"Let’s head to fear so much"

Some of the old items can’t help but look up at Su Li’s figure, which is getting smaller and smaller. Although many people have peeped, they can’t capture Su Li’s message.
And hundreds of meters behind them, Mapel, Ellie, Li Yue, Mike Fish, and Kazaski are petrified and dull.
Ellie couldn’t help but reach out and rub her eyes and wonder if she was dazzled.
Because they are ten-level breakers, they have already fallen behind the hundred meters. They are discussing that Su Li was amazed that a newcomer who came with them could barely keep up with their speed.
Ellie thinks that Su Li is an 11-level destroyer, while Mapel thinks that although Su Li is a 10-level destroyer, it is very likely that her fighting capacity at the same level is stronger than all of them, and she can keep up with the old items at one level.
She felt it was more reasonable.
Several people were talking while looking at Su Li from a distance. No one thought that Su Li suddenly had such appalling performance.
Su Li’s speed is terrible. Although he has the sacred light suppression, he is in the state of being a big monty dragon. Tens of millions of kilograms of noise broke out in his body. With the "wind flash", every step broke out with explosive force, which made him rush like a wild bison.
It’s a bad play for him to overturn the old item, and it’s also a joke on himself before retaliating against them.
The explosion of other forces is accelerating, and the madness is rushing forward. Every second, it can teleport 50 meters and surpass the huge bridge crowd in front.
Many people didn’t see his face clearly when they came, and they felt a hurricane swept past, so they couldn’t help but open their eyes and show their surprise.
"So fast-"
Their human running speed is not much faster than that of ordinary people. Looking at Su Li’s soaring speed, I felt the shock.
"Oh, my God … am I dazzled?" Ali finally reacted that Su Li had already disappeared at the moment, and her eyeliner ran far away to the distant crowd in front of the giant bridge.
Mabel also murmured with a face of shock. "It’s incredible … no wonder he is so interested in the general list. It’s a great newcomer. If he really has ten levels to stay here, he will be promoted to ten levels … maybe …"
She can’t imagine behind her. It seems to her that the speed of terror just shown by Su Li is definitely not short. If Su Li is also a level 14 destroyer, it’s nothing, but if Su Li really has a level 10, it’s terrible.
That means that if he is promoted to level 14 here, it will really have an impact, and there is a glimmer of hope in the general list.
Su Lili launched the big monty dragon, and the French king blended thirteen kinds of special energy into his legs, which made him faster and faster, and the dark hexagram appeared on his feet.
At the moment, he hasn’t moved his third talent. This giant bridge across the sky is 10 thousand kilometers, which will be a hardship. It will be the fastest than long-distance running at present, and it will take him a whole day. Although it seems that the speed is terrible when he sweeps 50 meters, it is only about 1 kilometer in an hour.
Even if we keep this speed constant and don’t sleep for 10 thousand kilometers, it will take about 55 hours, 35 hours and 42 minutes from the tenth place in the overall list, not to mention the first place.
This is a game that is no more severe than speed and endurance. Su Li can speed up again if he plays the third talent, but it will take a long time to leave the final sprint to accelerate
"I want to double the speed of the overall list, but the higher the speed, the more energy will be needed because of the sacred light resistance. It is simply a series of growth, which is really too difficult."
The more experience he has, the more he can feel it. Ten people in the total list are waiting for Uber.
"Final power? It is no wonder that being called Uber one by one is really too fate … "
Su Li couldn’t help clenching his fist.
At the moment, representatives from ten ethnic groups are busy in a magnificent hall with clouds.
They are the organization responsible for managing all matters concerning the sacred tower of the top ten Terrans and their vassals.
Today, a group of newcomers from all ethnic groups have just been sent to the sacred tower. Generally, most people will pay special attention to the data changes on this day.
Yuntang also specially told the representative from the old Terran to keep an eye on him and inform himself immediately if there is any change.
After telling, I couldn’t help sighing and smiling slightly, thinking that my heart is really chaotic. Su Li has just entered the sacred tower today, and even if there is no talent to go to the moon list, the crystal screen in this hall will not show everyone’s roots and I don’t know.
In the general list, Yuntang never thought that it was too difficult for her to be white. Although Su Li has achieved sacred qualifications and there is still hope for the next month’s list, the general list is for the Uber in the Uber, and Su Li’s current performance is beyond the peak, but there is still some distance from the Uber, not to mention those in the historical Uber.
"Maybe we have to wait for him. The tenth floor of the sacred tower can only notice him according to the change of the number of old Terrans, but … it will take years or even ten years later …"
Yuntang finally adjusted his mind and decided to rush to the sacred court instead of the sacred tower.
God has been put back, one is still being detained, and a group of saints have not been released yet. She needs more activities, hoping to invite several important people from big families to intercede and release some saints.
"I’m afraid I’m going to give away some of the treasures in the mysterious library. These old guys are child prodigies. It’s not good enough for them to intercede."
It’s a lot of benefits that the former God can be put back to her, and only then has someone come forward to guarantee that now that God is back, it’s natural to keep his promise.
The sacred tower is seven days different from the forgotten battle, which is equivalent to another vast and magnificent world. Every month, a group of new people are sent in to look at the data, and almost every day is calm. Even those who are in charge of the sacred tower will not deliberately pay attention to the giant screen display. After all, at most, there are some subtle changes in the number of ethnic groups, and there is really nothing worth noting.
Especially for the people in the first ten floors of the sacred tower, they will not pay too much attention to it, and they can really watch the changes in the number of people in the next ten floors occasionally.
This represents the sacred number of all ethnic groups in the sacred tower. If there is a change, it means a breakthrough.
There are also days and nights in this sacred tower.
As night falls, it has been ten hours since this group of new people entered here.
Su Li has been running along the bridge for nine hours.
Sweating, although she has the power of the underworld to replenish energy endlessly, and the heart furnace is also supported by strong energy, Su Li still feels exhausted and finally has to stop to rest.
In the last hour, he launched the third talent, and his speed rose again. It was shocking that he could rush out of 70 meters every second.
But this is still far from enough.
This huge bridge, which is two or three kilometers wide, is now quiet and there is no one to see.
Those who flocked to climb the bridge are all weak people, who have long been surpassed by him and have been further abandoned. The people with strength in the rear have not participated in the general list, and they are still waiting.
After resting for half an hour, even when the big monty dragon body broke out for such a long time, Su Li felt weak legs and sore muscles.
Originally, he was going to run to the end of this huge bridge to see how many hours he could run in, but from the current nine hours, it seems that Su Li has probably estimated it. Based on his current state, it is impossible to run 10 thousand kilometers at rest and barely run into 60 hours and rush into 50 hours. It is very likely that it is difficult to rush into 55 hours.