"Cut the crap and tell you to hand it over honestly!"

Before the cavalry leader opened his mouth, there was a robber who was also riding a horse and couldn’t help but drink a way.
And as he drank a lot, the horse on his hip also let out a scream, which attracted the bandits around him to be restless
Once again, I recited a Buddhist name, Peiwende choked back my heart and asked for murder.
"Your benefactors dare to ask if this is the boundary?"
"Aren’t you afraid of the government sending soldiers to intercept the official road to kill people like this?"
This is also the biggest question in Pei Wende’s heart. He saw a lot of robbers all the way, but he dared to rob the road near the road and there were only a group of them.
How bad is the official yamen here that even the official road of the court can’t be maintained?
"Ha ha, the scum of the government don’t care about us …"
"They can’t even protect themselves now, not to mention spare strength to arrest us!"
Seems to be surprised by Pei Wende’s performance. The first robber stretched out his hand to stop his hands from fidgeting. There is an almost playful tone that quips.
"If you expect those government lackeys to save you, I advise you not to waste your time."
Pei Wende could tell that the first bandit was not lying.
This, on the contrary, makes Pei Wende even more strange-what the hell happened to the government here will make this group of gangsters so arrogant.
The second chapter evil disorderly, south blaspheme burst its banks
"What is this place? The government will be hard to protect itself? "
Took a deep breath. When Pei Wende spoke again, there was a faint Sanskrit in his voice.
This Sanskrit group of gangsters suddenly lost their minds and their horses were strangely quiet.
"This is the western suburb of Runzhou, the host of Jiangnan …"
"Since last year, the evil spirits and chaos, and Nandu burst its banks, ruined Runzhou’s annual harvest."
"It happened that those dog officials in the government colluded with profiteers to drive up prices, and rice was once more expensive than silver."
Can’t help but frowned PeiWenDe heart immediately gave birth to something of consternation.
Runzhou is a marginal area of Yangzhou, which is also called Zhenjiang in later generations.
Nandu, on the other hand, refers to the words of the bandits in the Yangtze River, and it can be simply understood that the Yangtze River dike has led to a rare disaster year in Zhenjiang, a "granary"
"The local government doesn’t, doesn’t the court care?"
Hearing Pei Wende ask again, the gang leader who was in control of his mind actually showed a ray of disdain.
"The court? If the court wants to manage it, it has to be managed. "
"Those dog officials not only colluded with profiteers but also deceived Gen, so they didn’t report Nandu’s breach of the dam."
Yet a PeiWenDe immediately clear.
Let’s put aside the truth of the "collusion between officials and businessmen" in the mouth of the bandits, but it is indeed like their practice that local officials did not report the breach of the dam.
After all, the new emperor has just succeeded to the throne and his local control is not so strong.
Local officials may want to put things off until the end of the day, so as to protect themselves.
"That’s not right. Even if the harvest was destroyed last year, is there no extra food and grass for disaster relief so close to Yangzhou?"
"How dare you rob the government at this point? No matter how stupid the court is, it is impossible not to know it?"
If things are really as the gang leader said, there is no reason why local officials are trying to collude and cheat each other.
It’s the real way to minimize the problem by bringing the extra grain for disaster relief in previous years.
"Haha, those dog officials naturally don’t want things to get so big."
"But heaven doesn’t give them a way out. Nandu burst its banks again this year. Where can they find food and grass to help the disaster?"
He laughed unabashedly, and even if the gangster was in a state of controlled absence, it was still difficult to hide his resentment when he said this.
"Two years in a row?"
Even Xiaoqing couldn’t help poking her head out after knowing the whole story.
"That group of faint officer is how perfunctory? Haven’t they seriously repaired the dam? "
Bowed their heads and glanced at Xiaoqing Peiwende low voice explained
"Maybe it was, but it’s not up to them."
"Combined with the situation that rice is more expensive than silver last year, it should be that someone wants to take the opportunity to make a fortune."
You can tell by listening to the strings that the elegant Xiaoqing instantly understands the reason.
Local officials want to hide it from the past. They must have built dams for the first time and taken out food for disaster relief.
However, it seems that some people don’t want to let things go, deliberately drive up prices, and then fix the dam. This is the case this year.
"Do it is a person? Or a demon? "
Facing Xiaoqing doubt PeiWenDe is nai shook his head.
"No matter people or demons, their purpose is to create chaos and disaster."
Pei Wende really wants to look on the bright side of this matter, but he knows very well in his heart that if the bandits get the news, there is a high probability that some unscrupulous people will do these things.
Even when Pei Wende and Xiaoqing whispered, the refugees with sticks finally caught the riding bandits and surrounded them.
Then they noticed the strange behavior of the gangsters and showed their surprise one by one.
"ha? !”
It was not until a refugee tentatively pushed a gang leader that he woke up from his absence and looked at Pei Wende calmly with horror.
"You demon monk! What magic have you cast on me? "
With the bandit leader drinking a lot, he was confused and the bandits woke up from their absence.
For a moment, I saw these bandits look at Pei Wende in awe and horror, and made no secret of their heart shock.
"black magic?"
See this situation PeiWenDe disdain a smile.
"If this is all black magic, then there is no right way in this world."
After saying his word, Pei Wende suddenly threw his monk’s robe in his hand and the Buddhist monk’s knife just flew to the horseback bandit.
-Sword Art, Hundred Steps Flying Sword!
A close call for survival can make the bandit leader roll over and get on his horse.
However, the horse on his hip was not so lucky and was directly beheaded by a sharp Buddhist monk’s knife.
“! Give it to me! "
"Who can kill this demon monk? I’ll make him the second master immediately!"
Seeing such a horrible scene was sprayed with horse blood, and there was no previous courage to panic and shouted at the nearby hands.
As the saying goes, if you are rewarded, there will be a brave man.
Although these gangsters are still afraid of Pei Wende’s "black magic", they still have the courage to rush toward each other after seeing that there is no Buddhist monk’s knife in each other’s hands
In particular, those bandits riding horses launched a charge, even with men and horses. When the intention was shortest, Pei Wende was split in half.
Gently cold hum a collar Xiaoqing just want to hand was stopped by PeiWende stretched out his hand.
"Let me do it!"
I don’t want Xiaoqing to be contaminated with too much evil-killing Pei Wende. With this, a flying insect resembling an ant flies out of his cuff.
Then the second and third …