"I think this one is quite good." NiHaoDong sat by her bed and took out the little gift that she bought tens of thousands of dollars earlier.

The abrupt man behind him jumped up a little. She exploded, twisted and stared at the man who appeared in her bedroom at an unknown time. He jumped "moo". She covered her heart and stuttered. "You, you, how did you get in?" She remembered that she locked the door!
NiHaoDong held out his hand and a key quietly lying in his palm "well, I may not have told you? Yang Bai’s family is a lock family. How about he carefully made this key and gave it to me? "
An Luofen’s lips squirmed, saying "Your uncle" but his mouth was put out. Ni Haodong’s face turned black in an instant.
"Come and change clothes," he said, and when he settled down, he saw him pick up the gift of getting up and stretched out his hand and pulled the tag.
"Stop it! Don’t take off the tag, I will take it back tomorrow! " She is not willing to wear such expensive clothes! But I just don’t want to lose talent in front of Mo Ning and deliberately buy her. Ni Haodong quickly rushed over and threw the clothes to the side faster than her. She just jumped into his hard chest.
The nose hit his chest muscle, and it hurt. She cried. She covered her nose and shouted angrily, "Which fool said that your muscles are strong and stiff and you feel safe in your arms?"
In a second, she felt like she was spinning around, and she was already on the bed by him.
"Yeah, I also think the meat is too hard and boring. I just like to press you soft."
"death!" Ann don’t face away from him leaned in with her head on her lips and didn’t look at him with a cold growl.
This girl is getting more and more presumptuous with him! However, he has a way to make her collapse in front of him. For example, he slowly put his hand in front of her eyes, and he gently shook a golden tag between his fingers. The golden luster flashed and settled her eyes. She looked intently and almost spit out an old blood.
Instantly glared at him swearing "NiHaoDong you bastard! Wild donkey! How dare you pick my tag! "
Pink lips are in front of us, soft breasts are bulging, NiHaoDong’s eyes are deep, his head is bent down and he grabs her, and he keeps shouting and cursing. Soft lips are angry and don’t open his mouth. He gropes for a long time and can’t find a breakthrough, so he puts his hand in her armpit and squeezes. Finally, she can’t help but open her mouth and smile, which is even uglier than crying. Her mouth is full of satisfaction, and her tongue slips into her mouth, and she tightly grabs his collar and passively cooperates. The thought that he took off the tag and can’t return it makes her headache
If Ling Xiao hadn’t called and urged Ni Haodong to really want to fuck her again, her bulging little appearance would have made him feel very happy.
Ann put on light makeup and went to the bathroom for a gift. Ni Haodong’s eyes are as dark as an ancient well, and it’s beautiful to wear this gift, which highlights her physical strength, sexy collarbone, smooth shoulders, plump breasts, slender and straight legs, which strongly attract his attention.
This dress match with that light makeup on her face, which sets off her unique smart temperament. there is always a trace of stubbornness and stubbornness in her eyes, and now she seems to look at him with alienation and precaution.
Ni Haodong had no idea what she was guarding against him. He rubbed his thumb against her lips a few times and said, "I’ll deal with you later!" " Settle down the body a quiver what don’t talk.
He put on his coat and stretched out his hand to scratch her white face. Only then did he grab her little hand and walk out. She struggled all the way. He clenched her tightly and went to the car. She pursed her lips and hummed, "It’s just that it’s so vivid and hypocritical to take part in accidental scenes." She’s just a fake. It’s just that when he misses his ex-girlfriend, he must act like a couple.
"Am I too used to you? Will you give me another try? " NiHaoDong a face of wen nu settled down and felt his competitors were pinched off by him.
Aunt Li, the neighbor of the same building, just came back from buying food. It was not dark. Aunt Li got closer and closer, and her eyes kept looking at this side. She saw Aunt Li shaking Ni Haodong’s hand nervously.
"Let go!" Ann turned her face to twist her eyebrows and growl, but he didn’t listen. The feeling was nasty. She arched her knees to push her towards him. Ni Haodong suffered a loss once. Where can she succeed again? In the previous step, he pressed her tightly against the car door and pinned her legs, making her unable to move at all. Anger rolled under his eyes. He suddenly bowed his head and bit her lips. She frowned and pushed her hands on his chest. Aunt Li saw a couple pulling and pulling and walked in. It turned out that she was watching her grow up. Ann couldn’t help but fall out. It’s too cold to make out with your boyfriend outside the car. "
NiHaoDong feel settle down instantly stiff body.
Text 34 She is my woman
Aunt Li shook her head and left with a basket of vegetables, leaving a meaningful sigh. He turned and pulled the co-pilot door and sat down by himself. She was very angry. After sitting in the car for a long time, Aunt Li and her mother couldn’t calm her emotions. Presumably, her mother knew about it, which is a matter of time.
"You’re not a pupil or a couple afraid of anything?" NiHaoDong driving a face of calm.
Settle down and look at him. If he doesn’t hang his face high, he will come to be angry. She turned to look out the window and snorted. "Of course you are not afraid that you are rich and powerful and have fun with women casually. Others just pay a smile. What about me? It will be said that money sells the body bitch. Who will dare to marry me then? "
"Well, it’s best if no one wants to rob a woman with me, I’ll give her a discount." Ni Haodong’s eyes have been dyed for a long time, and he can’t see whether it’s black or not.
"… bitch" Ann was so angry that she was confused to scold him silently in her heart, but she didn’t expect an excited scolding.
"Chi-"A sharp screeching halt.
Ann fell forward because of inertia and was brought back by Ann, and slapped her hard on the seat, which made her dizzy.
NiHaoDong parked the car on the side of the road and didn’t finish waking up, but he held him firmly. She felt that Ba was almost broken, and her consciousness was instantly awake. She frowned at him but stubbornly didn’t say a word for mercy. NiHaoDong looked at her enchanting red lips, and a round blood pearl had solidified there, showing bloodthirsty light in his eyes and bowed her head and bit her lips again.
The same wound is bitten again, and the pain will be multiplied several times. He kept beating his shoulders and beating his hands, and he didn’t mean anything.
"Let go of you perverted vampire!" The tears accumulated in the corner of my eyes are always spineless.
NiHaoDongSong her arm strong hug her shoulder and let her lean on his arms, he took a paper towel to dry her face, tears and blood on her lips, holding her face to let her look at him.
"Does it hurt? Have you got a long memory? Dare to talk nonsense again? Who gave you the guts to say you want to marry someone in front of me? You don’t think I can breathe, do you? Ann, remember that if I don’t let you go, you have to behave yourself. "
"Don’t you say it ten times?" She glared at her tearful eyes in defiance.
"… how many times?"
"twice and again"
"Well so long? Dead fish is as interesting as dead fish every time. "
You uncle! Let me get out of here as soon as I get my eyes down and scold you!
How can Ni Haodong not know what she thinks! He sneered and squeezed her face after sitting down, saying, "I don’t have time to find something better. Let’s make do with it first."
Generate, whose eyes are cold and shiny, expressed sympathy to NiHaoDong’s ancestors one by one. Don’t let her seize the opportunity and she will punish him severely!
Section 24
NiHaoDong holding the steering wheel hand secretly force lip Angle gherardini looked at the front, she just showed a little bit to escape, and he got angry uncontrollably. This woman didn’t want to let go. He caught a glimpse of her from the corner of his eye, and his mouth was bent. He raised a little leopard beside him!
When I got to the place, I left my coat in the car and wore a small gift. I followed NiHaoDong to the private room. NiHaoDong hugged AnLuoYao and came in and heard a burst of booing.
"my god! This little girl is really beautiful in such a dress! Brother Dong, what do you mean by being so ostentatious? " Qi Weifeng held a big wave of tender models in his arms, and his expression was exaggerated. He rushed over and talked with NiHaoDong, and his eyes kept falling sideways. He saw Mo Ning and Beibei when he saw them in his eyes.
Mo Ning followed Mo Chen and heard that Ni Haodong would come to the place, so he asked his brother to take her with him. Beibei listened to Mo Ning and said that she would come to see Beijing’s great grandfather. They also came with Mo Ning. They never imagined that this occasion would meet Ann Luo Beibei, who was confused and took Mo Ning’s hand and whispered in her ear, "How did she come? And how to be so intimate with Ni Shao? "
"Shut up!" Mo Ning’s eyes glared at Beibei fiercely, and Beibei turned aside to hide her eyes and stopped saying anything, but her heart was white for nine points. I’m afraid the conflict between them in the mall was not as simple as a dress! The culprit should be fighting for men!
Mochen saw NiHaoDong hug Ann fell violently frowned. His fiancee Bai Zixuan knew what he was thinking and quietly pushed him. Mochen shook his head and said hello to NiHaoDong. His eyes crossed Ann and paused for a few seconds.
Lingxiao was cold, and when he saw a little surprise in his eyes when he settled down beside NiHaoDong, he returned to calm. He had long guessed that NiHaoDong was unusual for this girl, but he didn’t expect to bring her to a party of several of them. He didn’t have any expression, but he nodded his head at Ann and nodded his head in response.
There was a man sitting in a dark corner who didn’t say anything. The lights flashed on his face and he saw the face instantly. At the same time, NiHaoDong frowned deeply and turned his face to see the pleasantly surprised expression on AnLuo’s face. NiHaoDong suddenly regretted letting her wear this gift!
Since they entered the room, the man’s eyes have been fixed on the body and have not moved.
Qi Weifeng walked over and said, "Brother Dong, this is Grandfather He Yan of Beijing. His father is now in the position to seek He Yan. This is our brother Dong."
Ann’s mouth was so surprised that she could plug eggs. She knew He Yan had a sense of superiority since she was a child, but she never knew that he had such a prominent background! NiHaoDong frown stretched out his hand and asked AnLuoBa, she realized that she was rude, bowed her head and looked flushed.
He Yan evokes a white face with charming luster. In all people’s surprised eyes, he smiles brilliantly and holds out his hand at An Luo and laughs "Kannika nimtragol, come here".
Ann fell a little stiff. She felt NiHaoDong hug her hand, but it was tight. NiHaoDong gave He Yan a cold look. "It’s less possible to mistake someone for Ann. She is my woman."
Text 35 Tell the truth after drinking
At this moment, I heard him say that she was his woman in front of so many people, but her heart couldn’t help trembling. But soon she became white. He always hated He Yan’s memory. At this moment, he said this as if a child was afraid that his toy would be taken away by others, proclaiming that her eyelashes were trembling slightly and her eyes were drooping to avoid He Yan. Now is not the time to explain some things.
Everyone is dumbfounded and wants to understand what’s going on. Beibei’s heart is broken all over the floor. She was so excited when she knew that she was young or single just now. She also wanted to seize the opportunity to leave him a deep impression tonight. He hasn’t looked at her yet. Why did he shout kannika nimtragol at Anluo?
"Kannika nimtragol is not afraid to blame me for coming back late and making you feel wronged." He patted his side and smiled at Anluo with a warm face.
Ann is really distracted in this room, including Ni Haodong. In fact, she is most familiar with He Yan. For a moment, she wondered if she could completely dump Ni Haodong with the help of He Yan.
She took a little step, and NiHaoDong hugged her waist and went to the position in the bag. After sitting, he not only stared at her with a warning eye on her waist, but also twisted a handful of corners of her mouth and smoked silently.
"Ni less you so strong? Have you asked her for advice? "
A pair of men’s leather shoes appeared in front of them. He Yanduan looked up with a glass in front of them. He saw that she looked up with a serious face and smiled. She also reached out and touched her head and praised, "My kannika nimtragol is so beautiful today."
Ann’s mouth smile was stared back by NiHaoDong’s eyes before it was extended. His face was cold and scary, and he was smiling just now. Now he can still hear each other breathing.