Ji Nanrui has appeared in front of her.
Ye Lingshan didn’t even wear shoes and hid behind the sofa. "No, no, it’s really a class."
"Ling Ye, it’s less than eleven o’clock now. How dare you lecture!" Ji Nanrui was so angry with her that she dared to skip class on the first day of Qingda University.
She doesn’t like reading. When will she get rid of her bad habit?
"I, I, I … it’s not you who messed up the peach blossom. If Xing Sisi hadn’t come to trouble me again, how could I have fled home without even having class!" Ye Lingshan’s words are not a complete lie. Today, Xing Sisi did look for her to disturb the coffee shop for coffee and dessert.
Indeed as expected Ye Lingshan this words say JiNaRui was silent.
But Ye Lingshan is really afraid to go out after skipping class.
Ji Nanrui let Ye Lingshan’s Qingda continue her studies because Qingda is the best institution in Qingcheng, and some people forget that Xing Sisi is also Qingda.
I think it’s his negligence.
Ji Nanrui saw the pink slippers next to the sofa and waved "Come here!"
Ye Lingshan didn’t know what he meant, and he was still angry, so he quickly shook his head and hid the sofa, and his left foot stepped on his right foot awkwardly.
Ji Nanrui caught skipping class for the first time, and he hit her ass with a feather duster on the sofa for more than ten days. It was really humiliating. She won’t go through it again.
"Come here!" JiNaRui increased some tone.
"Don’t!" Ye Lingshan shook her head even worse.
"Come here!"