Anxious ratio of people outside the large array

I have also thought about asking all kinds of experts, such as the cloud, stealing heaven, robbing Taoist priests and so on, to work together to save this high-pitched purple sound, but if so, I will hide it from the world
Being away from home can try it alone
Xiangyun looked a little worried. Although she didn’t like having more rivals in love, she still hoped MuZiYin would be rescued.
At this time, Xiangyun said, "It’s been more than an hour and nothing has happened?"
Ye Guhong is also silent with thousands of snow, small wan and others naturally more worried.
Mu Qianxue wants to get close to it, but it is stopped by two demon generals in the demon domain. It is best not to get close to this kind of healing and saving people. The most taboo is to be distracted. If there are outsiders to disturb him, it will be inconvenient.
Although she was extremely worried about Ziyin, and she was the closest among all the people here, she still tried not to go any closer and chose to wait silently.
Zhao Suyun is gone, perhaps preoccupied, or planning to seek revenge, but several people are interested.
Ye Guhong and Xiang Yunqian also tried to retain Zhao Suyun, but they didn’t pay attention to it, which made them feel chilling.
There are even some evil monks whispering that Zhao Suyun is disrespectful to Lu Li and wants to punish this Zhao Suyun in the future, but it seems that Lu Li’s words are enough to respect this once-in-a-lifetime meeting, even if it is not punishment, it is necessary to teach her a lesson in words.
There are many people in this world, and everyone is different from each other. There are also people who are blessed, grateful and unexpected, because this is the way things are.
The people on the other side of the reflecting moon cliff here can suppress their anxiety and wait hard.
"It’s been two hours. Why does it take so long?" Ye Guhong is also muttering to himself.
Xiangyun’s face is anxious, while the snow is pressing her feet. However, many heterodox experts are obsessed with her beautiful appearance.
Three hours later, in the large array, the brilliance is still fading, and the flashing figures of various colors fly around, and I don’t know what happened.
The scattered immortals in the cloud also rushed over, because it took so long to be normal. If they really need help, they will do it immediately without delay.
Thousands of snow this time is to crush impatience, take a deep breath and forcibly stabilize the tension.
Beside the civet cat, Xiaohua woke up and said, "Although Lu Li-ren stresses a proud word, he is never careless about cherishing people. He is more rigorous than I believe that this time he will not choose to shoot if he is not sure enough."
Qianxue nodded slightly when she heard this. At the same time, when she remembered something, she said to the civet cat, "Do you know what a little flower is like a lotus flower?"
Civet cats smell speech replied, "I know it was a long time ago that she liked women, but she saved him. Yuan Shen fell into silence and then seemed to be saved by people, but he was killed by the past. Even the dead domain owner estimated that he could do nothing about it."
"Dead domain master? Is that a person? " Thousands of snow smell speech a bit confused.
The civet cat mused, "That’s what an ordinary monk shouldn’t know, but he has other plans. Ask him when you see him."
Obviously, I don’t want to say much about this dead domain.
At this time, the road flyover Baijie came to see Mu Qianxue nodding at each other and said nothing more, but the road flyover Baijie stared at the civet cat and seemed to have some interest.
Civet cats are able to shrug off this and hum lazily at the feet of a thousand snow.
Appeared in the cloud and then looked at Mu Qianxue in surprise. "Hanazono Sakura Snow, this repair seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds. It has already reached the fairy middle level, which is much stronger than Sumeru Mountain a few days ago. What’s going on? Let’s not talk about it at the end of the war. When I saw that you failed to step into it, I was very worried at that time. Did the land leave you? "
Qianxue nodded slightly to this, and it was also good for her to cultivate her ancestors in the celestial world and admire her family. Qianxue still respected her. At this time, she whispered, "At that time, I was ill because of this cultivation. It was indeed Xumishan who got some luck to break through the bottleneck."
See thousands of snow didn’t say much, it is estimated that there are also hidden clouds, and naturally there are no more questions. Instead, the temper turned, "Do you have any plans to temporarily retreat in the future? In the past, Nanfeng Daoyou’s old husband was not bad. If you want to join the WTO, I can help you. "
His words make many people envy to know that among the scattered immortals in the wild in the cloud, but the ranking is quite dependent on the predecessors. Some people think that he is the first person in the scattered immortals in the wild. Of course, there may be differences in the true revision of this ranking, but it is inevitable to get a guidance from the scattered immortals, and even if it is repaired by leaps and bounds, it can also save a lot of detours.
It is well known that it is better to join the good teacher’s door all the way to practice hard.
However, Qian Xue replied that everyone was surprised to see her generous way, "My father left a letter to entrust my purple sister to the distant future, so I want to stay away from home."
"What?" The cloud was one leng, and there seems to be something else in this discourse.
"What? Entrusted to the land? " Ye Guhong is also one leng feeling a little complicated.
"What? Stay away from home? What does this mean? This abomination really pisses me off! " Xiangyun’s little black hand moved involuntarily, as if it were going to pinch the waist and soft meat.
At that time, people were shocked, confused and sighed with emotion. A few young masters of good and evil showed up in their hearts. When they heard the words of Qianxue, they immediately tore off the original thoughts and put them out. If others did, they would definitely try their best to win the favor of Mu Qianxue, but they were so inconsistent that who dared to expect anything?
"Ah, it’s a perfect match. It’s a perfect match. It’s a great fairy with a beautiful woman to be picky." An evil monk’s wild words can’t help but cause many monks to laugh
However, the dry snow did not show too much abnormality. It just showed a little shame and looked at the eyes in the large array, but it was obvious that the words were from the heart.
Chapter 60 Concentrated Zhu Guo
Thousands of snow have been waiting for more than six hours in pain and suffering. Many people have chosen to sit on a plate to adjust their breath or rest, but thousands of snow are still staring.
She is too worried about the purple sound, but at this time it is really contradictory to disturb her heart.
After another moment, the large array of Guanghua suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, thousands of snow ears came out of the ground and said, "Purple eyes are safe and thousands of snow, come here."
She looked at the people around her one leng, and looked at her. This just made her ecstatic and hurriedly escaped and fell into the large array.