"None of the helpers I brought have contributed yet. Now is the time, but this time I won’t invite you to watch this battlefield. It’s better to be stable."

If you take your own people and these 3,000 soldiers with you to search for this place, since they have laid this lure into a large array there, it means that they must be there.
If the water was shocked after it set out, it immediately suggested to Lian Jian, "Do you want to go with the empress?"
"No need. If today is bound to win."
"Empress is so sure that if the water capacity is not to be underestimated, this war is not to be 100% …"
Lian Jianji frowned. Shelley recognized the meaning in Lian Jianji’s words. "Is the Empress wondering if the Ping Guo incident was planned by Shui Gong this time? I feel that the empress is very defensive all the way. "
Startled, I stared at Lian Jian. If this is the case, I can say that Lian Jian never wanted to believe this if water, including if water tells her past.
"If the water is too coincidental, it is doubtful that there are 2,000 people escorting armaments, but they have caught more than 300 people in this earthquake-stricken city. If this matter is still as I think today, it can prove that it is all a game if the water is set up, but the real purpose of this game is unknown to me."
"that’s very obvious. this purpose is empress you!"
"It’s because it’s too obvious and this time is chosen to escort the materials. This matter must have something to do with these materials, and the most coincidence of this time is when I am closed."
Shelley looked at the fright and wondered if she was following one of the troops to escort the hay. The military assets were more important than the cotton or armor or the hay. Even letting her follow along was afraid that if the water people tampered with the hay, she didn’t know if the water and the fright even meant to tell her.
I looked at Shelley in shock and surprise, then glanced at it again, and even Jia Jian frowned and thought it might be a good choice not to talk.
If Shuibing left for four days to return, if Shuibing rode a marooned horse, it was stolen from the ordinary people, followed by this black, blue and red snake, and then he took a large number of battles to win the army.
LianJianJian walked to the door of the barracks to meet them. If ShuiShui is hard not to wear this white dress, but to change this dirty black one, I can see that this time it is really hands-on.
I don’t care if I ask the Rock Snake Man about the war. I asked Shelley to find two more energetic Lian Jiajun at random. These Lian Jiajun look like taking stimulants. Both of them are beaming and very exciting.
"The right people visit the empress!" Two excited soldiers came here, even locked in the camp, and even this kneeling posture was fierce.
"Well, the palace called you here to ask about the war situation in these four days?"
"If Lord Shui is really a martial arts expert, he took a big gun with this sword on the first day!"
Another person seems to be very dissatisfied with the first speaker’s lack of form. "Empress didn’t know that the enemy general was riding a horse and wanted to take the height of the horse and the silver gun in his hand to suppress if Shuigong still played tricks, but he never thought that if Shuigong just rose lightly and was much higher than this enemy general, he would kill that guy with a sword!"
Lian Jian looked at them. "You are so excited!"
"If water and led us into the enemy, abruptly hit the enemy kneel for mercy! Small civil law is not excited! "
"Yes, yes!"
LianJianJia nodded and asked the details. On the surface, it’s really not a play, but this time it’s just like the last time. If the water is pure and pure, it shows one of its advantages or this side passes through others’ mouths.
"Well, you go. Now that the ship has been brought back, it will be revised in two days and the materials will be sent to the front immediately!"
"Empress! If Shuigong told us that Pingguo dared to make such trouble, he would lead us to take compensation for a city in Pingguo! "
Even the soldier’s expression became serious when he looked at this talk. "Are you … a soldier of Geng or a soldier of Qing!"
The soldier didn’t even say a word when he looked at Jianji. He quickly acknowledged his mistake and kowtowed. Even Jianji wasn’t prepared to tell him how to do it. This must be not just a soldier’s business. Look at it and go to [vertex network O].
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Chapter 391 Annoying Pingguo
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This time, you didn’t even bring a lieutenant. Even this captain didn’t bring a pop-up window? @++www * c assistant lieutenant is a help in the eyes of others, and an absolute burden and obstacle in the eyes of Lian Jian.
But now even Jian Jian suddenly realized the importance of this pair of generals. If she had brought some encumbrances this time, she wouldn’t be in such trouble now. These soldiers can’t manage them all by themselves. They rely on these people. Although these encumbrances will disturb themselves, they are more difficult to be brainwashed than soldiers, which is equivalent to stopping these soldiers.
Even sitting in my room drinking tea and frowning, if the water comes in, I will see even the faint smile on my mouth becomes deeper.
Lian Jian raised his head and frowned. "If water is a public matter?"
"Ping countries are so bold that you are ready to let them go? Your soldiers’ morale is high now, so escorting supplies will not only dampen their morale, but also make them lack spirit in the battlefield in the future. "
"I naturally know that the sword can be sharpened only when it is sharpened, but are these materials our eyes?"
"After crossing the river, no one dares to rob this batch of materials. Send these 300 chosen men to deliver the materials safely."
"If the water public confidence more than two thousand soldiers take this force green countries are not equal countries? Even if we take a city, it means that we have to start work on this flat country and doubt it will touch the nervous nerves of this Yuan Haoguo. "
If the water is spread out, "Are you ready to let these people go?"
"Don’t let them? What about after taking this Pingguo city? Pingguo will definitely send troops to recapture the land, which will consume them and we can’t afford it. If Shuigong incites the morale of these soldiers, won’t he consider such a problem? "
Ruoshui shook his head. "If the elder brother were here, he would definitely agree."
"Even if he said I would stop him, now I know that it is far more important to escort this batch of materials to Yucheng than anything else, and it is absolutely impossible to fight after the peace."
Even the words of the sword, the soldier’s high morale has really weakened a lot. Some people say that even the sword is a woman’s indecision, but before that, six people will be killed there, and even the cold lover will be them.
Without the lieutenant and this captain, these soldiers took the initiative to find even the cockroach. After all, even the cockroach in the cockroach’s hand should be respected. Some people with brains and some tactfully talked about the truth, but some people even repeated that they could not let this country go. It is necessary to make such a logical and unreasonable statement.
Even Jia Jian would respond to a thing or two at first, but then she became indifferent. When she reached this only order, she immediately escorted the supplies to Yucheng. These soldiers deliberately checked the ship slowly and naturally cleaned up the camp after loading the supplies.
This inspection ship has been carrying materials for three days, and I have been staring at it myself for one afternoon. After loading it, I want to dismantle this camp, and then the soldiers continue to linger after leaving this camp.
Even Jia Jian knew that these soldiers did it on purpose, but she really didn’t want to make it clear one by one with these reckless men. But just when this camp had been demolished and some soldiers’ boats were already there, the ordinary people actually seemed to appear on this basis