It seems that Lingbao Buddha has broken the world of Shou Yuan, so he has built a world of Lingbao Buddha himself, which is known by his own natural law, but it can be asserted that the world of Lingbao seems to be stable, but it is true that Shou Yuan will return to chaos when he dies.

He said, "Heaven and earth share the same life" is eternity, but nine head worm’s words woke him up from it. Heaven and earth are just a thing in nature. How can they last forever?
Just as many people in this world were born from the boundary, this world is eternal, but they don’t know that the rising and falling sun is just Lingbao Huoyun Palace, but they don’t know that this world will be destroyed in its life.
Nine head worm saw Wu for a long time without saying a word and laughed. "My good brother thought that if heaven and earth died, we would go back." Wu smiled bitterly and said with one heart that you didn’t know it was not a long time to go back, but said, "It’s incredible that heaven and earth have a long life."
Nine head worm said with a smile, "That’s not to mention that 1960-year-old people will be 12 for a while, and that will be 1000-year-old. Every 1000-year-old in this world will have a robbery or fire, wind, thunder and rain will be different, and sometimes two or three kinds will come together. If ordinary people take shelter, they will have to wait for death."
Enlightenment: "You’ve been here for a long time," nine head worm said. "Everything is over. I know it will be five or six hundred years-the meeting will be over."
Wu Jing said, "If this statement is true, doesn’t it mean that this world is about to collapse and then merge into chaos again and again!"
Nine head worm said, "Exactly!"
Wu unconsciously squeezed the glass in his hand into a flat mouth. "How many of these thousands of creatures can escape this robbery?"
Nine head worm was startled for a moment. "What are you doing, my dear brother?"
Enlightenment: "I naturally have nothing to do with it. Is this heaven and earth really hateful? If I want to kill him, I will give birth to him?"
Nine head worm laughed. "My dear brother, this is so bad. You said that natural selection can live and live, but not live and die."
Wu sighed and said, "Alas, it’s different."
"It’s different. According to you, heaven and earth should not be divided into chaos forever. Isn’t everything all over and there is no trouble?" nine head worm joked.
Although he made a joke, he was deeply touched. Although this statement is a lie, it is unreasonable. Did he sigh and sigh when he was in danger?
Since this side of the world is going to die, it is reasonable to find a way out and go back to the original side of the world; If you find a way out again, you will be taught to live and die. If you are too narrow-minded, you deserve it!
After thinking about this, he picked up the glass and found that the cup in his hand had been squashed by himself, so he pulled over the jar and smiled, "Well said, you and I will find a way out and come out one day after another!"
Nine head worm brightened up at this grandiloquence and pulled a jar and shouted, "It’s a pleasure for me to meet you today!"
Most of the demons in the temple listened to the words of the two men, but when they saw that nine head worm was very happy with his words, they all abandoned their glasses and drummed up their jars.
Let the altar realize that "it’s still too early to talk about it for the time being. As far as I know, most of the demon families in this world live in Shan Ye and move to the city."
Nine head worm said with a smile, "I’ve come to the distant mountains, and the scenery there is more beautiful than here, but it’s several times that the monks in this continent don’t know how many people die. They often come to my mountains to annoy me and lead the army to kill and seize the city."
Wu nodded and said, "If you don’t stop doing it, you deserve to be a hero. Otherwise, what’s the source?"
Nine head worm said, "Although I took the monks from this city and fled, I didn’t kill them completely. They often came to the city to harass, but they didn’t dare to fight with me. Some monks wandered from time to time, and sometimes they fell to me, and I was upset. This made the city’s cloud riders stand firm! Since then, if the monk wants to enter the city, he must go through four rounds of interrogation and get the familiar face immediately. "
Enlightenment "This is also a way"
Nine head worm laughed. "I didn’t expect this ridiculous order to attract the great man of Xiandi."
Wu laughed. "Where is a big shot? It’s just that killing a few days will smash the Tongdian."
Nine head worm lost way "tong temple? What is that? "
Wu couldn’t help blushing. It was rare for him to show off his face in vain. So he told the story from beginning to end that he led a group of people in Huaguoshan to fight against 100 thousand heavenly soldiers and retreat from the four great bodhisattvas and get through the temple again.
Don’t say that nine head worm is a group of demons in the temple, and he can hear the blood boiling. The demon clan is really bent on listening to the heaven’s contempt for the demon clan, trying to suppress it, but being awakened and beaten out of the water. Everyone is passionate about the wine in the city, but it has been hurt. The drinking altar is piled up like a hill by everyone.
Speaking of the enlightenment of the Mountain Warrior, I couldn’t help thinking of the Seven Great Sages and the surge of things when I first passed the death gate. I asked, "What other powerful people in this world can be here for a while?"
Nine head worm said, "My dear brother, it’s very strange to say this even if you don’t ask me. There is a monkey in Yuhuozhou in the south who is thin and dry, but it won’t get me anywhere. He has played four or five times, and the monkey looks like a good brother. It’s simply carved out of a mold."
Wu’s heart is full of ventilation, qi support and Wang Yu’s phase. He has naturally seen himself, and there is a big difference. Isn’t there another ape here? However, ventilation once said that he had not yet awakened, and it was confusing to know the same kind of people.
The second volume way DiYiErYi chapter Yi Jun meaning
Dongsheng Shenzhou Guanzhou Guanjiang Estuary has several majestic mountains.
The shape of a mountain vein is extremely steep if it has a blade with a handle. People call it "Hengdaoling", but now it has become "Yijunling", but it was changed by Erlang God Yang Jian.
Wu Yang Jian became friends at first sight, and after a long talk, he became righteous. Jin Lan’s acquaintance was short, but he felt bad feelings. Compared with Yang Jian Wu, he knew the other person very well, so he entrusted the youngest son of Huaguoshan to Yang Jian before attacking heaven, which was quite a gesture of leaving.
Qi, Wang Yu, and Ventilation moved Huaguoshan to the mouth of the river. Without saying anything, Yang Jian immediately set aside the "Hengdaoling" and gave it to the old soldiers living in Huaguoshan, and they were not allowed to step in.
That night, Yang Jian held a big banquet and invited three ventilated people to sit down and learned that Wu had arranged for everyone to retreat. Niu Mowang and Dapeng with golden wings killed Yang Jian, who was in heaven, and raised a glass with tears in his eyes. "Wu, in this case, knowing this with his mind, will be lucky to trap him, but he will have to be investigated for your anger in the future by himself."
His brother Kang Anyu didn’t understand and asked, "If so, wouldn’t Niu Mowang Golden Wings Dapeng be with him?" Yang Jian stopped him and said, "Those two people are both dependent figures, and even if they are captured by heaven, they can’t treat him as a narrow escape!"
Zhiqi as one pleases was in a hurry. "Then go and save enlightenment!" Ventilation stopped him. "Wait a minute. I know that I will never despise my own life. If I act abruptly, I won’t live up to his kindness, but it’s a trivial matter and I’m afraid it’s a big plan in his heart."
Yang Jian saw that ventilation words were cautious, and there was a glimmer of hope in his heart. Since this day, Erlang God has been eating vegetarian food and chanting prayers every day to realize peace.
People in Guanjiangkou see that Yang Jian is so righteous, and everyone respects him a little more.
Suddenly, one day, the news came that Wu was captured by the old gentleman and brought back to the pocket palace. Everyone was surprised. Only Yang Jian was more open-minded and drunk that night. Someone asked him, "If Wu was captured by others, I was still worried that I was too modest and generous, but I was worried this time."
In a few days, the ghost fairy tale enlightenment has been thrown into the divination furnace by the old gentleman, and it is already gone. At this time, Yang Jian has no bottom in his heart. Make an exception and ask when he comes back, his eyes are red and swollen. He is repeating "Too drunk, too drunk …"
Yang Jian personally inquired about the news. Naturally, it seems that the ingenious and intelligent Sun Wuzhen has disappeared from the world. As soon as the news came out, the demon people in Hengdaoling were crying all over the mountain.
When Qi Yaotian’s revenge was ventilated, Wang Yu stopped his anger and left Guanjiangkou for Beihai to find sea dumplings.
On the second day, Niu Mowang got the news from nowhere and came to Guanjiangkou. He sighed and wept for a while, but he didn’t know where he had just left. Dapeng with golden wings came again, but he didn’t cry and was angry. Then he held the worse heaven and killed him like crazy when he saw a mountain soldier going out, but no one could hold it. The worse heaven was forbidden to set a forbidden area. If necessary, he would change to the west heaven gate.