After watching Meng Qi for a while, I didn’t find anything wrong. This is too bad. Meng Qi felt that the horse was going to disappear, and his heart was full of melancholy. If I had known it, I wouldn’t have sent any kindness.

Suddenly Meng Qi remembered that pink spiritual force in Ai Zhuoshui’s body. Could it be because of that aura? Meng Qi is not clear, but at this time he has no time to think too much.
He summoned up the last bit of spiritual power and then suddenly went to the pink spiritual power, which was wrapped by Ai Zhuo’s water spiritual power, and Meng Qi suddenly rushed out.
And that spirit force that was originally wrapped in the pink spirit force, Aizhuo Water, was liberated at one time, returned to Aizhuo Water, and woke up as this spirit force returned to Aizhuo Water.
However, before that, the pink psychic force that slipped out fled to Aizhuo water all over the body, and even a small stream entered Meng Qi’s body through Aizhuo water lips.
And Meng Qi’s field is also broken at this moment, but fortunately, Ai Zhuoshui has woken up, and the plunder seems to absorb spiritual power, but their mouths are not in the first place until Ai Zhuoshui opened his eyes.
Ai Zhuoshui opened her eyes for the first time, but Meng Qi’s eyes were opposite. However, she didn’t understand what it was like in an instant, but after about a few seconds of leng, Ai Zhuoshui seemed to understand the situation.
Lips divided into Ai Zhuo’s eyes, first there was a trace of shame, then an anger rose to the sky, and after seeing the way Meng Qi embraced him, the anger erupted like a volcano.
"touch!" Meng Qi was slapped by Ai Zhuoshui to a dozen meters away. You know, after five hours of destruction, Meng Qi is now almost out of strength to speak, but fortunately, Ai Zhuoshui is probably recovering from an injury. The power of this palm is not very great, and Meng Qi is rarely beaten to death.
And Meng Qi was fanned out more than ten meters away, and then he floated to the river, while Ai Zhuoshui remembered what had just happened after he knocked Meng Qi out.
Originally, she was in a fierce battle. Who knew that a Godsworn of the Green Dragonfly suddenly appeared, and then a pink winged worm was produced. The worm was half a meter in size, and when it appeared, it sprayed a pink mist on Aizhuo water.
Ai Zhuo water caught off guard and inhaled the pink mist in a small bite. As soon as the pink mist entered the body, Ai Zhuo water felt that something was wrong all over, but while his own people were being slaughtered, Ai Zhuo water had to fight back.
However, it is obviously futile to put up resistance. When two Yuan Godsworn attacked Ai Zhuoshui, they soon became exhausted and learned that there was no chance of winning. Ai Zhuoshui was not the pedant, so they had to leave.
However, in the criminal war, the brothers of the Qinglan clan will naturally not let Ai Zhuo Shui go easily. Ai Zhuo Shui has to fight for his own serious injury. The price is to get rid of the entanglement of those two people. However, at this time, those who previously inhaled pink fog are strange. This is simply a leak in the house, and even the rain is extremely unlucky.
Ai Zhuo’s water didn’t heal, but he wrapped the pink fog with the remaining spiritual power, and then he fell into a coma
Then when she woke up, she saw that she was frivolous by Meng Qi. When she didn’t hesitate to fan out Meng Qi’s palm, Ai Zhuoshui found that it seemed that Meng Qi had saved herself after thinking of previous events.
After seeing Meng Qi being fanned out by himself, it turned out to be floating to the surface. Ai Zhuoshui was surprised. It wouldn’t slap him to death, would it? Ai Zhuoshui hurried over to pick up Meng Qi and found that Meng Qi did not die. He breathed a sigh of relief and then brought Meng Qi to the shore.
At this time, Meng Qi choked several mouthfuls of water and was brought ashore by Ai Zhuo water, which was followed by a violent cough, "Cough, cough, cough!"
Looking at Meng Qi coughing so fiercely, I remembered that he saved himself just now, but he hit him with a palm. Although Ai Zhuoshui has always had no good influence on Meng Qi, Ai Zhuoshui hesitated and held out Sandy’s plain hand and patted him on the back.
Although she didn’t do anything these days, she was flattered by Meng Qi. Just now, Meng Qi was dead by herself, but now she turned out to be … This gap is too big, isn’t it?
Just when Meng Qi finally caught his breath, he heard Azhuo’s voice "Hey, I’m sorry just now"
Meng Qi looked up and saw Ai Zhuoshui’s face facing the other direction. But Meng Qi was surprised to find that this evil woman was blushing. Meng Qi blinked and then made sure that he was not mistaken. In an instant, Meng Qi wondered if the sun had come out in the west today …
"Eh, there’s nothing somehow. Our two families are family now. How can I from ruin?" Meng Qi felt a little puzzled. Why did he chat with her?
And Ai Zhuoshui looked at Meng Qixin and thought that this guy was not so disgusting. Just when Ai Zhuoshui was about to say something, she suddenly felt an uncontrollable impulse emerging from the deepest part of her heart, which was as hot as a volcanic eruption. Suddenly Ai Zhuoshui remembered the pink fog. Bad heart! Then I lost consciousness.
While Meng Qi was resting, he suddenly saw that Ai Zhuoshui’s face turned into a strange red tide. Meng Qi could feel that something was wrong and asked, "What’s wrong with you, Chief Ai?"
However, Ai Zhuoshui descended on Meng Qi, then pressed Meng Qi in the body, and then slammed Meng Qi’s hands and bowed their heads and kissed Meng Qi.
Meng Qi didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen. His eyes rolled round and his limbs rebelled but his ability moved two times, indicating that Meng Qi had tried to struggle …
Chapter DiErJiuYi Sexual life
Chapter DiErJiuYi Sexual life
Meng Qi never dreamed that he would be raped? ! Does this mean meeting a female pervert in the middle of the road? Meng Qi’s tears came to an end. However, when Meng Qi came, he didn’t want to spend some spiritual power from Ai Zhuo’s mouth at other times. If Meng Qi can still see the words, he will surely find that this spiritual power is just the pink aura.
A large number of pink reiki entered Meng Qi’s body, and then Meng Qi also lost consciousness.
This is a lush mountain forest. The day before yesterday, the war did not seem to have reached here. All the trees here were born by luck and seemed to cheer that they had escaped. All the trees were fluttering in the wind and waving their branches and leaves.
However, there may be other reasons, because there is a man and a woman who are naked among the trees when they witness a good deed.
At this time, the two men slept soundly, and their faces all showed happy smiles. They seemed to be dreaming a dream one by one. In the morning, a drop of dew condensed in the needles of a pine tree and then slipped and fell on the tip of the female nose, splashing colorful water.
That girl’s nose tip is cute, and then her long eyelashes blink, and then she opens her eyes. The blue sky girl seems to be stunned and then she wants to get up.
However, I can’t say how sore I feel when I am physically weak, especially when I have a tearing pain. But all this is not the reason that scares the woman. What she screamed was that she found that the strength that has accompanied her for hundreds of years has disappeared.
"ah!" All the trees are violently shaking their branches and leaves, and the birds and animals that inhabit the forest are also scattered. For a while, the original quiet mountain forest has become more noisy.
And such a scream naturally makes the man beside the woman wake up from a deep sleep, but the man seems to be a little confused. He turns over and hugs the woman, and then his hands are still in the soft jade mound, squeezing two handfuls and mumbling, "What are Xianer arguing about in the early morning? Well, go to sleep."
The body that has never been touched by others for hundreds of years was unexpectedly given birth to an impulse to kill the men around her by this guy playing with women at will, but at this time she was so weak that she was able to throw herself into the avalanche before, and her strength had disappeared. She was just an ordinary woman.
I don’t know when I climbed the female face when I was so resisted by the man. She could touch the man with her elbow and say, "Hey Meng Qi, you wake up." After saying this sentence, the woman, that is, Ai Zhuoshui, was even more ashamed because she found that her voice turned into a waxy sound, which sounded like she was playing coquetry with her lover.
When Meng Qi heard this sound, he felt something was wrong. Although the waxy tone was very similar, it was definitely not Xianer sound. Suddenly Meng Qi remembered what happened yesterday and opened his eyes to see the woman in front of him-Ai Zhuoshui.
Meng Qi suddenly let out a scream. It was hard to be quiet in the mountains, but it was also a panic. Meng Qiyi just let Ai Zhuo water go, and then even rolled and climbed aside to see Ai Zhuo water. It turned out that Meng Qi didn’t slap himself to death. This was a little relaxation, and then he remembered yesterday.
It seems that Azhuo water suddenly rushed in and pushed himself to the ground, and then …
Thought of here, Meng Qi’s face turned a little pale. Did he really get that?
Looking at myself, Ai Zhuoshui is naked. Meng Qi is very sure that he was really taken by that, but Meng Qi left Ai Zhuoshui’s good figure and thought that it seemed that he didn’t lose anything, but things didn’t seem to feel anything yesterday
Meng Qi carefully recalled how the process was last night, as if he wanted to relive the * * moment last night. However, Meng Qi’s expressions naturally fell into Ai Zhuoshui’s eyes one by one. Ai Zhuoshui was ashamed and angry at this time, but she couldn’t help it. Yesterday was her after all …
Ai Zhuoshui struggled for a long time before he said, "Meng Mengqi, come and help me. I can’t get up." With these words, Ai Zhuoshui’s face was as red as a red apple.
Meng Qi has never seen cold water like this. Meng Qi suddenly came up with these words. This evil woman is actually quite cute.
Meng Qi was stupefied and walked over to help Ai Zhuoshui and asked, "What’s wrong with you, Chief Ai?"
Ai Zhuoshui took a complicated look and said, "Do you have any clothes to wear first?"
"Hey?" Meng Qi, this is to notice that you are naked. Of course you can. Maybe this guy Meng Qi is intentional.
Meng Qi took out two sets of clothes, but these are all his clothes. Ai Zhuo’s water is somewhat inappropriate, especially when there are signs of oppression on his chest. Cough cough Meng Qi secretly looked at it, which is more attractive than being naked.
And Ai Zhuoshui also felt a little constrained and adapted a little before saying, "I’ll fix it without you. You can fix it yourself."
Meng Qi listened to Ai Zhuoshui’s words, but he was surprised at first. Why did he suddenly lose the repair? Self-cultivation seems to be still there. Meng Qi used a slight force to surprise him. Something happened. There should have been an elixir of cultivation. Meng Qi was able to have strength only by easily using fewer baby steps.
I don’t know this force, but Meng Qi was surprised and delighted and shouted, "What’s the matter? I seem to be able to use the strength of Shaoyuan Baby! "
Meng Qi looked at her body in surprise and then looked at Ai Zhuoshui. He knew that Ai Zhuoshui must have known about it just now. Otherwise, how could she let herself check her own repair?
Seeing Meng Qi’s excited look, Ai Zhuoshui said with a serious face, "It’s a good thing that you don’t want to be able to exert your transcendental strength now."
This pot of cold water poured on Meng Qi suddenly woke up a lot and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Your present strength is actually my original strength because of yesterday … Anyway, if you continue to make it surpass your physical strength now, it’s like a child holding a kitchen knife will easily hurt yourself." Ai Zhuoshui is still a little shy, but it is quite serious to say later.