"I’ll count to three, two, one!"

The cold key and the fixed hammer are sitting opposite each other. A man is holding a bucket of water-cooled key, and his forehead is sweaty, while the fixed hammer is smoking a cigarette, and his face is mass at the right hypochondrium.
As soon as Mary ordered the cold key to close her eyes, she began to pour water into the bucket. In a short time, he drank half of the more than ten liters of water, but his belly was bulging like air, and there was water oozing out of his nostrils, but his supporters kept shouting for him.
Can Ding Hammer? He sat there grinning at the cold key. It’s silly to drink the water, and he’s afraid of losing it. For his opponent, Ding Hammer thinks he’s really brave and thinks this guy is a serious fool …
Wait for a bucket of water department to drink the cold key, shake the bucket like a hero, hold the table with both hands and look at the hammer coldly. "I’m finished!" Why don’t you drink! "
Ding hammer ha ha smiled and played a bucket with his finger, saying "I give up" lightly.
"Boom" behind the cold key, the supporters scolded that Ding Hammer was timid, but also said that Ding Hammer was not unlike men. Anyway, they could say whatever they wanted. If they were afraid of scolding, would it be called Ding Hammer? He whistled "the second wrist strength"
Then he put his left hand on the table "Come on"
Already doesn’t even have the strength to move cold key latosolic red eyes pointing to the hammer "you what left hand! Do you want spirit! "
"No, it’s true." Dinghammer shook his head. "I’m not lying to you."
That’s right, but the hammer obviously lied to him once. This time, the cold key won’t be fooled. He thundered a "right hand!"
Not far from the hammer, Roger whistled, "IQ gap is made up by strength."
Ding hammer nai changed his right hand to "what do you want me to say about you?"
Cold key snorted and moved forward, but it bulged like a pregnant belly, leaving him some distance from the table, and his hand root could not be placed in a horizontal line with the hammer.
"All right?" The hammer looked up at the cold key. "Mary, count!"
"Wait …" Cold key suddenly stopped "I adjust one"
Fixed hammer also generously let go "casually"
However, this belly of water can’t be adjusted to what it is, and it feels quite uncomfortable because of drinking too much water. He just said that he wants to go to the toilet, but Mary shouted next to him, "Is it like borrowing urine?" You can’t run away, throw in the towel, drink your little drink and suffer less. "
How can the cold key stand this kind of shock? He grabbed the hammer arm again and tried his best to squeeze forward, but the more he squeezed, the more he felt like urinating, which made him have to sit back and bow up.
After seeing his posture, Dinghammer couldn’t help but smile and motioned for Mary to "go"
"bang!" Almost at the same time, the cold key hand was thrown to the table by the hammer. Even in this process, the hammer did not have the metallic characteristics of edman, and it was dumped with a little effort.
After this, there is a lot of sorrow. Everyone knows that even if you don’t have the spirit, it is also a guy who pulls the weeping willows. But today, he was abused by a thin and dry person. This is unscientific …
However, after losing, the cold key wanted to get up and go to the toilet without saying a word, but this time, the hammer didn’t agree and said sarcastically, "Want to run? There is also handstand, which is simple. Whoever can’t hold on first will lose. "
Cold key can’t bite the bullet, but I want to know that he is a super soldier, not to mention that he is the creator. Less than a minute after kneeling down, cold key wants to give up, but hammer and Mary have been mocking him and making it difficult for him to ride a tiger.
Tick-tock ticked across the field, holding his breath, whistling with a hammer standing upside down, or his own world famous song "Jasmine", but the cold key was hard to get. He was already soaked with sweat and trembled with strong urine, and he could not see it.
When the hammer blows a jasmine song, he suddenly shouts and falls to the ground, and then the wet mark of his trousers grows bigger and bigger, and his figure becomes a pool of water stains and smells.
When the hammer saw it, it slowly straightened up and went to the next table, patted it on the side of those cold keys and said, "Please slow down."
Chapter 32 seems to be an old friend
There were almost 100 people in the whole party, and the people who took part in the betting with the hammer and the cold key accounted for almost one third. There were more than 30 people who were stupefied and held their arms coldly at the table.
Cold key has long been ashamed and I don’t know where to go. Those guys can look at each other one by one. Not only that, but the fierce pageantry just now has almost attracted everyone here. There are a lot of good people here. This noisy scene can be said to be extremely embarrassing.
"Why don’t you … forget it?" Mary ran to the hammer and gently pulled his sleeve. "Just win."
If others win, they win, and the taunts will pass. But who is Ding Hammer? This guy has always been the wind, and it’s unreasonable to stir up three points. He just held his breath and now he has never given up speaking out of turn.
After hearing Mary’s words, Dinghammer smiled, as if he were talking to himself, but as if he was talking to those losers, but the base heard it. "Then you can pick seven people out and stop drinking these seven."
This is really a way out for Bai Fei. After all, there are still several Bai Fei girlfriends there. If even these guys have offended that Bai Fei, it must be particularly difficult to be a person to others. That is not the scope of consideration. Who let these guys bully Ye, especially the woman who just choked Mary and laughed at Ye Ren? Her voice is the loudest.
Mary’s praise and ridicule after picking out her friends were like a rooster who won the battle.
But there is still no movement left. It’s not urgent to gently pick out all the cigarette heads in the cup and put them aside, then hold the bar and say, "You handsome guys and hot girls have a saying that you are willing to lose the bet. You are all high flyers, right? Don’t default on this. Why don’t you let the cold key drink it, and you will be fine."
These guys are more or less celebrities in the school, either schoolmasters or rich second generation or super soldiers who stand out in some way. It can be said that it is absolutely easy for them to kill Ding Hammer, but this occasion is really not suitable for killing him.
"I just like to see their expressions that make me unhappy and can’t kill me." Ding Hammer turned his head and said something to Mary’s novel, and then turned around and continued, "Okay, okay, I’m kidding. Everyone is surprised."
With that, the hammer knocked down the secret small beverage department of the table and left a cup and handed it to Mary at the back. "It’s up to you."
Mary Zheng looked up at Dinghammer with a face of falsehood. Dinghammer looked at this round face, but the stupid girl could also sigh at her and point to the woman who had just quarreled with her.
This Mary can be regarded as an epiphany. She took the cup without saying anything. When no one reacted, she grabbed her hand and poured it with a special drink in it. After pouring it, she returned to the hammer with a cold hum and gave a thumbs-up to the hammer. "Shu!"
Fixed hammer a clap face secretly called a "finished"
Sure enough, within two seconds, the woman who was drenched with a stinking liquid from head to toe screamed loudly, and she was going to work hard with Mary. The mental fluctuation suddenly transpiration and the surrounding cups, plates and tables trembled violently.
"That’s enough!" A voice came from the side and then saw a well-dressed man walking slowly from the dark with a glass. "Have you forgotten the rules?"
He looks about the same age as a hammer, but when he speaks, he is dignified and dignified. He can’t learn it if he wants to learn it. He came over and pointed at the shoulder of the woman who was on the verge of collapse. Then all the sticky liquid on her body rushed out like a magnet, and for a moment she could not see the slightest stain.
"Who is this?"
"It’s the president of the college student union." Mary seems to be a little afraid of this guy and hides behind the hammer. "It is said that there is an A-level concrete I don’t know."
Not far behind the hammer, Roger noticed this man and said disdainfully, "A garbage with a false mask."