"Your father will tell you that you have been a woman since you were a child!"

Lin Jin was surprised to open her eyes and hear the black cat continue to say, "How is that possible? Although I can slightly influence someone’s thinking, I can’t change his memory. Even if I can change one person, can I change the memory of all people you know?"
The black cat rolled his eyes. "I’m going to bed. Tell me when you think about it."
Eh, do you want to be a girl in such a hurry? Half a year ago, I was a handsome boy with a little acne marks on my face, and there was a little popularity among my class girls. Chen Xinya once told him that when I first started school, those girls once agreed that Lin Jin was one of the class image layers.
Although Lin Jin looked a little weak at that time, many younger sisters just like that kind of boy, perhaps because of the great star?
Anyway, at that time, although Lin Jin was not particularly handsome, he was still a big man. He used to fight with people in high school because of being bullied, and he went straight to the culprit because of the noisy dormitory. Although these things are a little mature now, he seems a little naive, but he still thinks that he was particularly like a man!
However, only about half a year later, I became what I am now.
Anyway, it is impossible for Lin Jin to decide to become a woman when she adapts for half a year. At most, she has adapted to her female psychology a little.
Tossed and turned, unable to sleep, Lin Jin got up from bed and walked to the front of his brain to check the operation data.
Lin Jin even saw a 3D surgery video to see his scalp numb and always felt cold.
Lying in the trough is terrible!
Chapter 336 335 Okay, I figured it out.
The next Saturday, Lynne took a leave of absence from class. He got out of bed early in the morning and went to his classmates’ home with several papers he had finished last night. He asked his classmates to help him hand in his homework and help him bring one of the class papers and Sunday papers at the expense of introducing his beautiful sister to his classmates.
Well, although Lin Jin knows the price and may be killed, they are senior three students! Even if I have a holiday on Sunday, I will stay at home to do the test questions, and Lin Jin will leave on Sunday, saying that the price is equal to nothing
Then Lynne ran to catch up on a sleep and woke up again at about eleven o’clock. When she woke up, she found that her mother had already prepared lunch and put the table on the table, but the salted fish Lin Jin had already woken up and squatted in the chair to play with her brain.
"Elder sister …" Lin Chengang said hello only to find that Lin Jin actually changed into a man’s suit today, but it’s a pity that Lin Jin looks no different from her sister even if she wears men’s clothes.
"Why?" Lin Jin has long been used to being called feminine. I think he would have a gloomy face when he heard others call him "sister" and "sister", but now he feels that there is nothing wrong with being called like this.
"No women’s clothes today?" Lynne sat at the end of Lin Jin’s bed and glanced at Lin Jin’s ugly sitting posture. Her mouth involuntarily smoked. Yesterday, she wore shorts and cute short sleeves. Lin Jin looked like a girl next door. Today, Lin Jin is wearing black casual pants, black short sleeves and a black thin coat with that beautiful face. It is a female Han appearance.
"Wear it again tomorrow" Lin Jin yawned and didn’t sleep well yesterday. Although she got up quite late today, she still felt a little sore in her eyes. "Are you going to play somewhere today?"
Lynne hesitated for a moment and recalled going to that restaurant with a crush girl.
"How about a seafood restaurant?" Lynne described the restaurant to Lin Jin. "The restaurant is a bit like an underwater world. There is an aquarium with a piece of glass through which you can see the fish. There are people performing underwater …"
"Sounds good" Lin Jin nodded. "Why don’t you go later? Mom is ready for lunch. Please bring it to me. I want to eat while playing. "
"Well," Lynne shrugged, feeling that since Lin Jin came here, he has gone from a treasure at home to a footman of great status.
"By the way, I think there are two bottles of yogurt in the refrigerator." Lin Jinhuo took his brother as a servant and consciously ordered casually. "I like the original taste. If not, forget it, or you can buy it."
Brother has gone too far!
Ten minutes later, Lynne obediently went to the kitchen and brought all the food to Lin Jin’s room table. She also specially went upstairs and bought a box of six bottles of original yogurt for Lin Jin.
Lin Jin is particularly satisfied with everything and obeys him. Now Lynne feels that his mode of getting along with Lynne is a bit like that of his former self and Liu Shengqi.
However, Liu Shengji was more obedient to Lin Jin at that time, and he would go to buy anything he wanted, and he kept asking for no money. If Lin Jin didn’t have a little conscience in his heart, I’m afraid the food for those three days wouldn’t cost a penny.
Well, isn’t it normal for him to spend money in Lynne? Isn’t it natural to spend your brother’s money?
"Brother" because Lin Jin wore men’s clothes, Lynne said to Lin Jin, "You feel strange wearing men’s clothes."
"Why? Isn’t it handsome? " Lin Jinshuai and beautiful are of course more inclined to Yu Shuai. Although every time he wears beautiful clothes, he really can’t stop jumping for joy and wants to wear it for others to see and get praise from others.
"I still feel beautiful." Lynne moved a chair to sit at the table in Lin Jin’s house and asked, "What procedure do you need if you have surgery?"
"Talk to the cat." Lin Jin turned supercilious when she heard this question.
"What?" Lynne Meng forced a.
Of course, Lin Jin knew that Lynne didn’t know that the black cat was just spitting casually, and then he took it a little more seriously. He explained, "I remember that I had to live in women’s clothing for two or three years, and then I needed a doctor’s certificate, and finally I had to go to the hospital for surgery."
"So much trouble? I heard that if you want to have surgery, it’s best to have your diploma lost before you graduate from college because you had surgery after graduation. "Lynne frowned and said to Lin Jin," In that case, your college is equivalent to not studying. "
"Is that so?" Lin Jin really doesn’t know about it. Although he has seen surgical things before, he feels fine. After all, he is not ready to become a woman even if he is psychologically feminine. Maybe he will have that kind of preparation after two or three years of women’s clothing life.
But if you drag it, your diploma will be gone.
"It’s okay, anyway, I’m not surprised." Lin Jin said that he took his share of rice chopsticks from a side table and put a bunch of dishes in the bowl before sitting back to his brain and watching him eat.
But speaking of which, what kind of feeling does Lynne seem to be more anxious than me?
Does this guy really want a beautiful sister rather than a brother?
"Let’s go to the seafood restaurant for dinner and go to a barbecue restaurant nearby for supper. The restaurant tastes very good." Lynne seems to have noticed that he is a little nosy and immediately began to change the subject. "The owner of that barbecue roof has a particularly bad temper, but it tastes delicious and sweet. You should like it."
"Well, I like sweet mouth."
Eating lunch leisurely, Lin Jinyou never spoke to Lynne.
Lin Jin is very satisfied here now, with a big bed and a soft brain. Both his mother and Lynne are caring for him, so it is as comfortable as possible here. Unfortunately, Lin Jin will return to Xiamen to continue her studies in the afternoon.
Lin Jin is reluctant to think of it here. Although reading here is not a big problem, such a comfortable environment is rare. His rental house is small, cold and has a balcony, but there is no window. There is a little lighting over there.
Lin Jin suddenly realized that if he wants to become a woman through a black cat, he should do it as soon as possible, otherwise he can wait until the summer vacation. After all, he doesn’t want to become a woman, but his mother and Lynne have no idea that if he becomes a woman now, he can ask his mother to help him with the ID card and change his student status …
Well, maybe it’s time to think about what a black cat said
Now that I figured it out, Lin Jin bowed her head and typed directly to the black cat and said, "I figured it out."
Chapter 337 336 Main line
"It’s really something that needs to be considered for so long!" The black cat is very dissatisfied with Lin Jin, and has urged him several times, but Lin Jin has hesitated now.
Because Lynne was still around, Lin Jin didn’t say much about it. She rolled her eyes and typed a "roll", then she threw her mobile phone aside and ate lunch seriously.
Lynne ate her lunch quickly and quickly, and then she stayed in Lin Jin’s bedroom. From time to time, Lin Jin’s ear bb said, What’s the weather like this? Why don’t you go out with him? Do you want to go upstairs to buy food for you? Did my brother borrow some food recently?
Anyway, after listening to Lin Jin’s upset meal, you are welcome to take a nap and drive Lynne out of his bedroom.
Lynne, that’s a grievance. How could he not know that Lin Jin is tired of abandoning him, but he is good at Lin Jin?
Apart from borrowing money … he doesn’t have much money now, especially if he wants to treat people to some seafood bar, where he can eat whatever he wants. It’s good that he can have 500 yuan, which is still the lucky money he has saved for several years and the usual breakfast money.
I’m going to chase after my crush, but I don’t know when I met Lin Jin last semester, but suddenly I’m not interested in my crush. Maybe it’s because I found that my brother and a man can be so beautiful, and I’m not interested in those beautiful girls who don’t have brothers yet?
With such a sad face, Lin Chen left Lin Jin’s bedroom step by step and took the door behind him. After that, he directly collapsed the soft sofa in the living room and lowered his head to play mobile games.
There is still a lot of work when I go home from class. Lynne didn’t have much entertainment before, and he occasionally played two ll’s and occasionally went to the gym to exercise. But now when I entered the second half of the third year of high school, it’s not fun. Some mobile games were borrowed for entertainment.
See Lynne leave Lin Jin immediately jumped up from the chair, grabbed the phone and ran to the bed, ready to ask the details of the black cat becoming a woman again.
This kind of thing can’t be sloppy.
Then as soon as he turned on his mobile phone, he saw a brand new one.
Main line!
You have chosen to become a real woman from a fake mother, but! The social pressure of becoming a woman is greater than you think, and your younger brother can support you without your parents, so you need to find a man who can support you wholeheartedly, that is to say, a Chinese boyfriend!
Reward to be a perfect woman!
Punish everything and start all over again!
Lying in the trough? !
What, this kind of thing will happen? Didn’t you say that you won’t release it when you come to Guangdong this week?
A face of Meng forced Lin Jin to watch this so-called mainline face again and immediately turned black.
What do you want to be a woman and find a boyfriend?
"Shout shout! Since you are looking for a boyfriend! Then I have several alternatives here! " The black cat jumped out from the edge of the mobile phone screen and carried a bundle of paper on his back. It slowly put the paper on the ground in the center of the screen and then held up a piece of paper and said seriously to Lin Jin, "I think this man can!" Summer! He has a handsome face like an iceberg and a careful heart. Although it is a bit uncomfortable to keep a straight face every day, resolving the iceberg can also be your future direction! "
Lin Jin turned a supercilious look after listening. If this black cat now possesses braised pork and braised pork is still in front of him, I’m afraid he will throw it directly from the window.
"There will be this! Wu Min! Although not handsome enough! But careful and live with you for a long time! I know you better! I can take good care of you and add him to break up only a few months ago. Now it’s probably a very simple thing to break into his heart! " The black cat kept putting those papers on the ground on the screen of the mobile phone. "The point is! He is fifteen centimeters! Can definitely satisfy your life! "
The more Lin Jin listens, the uglier her face becomes.