With a blink of an eye in Shandong, it can be said that when it comes to individual combat, ten Li Jie is no match for him, but when it comes to helicopter driving skills, Li Jie can throw him out of ten streets, which is the gap. This guy is like a football, but his volume is hundreds of times larger than that of football. This guy was dragged out of the hangar by everyone, and it took a lot of effort to lift it up. Now Shandong’s arms are holding it all over his muscles, and the blood vessels are horribly swollen and exposed, like extra-large earthworms. His neck and arms are crawling. "Get up!" Abruptly, this four or five big fellow joined forces to barely lift the guy. Step by step, he moved the helicopter toward the hatch. His heavy footsteps trembled and Li Jie gaped and let out a moan. "Oh, my God, is this guy a man or an estrus male bear? Please, that’s not a football, but an airplane auxiliary fuel tank! He picked it up by himself ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Shandong called "fly closer! We must smash their tank! "
Li Jie was a little embarrassed to escape from a broken window and hit her face or was scratched by a piece of glass slag. This small wound made Miss Li angry and roared, "Aunt will fight with you!" The helicopter rushed straight at those tanks like a cruise missile! Several anti-aircraft machine guns hit the helicopter, and the barrel was red. The flames were woven into a piece of warfare, and the fragments of the thin fuselage flew around. One of them directly hit the tail rudder of the helicopter, and the helicopter suddenly lost control. The soldiers heard a roar and fell from the top of their heads. "Go to me!" With this roar, an extremely heavy auxiliary fuel tank was abruptly thrown out by Shandong with all its strength, and turned over a somersault with hidden wind, which hit the soldier’s head according to the claw depression! The sudden lightness of the helicopter actually made Li Jie control the drag of smoke and flames and flew to the airport. Finally, the helicopter propeller on the balcony of the terminal building was whirled and huhu went all the way to the high … However, all the soldiers in the claw depression were not interested to know. They just watched the bomb fall from it like winter and winter, and everyone turned pale!
No tactics can stop this disaster. Hide? Where to?
Hiding in? Anti-aircraft machine guns blow it up? I’m kidding. Let’s just say we can blow it up when the gunman breaks out. So what? Such a big bomb exploded and thousands of pieces were dumped, and the shock wave thundered down, so they had to die! Avoid all the paws. The soldiers watched in horror and despair as the auxiliary fuel tank hit the ground with a bang ——————
Boom ! !
It doesn’t matter whether the fuel tank is full of jet fuel or half full. The important thing is that it smashed to pieces on the hard ground, and the pink shock wave was carried with appalling high temperature, and the center of the impact point expanded in a ring shape, followed by a deep red flame. It seemed that Uncle Vulcan was tickled, and finally he spoke. The rolling flame swept through all tanks and armored vehicles like a hurricane, and the anti-aircraft machine guns disappeared completely in less than a second. The soldiers killed in the fire were happy. The worst thing was that those lucky enough to escape the big explosion had a thousand degrees of high temperature. The radiant heat made them hide in the high temperature. air billow mercilessly swept them, and they were horrified to find that their skin muscles were large and large pieces of carbonized oil came out in a hurry, and then the eyeballs burst in the high temperature. These soldiers who broke into the hall were almost blind. The fire was screaming and wailing, rolling and running, and finally they slowly stooped and their bodies melted like wax in the high temperature …
Chapter 10 Rainy night (9)
When the helicopter crashed, my heart trembled. I knew that this helicopter would be shot down sooner or later. It was so threatening to the pawpaw monkeys, and its self-protection ability was so weak. Any shuttle of high-altitude bombs could reimburse it and send it out as a last resort. However, we really could not resist the infantry rushing into pawpaw from the main entrance. There was no other way but to bomb it. Although I was psychologically prepared, I was still heartbroken to see it fall.
Small Guangxi bit her lip hard and squeezed out the word "Li Jie" from the ever-flowing mouth. Her eyes were so wide that tears would not flow out.
After learning that the damn helicopter was destroyed, Major General Sumoya didn’t have a wave for a second. All the tanks were forced to sweep the runway wantonly. Now, Chinese armed men have no weapons that can pose a threat to the tanks except rocket launchers. If Major General Sumoya didn’t want to destroy the runway and ordered the armored soldiers not to fire, it is estimated that none of the people guarding the runway would survive. So, how many tank machine guns strafed the runway or let the bodies lie everywhere! At this time, another battalion rushed over, and now Major General Sumoya’s troops are stronger. Although they were blocked by the fire and could not storm from the front gate, they were unstoppable.
Major-General Sumoya knows very well that these rebels attacked the international airport regardless of casualties, not because they wanted to meet the troops of the Yanlong Corps. Their strength was not very strong, but because they took advantage of the sudden attack, they almost took advantage of the whole airport. After being swept by him, there should not be many people left. If he didn’t guess wrong, the rebels should have given up their troops on the runway and stuck to the terminal building and navigation tower. Because the navigation tower is the whole airport and nerve center, once the airport will be paralyzed, there will be tens of thousands of Chinese refugees in the terminal building. This group of rebels have to protect them, and they are stupid Major General decisively ordered "two platoons to sweep the runway and hide the rebel main force in the fence to attack the terminal and navigation tower!"
After receiving the order, the monkey’s eyes glowed green, and I couldn’t help but think of hiding in the terminal building. The Chinese rich and beautiful women dared not touch the Chinese there, but now they are all killed and wounded. The fifth assault battalion alone has wiped out a company. Even the brothers have to pay back for their hard work, right? It’s not too much to rush in and grab some money and play with some beautiful women, is it? Be restrained. Don’t make a massacre. General Sumoya will open his eyes and close his eyes. Yes, let’s do it! Sperm brains are more greedy, paws are depressed, monkeys suddenly burst into madness, and even the ancient Spartan army lamented that it was not as good as they screamed and rushed forward, even if they were knocked down one by one by sniper rifles from the navigation tower.
Dead birds fly into the sky and die for thousands of years. Isn’t that what a lot of money and beautiful women are waiting for their own people to live? Rushing in is lucky. If you are killed halfway, you can blame yourself for your bad life!
I pulled the trigger as fast as I could and fired a semi-automatic rifle. Every time I shot it out, a very high blood flower would bloom in the night, like a demon lotus in hell. The soldiers in my gun claw quickly surpassed a class, but in the face of their coordinated crazy impact, I felt a kind of force in my heart. I lamented that the greatest power of snipers was not to kill many enemies, but to benefit the psychological impact of death on the enemy. I seized every opportunity to severely hit their morale, so that every one of them felt the threat of death, thus tearing their psychological defense apart! In the battlefield, a sniper can often beat a company-level army without even raising its head, which makes the battalion-level and regiment-level troops stagnate for a long time, and the friendly forces win precious time. But now these claw monkeys are all like drug overdose and crazy, no matter how many people die, they have no intention of retreating. How much can the sniper play? Really reimburse their department one shot at a time? Are you kidding? They have two battalions. I’m afraid the snipers will be exhausted before they die!
Psg-1 sniper rifle fired again. A claw-hollow officer’s canopy was lifted to reveal glistening brains and skull. Major General Sumoya was furious. "Kill that damn sniper for me!" Two armored vehicles rushed at me. Heavy machine guns were as dense as migratory locusts, and I couldn’t lift my head. My firepower was suppressed. These monkeys were even more reckless. The tanks directly knocked down the gate of the terminal building and rushed in. There was a scream inside. Although this tank was unlucky, it was bombed by four or five anti-tank rockets at the same time, but more and more tanks appeared. The sight of Chinese refugees brought them all fear and despair. I just gave birth to a little hope that it was crushed into powder by the crawler. The husband was holding his wife, daughter and mother holding the child and crying!
Small Guangxi swung out a grenade and blew over two monkeys -16 rifles, which no longer saved ammunition and were so accurate that three shots came every half a second, and each shot could hit nine rings. The monkeys were knocked over one by one, but they fired bullets. The same Chinese rolled up bursts of blood rain, and Chen Wei was injured by grenades and spilled blood on his mouth. Who dares to expose his muzzle must be tired of living, but these two sharpshooters couldn’t stop this terrible wave. Small Guangxi roared at the intercom, "Boss, we can’t hold on! What should I do if the monkey tanks have rushed into the hall? "
I pulled out the nail arm and a piece of glass roared, "stop it!" Our bomber horse will arrive soon.
If we hold on a little longer, they will be finished! "
Small Guangxi’s face is so bitter that it can drip out of juice. "I’m afraid I can’t see it … my god!"
A series of smoke bombs were thrown in the hall, and the smoke was so dense that I couldn’t see my fingers. Small Guangxi and Chen Wei almost stared and bled but couldn’t see anything! The figure in the smoke vaguely doesn’t know how many soldiers from Pawa rushed in. Small Guangxi and Chen Wei gave me a weak smile. "It’s over …"
The soldiers in the claw valley laughed only at the victory, but it doesn’t matter if the enemy still resisted. They had enough time and patience to taste the victory and enjoy the rich battle benefits. Unfortunately, they laughed a little early and accompanied them to attack an armored vehicle and rushed into the hall. When they heard and saw a fire bursting, heavy machine guns strafed into a line and slammed them into the eardrum, making them suffocated. Then they didn’t. These soldiers in the claw valley flew out like fallen leaves in the wind, and the blood was dense from their bodies. A shower of blood poured out of the bullet holes of hemp, and it was even worse when the armored car was honored in the fifties. It was smashed into a sieve by the extremely amazing kinetic energy from close range, and the people inside directly turned into minced meat and just wrapped dumplings without chopping.
Small Guangxi exclaimed with surprise "It’s Shandong! Shandong, you are not dead! "
Heavy machine guns roared to Shandong. "I didn’t even die when you monkey died. It was just a steel bar on your left shoulder!" "
Six-tube rotating heavy machine guns that hysterical and crazy shooting quickly rushed in, and the soldiers in the claw depression were beaten to pieces, and it was a luxury to shoot and leave a corpse. Major General Sumoya has gone on the rampage. "Fire! Fire! Blast these Chinese pigs! "
With the example of the first tank, I dare not rush in with it again. The tank is coming, aiming at the terminal building and raising a long gun barrel! However, nothing happened in the terminal building. On the contrary, these tanks were smashed one after another, and large pieces of iron weights were scattered with flames. This bloodiness added a little bit to the battlefield. Major General Sumoya’s face changed greatly. He looked up and saw three J -12 serrated sharks roaring from the airport full of tracer bombs. After a thousand meters of acceleration, the terminal sensitive bombs smashed the tanks’ heads at supersonic speed, which made the bombs have a certain armor-piercing ability.
These three J-12s swept past the airport, and three aerial bombs emerged from the low lead clouds to take their place, swaying.
Large balls of fireballs rushed up wildly, dark, red and purple, as if they were blooming. The beauty of the demon lotus in the nether world is chilling! The demon lotus bloomed from the intersection of steel flames, and it was painful, piercing and heartbreaking, and the morale rose to the sky like a rainbow claw depression. The infantry turned into a fire man, yelling and crawling and rolling, where did the fire burn? I believe that the Chinese military must hate them to the extreme, and thermite incendiary bombs greeted them. This thing can even be burned into molten iron in tanks, and I am afraid that people can’t even find slag! If we can run to the top of the navigation tower at this time and look out, we will definitely see a group of dense fighters tearing lead and flying clouds roaring across the coastline. Every gleam can always see the fighters whistling past. This image makes people involuntarily think of smelling bloody piranhas!
Major-General Sumoya’s face turned white, and there is no more. Just now, if you command a famous soldier, Hua Guojun will come! They actually crossed thousands of miles to travel to Jakarta to find them again because of the heavy rain and bad weather! This needs to wait for determination, perseverance and superb technology? These are all the images of the East Asian lions who have accumulated their power for thousands of years. At this moment, they broke through the shackles and burst out, making the Major General feel chilling and weak!
"What a hell city!"
At the moment when crossing the coastline, Major General Shi Jun lamented that after the war in South Asia, this major general with outstanding military achievements was transferred to the Nanjing Military Region, and there were still a lot of things that were not straightened out and hit the claw depression. The old man, old and young, gave the political commissar and the chief of staff the things that made his boss impatient without saying anything, and jumped into the thunder bomber himself. After a long and dangerous flight, he finally saw the city of Jakarta, which he wished to throw a hydrogen bomb to erase from the earth. Columns of smoke rolled and fluttered like flags in the city, and oil depots and oil pipelines were bombed, causing fires, which plunged half of Jakarta into a sea of fire and piled up corpses. When touched, they exploded and flew dirty. I believe even the hell environment is more beautiful than here, right? He ordered "find the right target and attack at will, and be careful to avoid the Chinese community. Who dares to shoot a bullet into the Chinese community and always tells him not to fly again in his life!"
The pilots howled a button and slapped the bomb on the ground in Jakarta. The light was so chaotic that people could not open their eyes. The rumbling noise was so shocking that people could not stand it. The fireballs erased everything that the pilots wanted to destroy, and the explosion waves tore the sky! President Suharto looked out of the window and saw the earth howling and the sky wailing! The power of this bombing was so terrible that the president was torn apart for a minute.
Cracked feeling!
It was at this moment that the dark clouds in the sky were torn apart by emotion, and the sky was opened to reveal a famous judge of the court. The judge looked down on the world with dignity and everything was cold and fair, and no one could escape his punishment!
Chapter 19 Rainy night (10)
A huge fleet of aircraft pulled through Jakarta like a black curtain, and people panicked and fired anti-missile and indiscriminate anti-aircraft guns. The aerial bombs were denser than autumn leaves, and the harsh screams were endless. When every scream came to an abrupt end, a fire burst from the city of Jakarta, and the fleet roared past the wing knives. There were more and more smoke and fireworks, and Jakarta was bloodied.
The Central Guard Division camp, which is in charge of defending Gyeonggi, was warmly visited by two Thunder long-range strategic bombers and three Guns Six. These bombers loaded enough bombs and missiles to send an aircraft carrier battle group to the bottom of the sea, and bombed an infantry division camp. It was simply a piece of cake. A J -12 launched an anti-radiation missile, which first killed the anti-radar of the Central Guard Division camp. Several hastily launched missiles suddenly became flies all over the sky. It didn’t help but helped the Thunder bomber rack four 500 kilograms. Class-A aerial bomb took the lead in falling into the most closely guarded position of the Central Guard Division. The explosion power of a flat white mushroom cloud was equivalent to one and a half tons of N gas fuel explosives. The shock wave spread all over the place. What anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns, anti-missile launch vehicles and sandbags were built into bunkers? This flood of death was covered with paper. It lasted less than a second, and it was blown away with those soldiers who were all dancing and shouting. Now the whole camp was disarmed by flying death, dancing and gliding. Bombs kept coming into the barracks and the soldiers inside were blown to pieces. Rows of tanks and armored vehicles were slaughtered in the camp. In front of the bombs, these heavy-faced steel behemoths were not much stronger than the soldiers’ flesh and blood. They were still hit by bombs, but fragments flew around dead bodies. A round of bombs dropped dozens of armored vehicles and became the most expensive dry wood in the world.
The HQ also got an aerial bomb. Fortunately, Major General Sumoya, the teacher, is fighting with the Chinese resistance at Jakarta Airport, otherwise he will be smashed to pieces. The most amazing hand in this devastating bombing is a J -12 laser irradiation. Four laser-guided bombs hit the arsenal of the Central Guard Division, and a big hole was drilled in the concrete isolation layer with a thickness of several meters. Tens of thousands of rounds of various caliber shells exploded and hundreds of tons of vehicle fuel exploded in a volcanic eruption. Shells flew in a string to the half, and where did they fall? There was a pillar of fire, which exploded in an airtight way. Two pieces of feet were flying in an attempt to flee for life. The soldiers’ bodies gave a terrible quiver, and blood splashed out. I don’t know how many stray bullets hit the whole body at the same time, and they were beaten to fly, attracting more stray bullets. When they finally arrived at the ground, they had become a pile of blood, weighing absolutely no more than one kilogram.
Flesh, black, red, mushroom clouds wreak havoc on mountains, destroy Yuewei, and roll the bombers without destroying the targets. The momentum is even more frightening after they are leveled in one fell swoop, and the explosion flames can be clearly seen from hundreds of miles away. The central guard division camp is completely submerged by smoke and fireballs with a diameter of several thousand meters, and the soldiers have escaped from hiding in the fortifications. The first problem they encounter is that the oxygen content is hopelessly thin, and at ordinary times, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur monoxide will never be beneficial to human health, but the Dongdong content is hundreds of times higher than usual. This big explosion has turned the whole camp into
What happened in other places is not much better. The Chinese in Nanyang are so close to their home country that there are always so many people interested in going to China’s Nanyang. All the information makes the General Staff of China know everything about Nanyang, even the waterway in Jakarta is blocked. Tonight, the hand will not be merciless, and such a violent force will have to be borne by Jakarta! Bombers frantically bombed Jakarta’s industrial zones and were devastated. Jakarta’s military facilities were emotionally wiped out. Jakarta’s postal services, transportation, letters, broadcasting, Military Command Center ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Anyway, these planes don’t have those fighters made in the 1960 s to fight with sawtooth sharks. It’s better to ask pilots to fly planes and hit Chinese aircraft carriers, so they die heroically!
The bombing lasted for more than 20 minutes. We lost all the bombs and all the machine guns. Even the auxiliary fuel tank was lost when the bombs went to the bomber group. We were reluctant to leave them. We will land on Yanlong Island directly to replenish the fuel and ammunition, then take off again and blow up his mother. I will never stop until I blow the claw depression back to the 1940 s! I don’t know for what reason, but the bombing missed the presidential palace. Maybe the Chinese generals also know that those guys in the presidential palace have profound attainments in this respect and deliberately left them to continue to "contribute"
It’s raining, and the weather is very dangerous for the transport plane. But the expression of the Yanlong Army’s dropping troops is very dull, and it reveals its desire for war. Ten doors are lucky, and the huge transport plane leaps up and pounces on the claw depression. The chief of staff pulls the flying wolf and says, "It’s enough for this head to deal with monkeys. It’s too highly of them to go out in person! You stay in the command post and I’ll command the commandos to beat Jakarta to pieces! "
The flying wolf shook his head. "No, ten years ago, I promised Chinese in Southeast Asia that I would do my best to protect them from harm. This time, if such a big thing happened, I would have a bad conscience if I didn’t get to this generation at the first time … Don’t argue with me. You come to the command bureau. You know I’m not suitable for directing large-scale corps battles. In this respect, high flyers, a Shijiazhuang Army Academy, is a hundred times better than me."
The chief of staff no longer insisted on "be careful"
The flying wolf turned and held his daughter’s hand in the distance and looked at him from a distance. Jiang Ting smiled apologetically. Over the years, he was ashamed of the country and the nation, but owed a lot to his wife. Jiang Ting smiled gently and waved his hand, which meant that he didn’t care about me and did what you should do. The flying wolf stopped striding on the plane. He was going to take part in a war to rewrite the tragic fate of Nanyang Chinese for hundreds of years. The fate of millions of compatriots should not be a child affair.
Watching the transport plane take her husband and his loyal and brave department up and slowly disappear, Jiang Ting whispered in the rain, "He’s going to war again because of his history."
Five-year-old daughter turns her big eyes. She is too young to know the cruelty of war. It seems to her that the heavy and ferocious tanks and chariots, the sword stab the blue sky fighters and the warships that sail out of the military port in the majestic whistle are very interesting and fresh. I don’t know how these war machines will start when they turn.
Major-General Sumoya got up from the ground in a bit of a mess and spit out the soil foam in his mouth. He didn’t get burnt and his hair was blown away by the explosion. air billow tore off a layer of skin and his right face was in a hurry to get in touch with the outside world.
Knowing the situation made him desperate.
The battalion of the Central Guard Normal University of his old army was devastated by bombing, and the base was completely destroyed. Forty percent of the soldiers of the division were blown to pieces and injured, and many central guard divisions have completely lost their combat effectiveness.
A large number of Chinese bombers threw more lethal bombs than the new incendiary bombs. Half of Jakarta was in a sea of fire. The Chinese army blew up the waterworks, making the fire truck water accessible and listening to the spread of the fire. If it hadn’t rained, Jakarta, which has a history of hundreds of years, would have become an extra-large stove! Even so, the number of casualties caused by bombing is extremely alarming;
Jakarta’s arsenal, chemical plant, hair factory and raw material processing plant were all wiped out by gas explosion bombs and Jakarta’s military potential base was destroyed;
In a word, there was a big riot first, and then it was bombarded indiscriminately. Jakarta has prepared the world’s largest garbage dump and morgue, half of which is full of flames and half of which are lying everywhere.
This city has gone backwards for twenty or thirty years, both economically and politically!
Chinese, you are too cruel!