However, Wei Ji is an experienced person, and naturally he will not be forced to run over and be killed as a sucker. He still looks at himself casually, but walks a little faster.

Just like an ordinary monk, Wei Ji stopped to watch when he came to this stall. After a while, he confirmed his judgment and casually asked, "This water durian looks good, little brother. How to sell it!"
The boss of this stall is also a Buddhist monk, but his breath is just like stepping into a Buddhist monk. Moreover, Wei Ji can see at a glance that his breath is complicated and impure, which shows that he has practiced a lot of methods, and today’s iron repair is a loose repair.
Unless it is to shoot a gun and change a place to advocate, you will deliberately make the price reasonable in the face of sect monks, and you will be retaliated. At this moment, Wei Ji deliberately let out his magic breath, which is more mellow than feeling that he believes that this boss will definitely not dare to price casually.
Who avoid natural won’t want to let this man stirred his local waved away the twenty five-year water durian on the other side will own three soul sword FuHua seven emotions devil in the mud pill palace towards the man.
The man was in a state of ecstasy and impatience, and he never thought that anyone would dare to do it in such a public place. At once, he was tricked by demons. While he was walking, his body stopped abruptly at a nearby booth and watched carefully.
His behavior has also attracted the attention of some people nearby. They all gathered around the stall for observation. The stall owner saw this and has a treasure in his own sales. Although he doesn’t know which one it is yet, he has made plans in his heart to have this big Hankou, no matter what it is, the price will be 100 times on the original basis.
He knows very well that the baby’s ability can’t be kept and sold, and it’s hard to be known or a disaster. At this time, while there are so many people, he is sure to make a lot of Lingshi. Although he still loses according to the real value, he wins in reality.
The fourth chapter to kill
The fourth chapter to kill
Wei Ji’s recent achievement, the magical power, the magical power, and the small experiment made him feel quite happy. He ignored the nearby booth and said to the monk in front of him, "Brother, I just heard you say that you cultivated these water durians yourself, didn’t you?"
"yes! Why, brother, do you need anything else? " The boss replied at the time that the wrong novel network did not skip words
"Your water durian is really good, much better than our sect. I wonder if you will buy this fruit tree or not?" Who avoid mouth asked again.
Hearing this, the boss appeared reluctant at that time, but he didn’t want to offend Wei Ji.
Seeing this, Wei Ji smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t do your special secret method when bad people buy and sell things. I don’t want it. I just want to buy two or three trees from you and go back to study this myself. It should be no problem!"
Hearing Wei Ji say this, the boss is deeply sorry and secretly angry that he has just performed too much. The fact that his durian is better than the ordinary market how can it not attract people’s attention? As early as the first result, the secret method was discovered by the brother of Six Demons and bought a share. Naturally, he also got a lot of care from Six Demons here.
The great cause of the Six Magic Clans and the abundant resources are far from what he can compare, so it’s natural to cultivate shine on you, which is better than blue. However, the output of the Six Magic Clans will not be sold in this kind of stall. Of course, the price is much more expensive.
Therefore, whenever a foreign monk comes to buy and sell, he will try his best to sell this secret method at a high price. After all, those people will not rob him of business and make a fortune. This time, Wei Ji’s initiative to enter the hub naturally makes him particularly happy, but he doesn’t know that Wei Ji’s fancy is not water durian’s body. His expression has reached perfection because of his performance for many times. It has not played a role at all, but it has made him speechless.
Now that Wei Ji is so reasonable, he can show his mind to sell the secret method at Wei Ji’s request, but he can’t show it again, otherwise Wei Ji will be alert and he is worried that the deal will not be done.
"No problem brother so said can also have what problem! Let’s go now! " As the saying goes, acting needs to be done. At this time, his face is still the same.
Seeing this, Wei Ji is really confused and secretly thinks that he must make appropriate compensation at the price when he comes to trade.
The boss naturally doesn’t know what Wei Ji thinks in his heart. If he knows, he will be more sincere if he is afraid of his performance. He got up and went to the waist to find out a ruler. The square skin was immediately shaken in his hand, and a black smoke gushed out and fell to the ground. When the black smoke was collected, a skeleton appeared in front of everyone.
Obviously, the boss asked this skeleton to look at the stalls and sell things instead of him. Wei Ji used to hang out in Fangshi before joining the Five Elements Sect, but this situation is quite new for the first time. Obviously, this situation has appeared more than once or twice, and no one next to him seems too surprised.
"Fairy Road and Magic Road have their own specialties. This puppet magic road is much better than Fairy Road!" Who avoid heart secretly judge way
However, for this kind of thing, Wei Ji himself is just looking at something new, and he has no intention to learn it at all, because he is very white, and now he has enough things to master, but it is not necessary to study a little.
The boss secretly commanded a few words with an accent, and then greeted Wei Ji, who had just left Wei Ji. The big fellow also got up and strode in another direction, but this situation surprised the monks next to him. "Is it that the man was wrong just now and there is nothing good here?"
Everyone in the heart can’t help but think so. People who are clamoring for something to buy are no longer thinking about it. After visiting it carefully and finding nothing unusual, they all dispersed. The boss naturally tried his best to keep his mouth flowing, but the more people walked faster, the more he finally failed to make a deal.
In the face of a great opportunity to make a fortune, there is no way for him to curse the big fellow in his heart. "If you come to buy things from me again, I have to charge 200 times!"
Regardless of the boss of this stall, he said that after the big fellow walked out of this street, he didn’t turn into another one, but directly turned the road to the outside of Fangshi. Seeing that he was so unwilling to give up and secretly hung behind, the monk stopped following himself.
After leaving Fang City, the big fellow quickly fled into a nearby dense forest. As soon as he entered, he found that there was no one nearby, and the big fellow paused. At this time, the incarnation of the seven emotions devil’s soul sword operator immediately returned to normal, and then he turned three colorful shock waves directly towards the big fellow and strangled it.
In the moment of firm but gentle soul, the big fellow finally regained consciousness, but in the face of this attack, he was able to resist a tragic sound, and then the big fellow was completely stranded and died.
Such a situation is naturally that Wei Ji realized the design well. This is not that Wei Ji is ruthless and does not leave any room for others after he gets the treasure. He really has no other way. When this big fellow discovers that there is a secret hidden in the durian, it means that the two are completely opposed.
Although the secret is not valuable, even a real person will be moved when he sees it. He believes that if he doesn’t deal with this big fellow, he will definitely look for the past again afterwards. After all, his demon can guide his emotions and actions, but he can’t tamper with his memory. That would be difficult and a trouble!
The fourth chapter XuanYin divine iron
The fourth chapter XuanYin divine iron
Chen xian Lou ya
Fu Shan and Wang Xian, the zombies of Weiji then, chatted while eating. Of course, most of the time, Fu Shan and Wang Xian reported the news they had found to Weiji.
When the two men finished telling their income, the guard said, "Good job, good job. After dinner, we will buy all the things that have been determined first, and then hold our horses and attend the auction and the exchange meeting in a month."
"Yes!" Fu Shan and Wang xian qi should way.
Then Fu Shan went on to say, "Master, you must be quite familiar with the North District this day. I don’t know if there are many good things there. If there are many things, then we can go shopping in our spare time and it’s hard to get anything!"
"Cloud City Square City is not the kui, but it’s quite different from the unusual small square city of six magic cases." In this respect, Wei Ji naturally has nothing to hide from his two hands at that time. "Today, I have more than 20 things in my pocket, and the rest is fine. I don’t think it’s necessary to come to you, but one of them is really a bargain."
"oh? I don’t know what baby it is? "
"Is it a magic weapon?"