"Really? Then will he help us beat Wu San and them? " Xiao yue sounds naive as a teenager.

"Silly children’s family is high above the noble where they care about us Wang …" Grandma xiao yue smiled bitterly and obviously didn’t expect 6 Can, the noble, to help them.
"But we saved him … and spent our last two stones …" xiao yue said with some injustice.
Xiao yue!’ Grandma xiao yue drank a cold displeasure and said, "How did you tell you before your father? Saving people is a blessing, how can you think about returning! "
"It’s okay … grandma … xiao yue knows it’s wrong … I’ll make porridge. If this adult wakes up, he can eat it for him …" xiao yue confessed sweetly and ran away.
"You this wench …" Grandma xiao yue with a wry smile slowly.
6 Can heard the words of two grandparents and grandchildren, and he understood his situation. I think he was met by them after his resurrection, but I don’t know what they said. Is the resurrection cross even reborn?
Obviously, 6 can didn’t eat porridge. It wasn’t until three days later that 6 can’s soul returned to normal and achieved physical control. In an instant, 6 can almost choked to death!
I was almost choked to death by the strong aura around me. The aura here is hundreds of times stronger than that of Shuiyunshan. When I went to 6 Can, I felt comfortable all over and my body pain was relieved a lot.
After hundreds of years of continuous loss of real yuan, now I suddenly come to such a place where aura is rich and almost liquid, and it took a long time for 6 Can to make it come over.
Recovering the control of the body for the first time, 6 can show the strange body. Even after being suppressed by the ancient battlefield, it can still reach about five robberies and scattered immortals. At this time, the weak knowledge is about equivalent to the Yuan infant period.
What’s even more frightening is that the original 6 Can Yuan Baby has reached the late Mahayana, but now Yuan Baby has disappeared! At this time, 6 can lost his whole body and became a mortal.
And 6 can can have reached the strength of about five or six robberies and scattered immortals, and the body has shrunk completely, that is, it is slightly stronger than that of ordinary yuan infants.
"Warcraft skills!"
Because of the repair, it is almost equal to being scrapped. 6 Can is somewhat sad. Suddenly, I think of this life-saving thing. Soon, 6 Can looks pale and disappears. After the skills of Warcraft disappear, it disappears.
Just when 6 can was depressed to death, suddenly something was wrong. In the sea of his own consciousness, there was a little golden baby sitting with his eyes closed, and every time he breathed, he breathed the essence of 6 can.
What resurrected a baby and ran to this place … "Raging a 6 Can was immediately in the wrong place. Obviously, this golden baby is not a yuan baby who fixes the truth, but a spiritual power condensate. When 6 Can gods explore, they suddenly shake.
6 Can God’s knowledge has reached a leap in the moment of entering the Golden Baby, and the scope of God’s knowledge has expanded by millions of miles. All situations have entered 6 Can’s mind.
And this Jin Ying unexpectedly here to qi than fit let 6 can have an illusion as if he is this world.
6 Can is now located in a small village with dozens of families, where people are very strong. Almost every one has the physical strength around the infancy, and it is like never practicing to explore these human bodies carefully.
There are more than 100 such small villages scattered in a million miles, and there is also a city with tens of thousands of people. There are no practitioners there.
I didn’t expect this place to be so vast and millions of miles away with such a sparse population. Outside the village, all kinds of strange plants and animals are growing in the wilderness as far as the eye can see.
"What person!" In 6 can god knowledge when they roam in millions of miles, a cold god knowledge suddenly crashed into the range of 6 can god knowledge, and the mystery of the integration of heaven and earth disappeared instantly, and 6 can returned to its original shape again.
6 can stuffy hum a just that powerful knowledge in just an instant let 6 can soul suffered a lot of damage, but 6 can soul seems to have the ability to repair it, and it will be repaired after a few minutes. "Good guy!" 6 Can’s heart is full of winds, and now his own knowledge can actually explore the range of millions of miles. 6 Can is very happy to know that the range of knowledge of fairies and other immortals is only about 100,000 miles, and those who don’t fix the truth in millions let 6 Can be somewhat careless. I didn’t expect that his soul would be seriously injured in the cold and sudden appearance of knowledge.
"Weird place …" 6 Can slowly sat up from the bed and looked at the surrounding environment. The decoration was similar to that of the hidden dragon big 6 ordinary farmer, and all kinds of materials were absolutely strong. 6 Can is now physically broken.
"I don’t know whether to cry or laugh when I temporarily lose my Warcraft skills but have abnormal gods …" I stroked my left arm and still smiled bitterly at the cross mark.
If you want this brand, you can still believe that the skill method of Warcraft should be a temporary situation, and then find out the reason and it will be restored.
It seems a little white to see his body ornament 6 Can, because 6 Can is wearing his fake real fairy ornament at this time and his appearance is actually that old Zhang Fei.
"Mr. Wu, old woman, I really have no stone to pay … my husband and wife have been mining for more than two years and I haven’t heard from them yet. I am really unable to pick stones with a granddaughter …"
In 6 can some resentment when xiao yue sound outside the house is obviously begging for something.
It’s not an excuse. Who doesn’t have miners? If you can’t pay ten stones, it’s not impossible … "It’s obviously not a good bird for a man to exaggerate when he listens to the sound.
"What way?" It is xiao yue’s timid voice that seems to be very afraid of this Mr. Wu
"Ha ha, Li Po, don’t say that I don’t take care of you in the village folks. You see, xiao yue is also big. Just as the duke is going to take another room, concubines want you to marry xiao yue to the past generation …"
This Mr. Wu’s fluent words are obviously not the first time to do this business.
"no! There are already hundreds of concubines in the Lord. Although we are poor, we can’t let xiao yue go into the fire! " Grandma Li Po of xiao yue angrily refused.
"Ha ha, this is up to you. You don’t want to do it. Ten stones …" Mr. Wu seems very accommodating.
"Li Po, don’t be ignorant. It’s a blessing for the duke to read your xiao yue dialect!" Just as Mr. Wu’s voice just fell, another rough sound started.
6 can sit in bed and despise a smile. A white face and a black face conspire against somebody else’s granddaughter. This Mr. Wu is a good idea.
"Third brother, what are you talking about with this wife? Just tie people away directly!" That rough voice and bad temper are very suitable for playing this bad face
It’s a pity that at this time, 6 Can has lost his interest in continuing to watch the play. After all, these two grandchildren are taking care of themselves. If they can help them some days, they will help them.
6 can cold hum a dozen door ShiRan came out cold eyes glanced at Mr Wu several people.
This Mr. Wu is actually not a gentleman. Wu Sanyuan is a gangster in the city, but fortunately, a beautiful sister made a wife for the duke. Although she is not a real lady, she has a higher status than a concubine. So this Wu San facilitated this escape from an errand to the village to collect monthly stone offerings.
Of course, knowing that his cheap brother-in-law likes Wu San, this cheap little brother-in-law has started to search for women for his brother-in-law, which has harmed girls here for years.
By chance, the duke’s adult saw xiao yue and thought that this little girl was soft, weak and weak, so he casually said, Wu San, of course, is like an imperial edict. Today, he found a lackey with a headband and wanted to force this loneliness to submit to his grandparents and grandchildren.
However, I didn’t expect the drama to be played in the middle. This humble hut actually walked out of a Chinese who must be white and glaring.
Being swept away by this man’s eyes, three or five people fell into an ice cave and their teeth trembled with cold.
"Adult, I don’t want to be a concubine to the duke. You must help me …" When I saw 6 Can come out, xiao yue did not shy and pulled 6 Can’s arm with tearful eyes.
6 Can looked at this xiao yue’s appearance as a serious injury. Although it is not as good as Ye Lingxuan and others, it is also a beautiful woman with soft language and weak figure. It is no wonder that the lecherous duke has a look.
Li Po did not dare to be presumptuous in front of 6 Can, but the praying eyes made 6 Can look sad.
"My Lord? !” Scared by 6 Can’s one eye, Wu San’s pupil shrank, and once again he looked at 6 Can’s eye-catching card in 6 Can’s chest.
"My Lord? What bird’s adult? ! The Lord is the biggest here. What are you? Adults advise you to mind your own business or you will be killed! "
When Wu San asked about 6 Can’s identity, Wu San’s side was short and stocky, and Han suddenly scolded 1 with a big grin, which actually threatened to export 6 Can’s listening to the sound, which was the rugged person.
Taking Wu San’s word, he turned and slapped him in the past, which made the short and strong man turn three or four times in situ, and his mouth and nose bled and spit out seven teeth.
"Is the da? !” Short and strong, it’s unbelievable to see that Wu San is not white and his third brother will hit himself.
Wu Sanli’s arm trembled slightly, and his heart had scolded the short and strong man’s ten generations of ancestors for a change, regardless of the short and strong man’s doubts. Wu Sanli was frightened and swept his eyes to 6 Can.
It’s funny to watch this scene when a dog eats a dog and see Wu Sanwang hurriedly converge on himself and look at Wu Sanwang coldly without saying a word.
Seeing 6 Can’s diffuse expression at this time, Wu San’s heart is pounding. Obviously, this guy is not satisfied with his disposal. He still looks ignorant and glared at himself and 6 Can. The short man couldn’t help but withdraw from the long knife and pierce the short man’s abdomen. He screams at a short man and flows out of his stomach and twitches on the ground.
Xiao yue gaped at the scene in front of him. This Mr. Wu killed his brother as if he were crazy. Immediately, he saw the short and strong man’s tragic death. The little girl was pale and shrank behind 6 Can. Anyway, she dared not look forward again.