But at this moment, the old man Bai Hu, who entered the treasure house in their eyes, smiled in front of them, "Daoyou, please wait for me to send you a baby."

What baby?
A dozen Yuan Ying and then were puzzled when they saw something passing through the mountainside passage behind them, and the object was cylindrical and sprayed with a brainwave flame at the tail. When they got near behind them, they suddenly had a show, and suddenly thousands of thunderbolts fell from the sky.
The thunder was as black as ink!
"Armageddon ray! ! !” Someone said with horror that it had been swallowed by the thunder.
There was an old Yuan Yingsu who was just about to materialize the rainbow light and get out of the range of thunder, but suddenly he felt a faint head and gave birth to thousands of flowers in front of him. He forgot what to do in this second, and after a second, he was robbed and turned into fly ash.
"Thank you for your help," said Lin Chong.
"You’re welcome." On the top of Kunlun Mountain, Lin Chong pointed his finger at the water mirror, and even a number of dharma bodies were not spared.
Although the effect of the illusion pendant on the master of the divine realm is not very obvious, it is not like that the baby can faint for a second and then he can’t wake up for three seconds, but the moment of distraction is enough for Xu Junhu, the master of the divine realm, to seize the opportunity to send him a thunder that belongs to the divine.
In less than half an hour, the scene was already covered with corpses, and a Yang God elder called it resistance.
"Qingyun you kill the doorman bro this NINEONE robbery don’t forgive you are not afraid of ZongZuXian jade pavilion thunder destroyed your soul? !” The elders of Yang God roared with their eyes closed.
"This is no time to expect the ancestors to deliver." Xu Junhu snorted. "Besides, you elders and pulse masters are trying to overthrow the leader and seize the foundation of my immortal clan."
"Nonsense!" The Yang Shen elder was poured with sewage to detain the rebuttal.
At this moment, Xu Junhu made a snap of his fingers and lay prostrate. Then Jin Dandi suddenly had to sit up like nothing happened, pointing to the Yang Shen elder and calling out.
"Elder Yuan is really your country, and two fallen immortals colluded to convince five elders, Liu, Sun, Qin, Zhao and Wang, together with the old elite of the Five Veins, that a total of 19 people want to rebel against the heaven and plot the foundation of all laws, and also promised me that if I achieved something, I would be given a chance to get promoted to Yuanying!"
"My master’s righteousness inspired him to get lost. It’s worthwhile to expose your plot today!"
The man shouted and vomited blood and died.
And the blood spit out by his mouth is gathered into a ball with strange life and crawled back to Xu Junhu’s feet and merged into Xu Junhu’s body.
At the moment, Yuan, the Yang God, is surrounded by Yuan God’s throbbing and dare not move, but it is even more difficult to move and shake hands with horror to give directions to Xu Junhu "What evil method is this …"
Speaking of this, the elder Yuan suddenly wants to come to Qingyun from the cave. What’s wrong with that expression and words is so weird … An idea floats in his mind … This idea is like five thunderbolts blowing his demons.
"You, you are not Qingyun!" He said with horror
"The truth" Xu Junhu clapped his hands, and then a few pieces were returned to Yuan Shen Lei with one finger. Suddenly, the body of Yang Shen’s elders was smashed and bombed, and even the soul did not escape and died completely.
Looking at the bodies on the ground, Lin Chong felt that Xu Junhu was more deadly, so forget it.
"Was your slander too obvious?" Lin Chong said that it was too blunt for Xu Junhu to make a half-dead elixir and pour sewage directly into the two fallen immortals.
"No, it’s all recorded." Xu Junhu exhibited a water mirror in his hand and recorded the scene just now.
"There is an image and a master’s card. This is the true fairy. There are no rules in this world that is extremely advocating individual strength. A big fist is a rule. At this moment, Wan Fa Xian has the biggest fist, and I am what I say."
"Domineering" Lin Chong applauded.
"Wait a minute, wait for me to collect the baby." Xu Junhu collected the baby everywhere. Only six elders had four dead bones. Xu Junhu muttered that he was still not home when he was looking for it.
When Lin Chong rode a white crane out of Wanfa Tianji Peak, it was already full, and his harvest included Wan Mizhai, the fairy trace map, the wishing treasure mirror, the merits and demerits, and three baby gods, one yuan God, one yang God and one yin God.
Yuan God is Qingyun Yang God and Yin God are just harvested.
Passing by a peak, Lin Chong saw the pine tree and white lady again.
The white crane is hanging from the giant pine girl Lin Chong with four eyes facing each other.
It took a second for the nun to say, "Although you hold the seal of heaven, I don’t think you are a good person."
"That’s right. I’ll give you a baby." Lin chong threw something at the female xiu.
The female xiu waved her hand, but she didn’t catch anything. On the contrary, the back of her hand was whisked with a pattern that was round, with four god birds connected end to end and a golden wheel of the sun embedded in the middle.
"Chang Lian Oh ~" Lin smiled and waved to the female student.
The female practitioner felt that there was something evil in her chest, and somehow she gave birth to a knee with a sword across her head, but she held this man down and couldn’t cut him with a candlestick.
"By the way, what’s your name, old Gandalf?" Lin Chong flew away riding a crane and suddenly the crane turned around and asked
"… my name is Li Qingniao"
The white-clothed woman’s voice penetrated Lin Chong’s ear.
Seven days later, Lin Chong returned to Kunlun Mountain with a little fear, leaving a missile crane. Although Kunlun Mountain can support it remotely, wouldn’t it be wrong if some big demon robbed these treasures in chaos?
Fortunately, the speed of the crane is also extremely fast in the demon race. Although this time it was a lucky trip, Lin Chong thought about not hanging seven missiles on the crane for ten thousand times and not going out according to the standard of armed helicopters.
Further on, it is the harvest season.
Lin Chong has too many fun ideas to point out the mushroom technology tree.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Salted fish life
During Xu Junhu’s ten-year trip through Dongsheng Shenzhou, he got a lot of secrets for Lin Chong. Among them, Acacia Sect and Sihai Sect are the most in demand.
Hehuan Zongmin is also known as Yue Lao and Hong Niang. Their practice also includes the occult arts in leap, double cultivation and sutra. It is also another title for them to give birth to a girl and send her to the empress.
This is the mysterious and mysterious sect. It must involve cause and effect in their martial arts. For example, there is a magical ratio of taking Yin spirits directly from the underworld and sending them into a woman’s abdomen.
Lin Chong is very interested in several red-line techniques in Acacia Sect, but he has never been able to practice Acacia Sect by the introduction method. The introduction method is too complicated. He wants to go to the side of Naiqiao Bridge in the underworld and set up a sansheng forest of steles. Chong is afraid that he will not come back if he goes.
The existing Wan Mizhai can just experiment whether he can practice the Acacia Sect.
Yu Sihai Sect’s main points of their skills are crossing the river and spreading clouds and rain. They are experts in water techniques, and most of them are dragons, such as dragon girls who were once regarded by Xu Junhu as mounts.
Let this door go for the time being