Zhang said, "Xu Xiong, are you crazy? Our brothers are pimps and sisters, regardless of size. It’s hard to get to Nanjing. You should let husband Xu arrange for us to see the difference between rouge in the south and beauty in the north. Why don’t you let his old man send his troops to sweep the kiln first? It’s not like we should do such a thing. "

Li Rong laughed. "Zhang Xiong, you’re confused. How can you show our Lord Xu down a peg or two without sending his troops to sweep the large and small kilns first? After the sweeping, whoever wants to open a business will have to ask Mr. Xu Xiaogong to talk. Without Mr. Xu’s note, they won’t want to open the door. Why don’t those flower heads come to sleep with them? "
Zheng Guobao nodded and said, "It’s still Xu Ge’s statement that suits my mind. I’m waiting for you to come and find you to sweep this Nanjing kiln!"
They are joking. Who thought that Zheng Guobao really wanted to do Li Rongdao? "I said Zheng Ge, you can be sure that this matter can’t be too urgent. Who doesn’t have a backer behind you? Just say that there are several Qing buildings, but how can we treat our own people by paying tribute to the old man Wei Guogong? Besides, this is the largest hospital in Nanjing, but Liu Kan and Liu Dagong are in charge. Who is that? It’s not easy to provoke me. Let’s go and drink sanhua instead of going to die. "
Zheng Guobao learns to pick his eyebrows "Liu Kan? This egg-free thing used to make a living here? I’m sorry if I don’t hit him this time, so I’ll rush him. Liu Kan, this building is clear. I’ve also sealed Xu Ge. You can tell my husband later that this time, I’m sorry who buys and sells, but I must have a different treatment for my own industry. "
This Liu Kan Liu Dagong is the father of Yiling in Huguang. Liu Yiru, Zhang Juzheng, a fellow villager, has frequent contacts with other scholars. Liu Kan-sheng is handsome and talented, so Zhang Juzheng married his only daughter. I didn’t expect Liu Yiru to be in conflict with the new law, but when she got married, she locked up the Zhang family’s dowry and forbade her daughter-in-law to consummate her marriage. A few years later, Miss Zhang was depressed and died as a child.
Through this, Liu Yiru’s father’s hope rose greatly, and he was called upright and upright by the scholars in the Qing Dynasty. He dared to defy your model. Zhang Jiangling was really a model of scholar-bureaucrat. Everyone praised him. The Wanli Emperor also remembered Liu’s father’s name deeply because they dared to provoke Zhang Juzheng. Now Liu Yiru is still doing the Nanjing Ministry of Industry. It is still said that Liu Ye is a major force in Jiangnan officialdom.
Liu Yiru, Liu Dasi, since he doesn’t even sell Zhang Juzheng noodles, he is also a clean and leading official, and his income is naturally limited. It is said that the family property is not tens of thousands of acres of good land, dozens of pavements and tens of thousands of dollars, and even a few tenants can’t die every year. A few poor people are really good people.
How can you set foot in the fengyue industry like this? The owner of the "fragrance court" in the largest building in the land is not Mr. Liu’s housekeeper and nephew. Mr. Liu doesn’t have a dime for what Liu Dagong is in. This is absolutely slander and slander! Liu Kan is a romantic to clear the building, but also to talk about poetry and articles with girls. It is research knowledge, not backstage, not going to the ticket court for what research knowledge, but going to clear the building? Whoever asks this question just doesn’t give Mr. Liu and Liu Dacai a face! Won’t knowledge score hit people? How about if we even dare to kick your ass in Zhang Juzheng?
However, if anyone really dares to go to the fragrance courtyard to collect flowers and donations, those nursing homes and teapots will dare to swing sticks and beat people half to death first, and then Mr. Liu will come forward to punish you. However, if this car stops the first fragrance courtyard, it will be difficult to collect it from other homes. It is also a reason that Nanjing Royal Guards can’t help begging with a golden rice bowl.
For Liu’s father, taking Zhang Juzheng to brush his eyes and squandering his life, Zheng Guobao has long hated it. What’s more, Liu Kan and Gu Xiancheng are friends, so who will he clean up if he doesn’t clean up?
See to real the other three people are hesitant Zheng Guobao way "what’s the matter with you guys? That’s all it takes? If you dare not do it, what will you make a fortune? I can’t do anything until I die, starve to death, and look forward to it. Let’s smash this Nanjing-sized building and give it a name so that the Jiangnan people know the four major mountains! "
Guo-Bao Zheng is this grandiloquence to mobilize before the war. At this time, Zhang Furong came out to add tea. Li Rong immediately straightened his eyes when he saw them. After people left, his eyes still stuck to Zhang Furong’s body for a long time and he knelt down. "Brother Zheng, are you my brother? This time, you have to save me, no matter what. My soul has been hooked by your maid. Where did you get such an iceberg beauty? It’s absolutely impossible to look at her love for people when she is drinking tea. It seems that the fairy was dismissive of mortals that day. This energy is so great. Tell me the price. I’ll do it for you if you want to open your mouth. I didn’t go to the palace to find the old lady and asked her to lie down and roll for me and get it back for you. "
Zheng Guobao didn’t expect Zhang Furong to come out to offer tea, but just thinking about it will know that this must be Yingying’s idea and shake his head and say, "This is not for change."
Chapter two hundred and forty Iceberg thaw
"Zheng Ge you don’t put the words to death, what do you want? How about I exchange some of my concubines with you? All my concubines are changed to this servant girl, and my father told me that there have been several vacancies recently. I can do it for you if you want someone to say something. "
"This I also you? Come on, don’t play games with bones. We brothers can’t change her without this girl. We have it in our stomachs. "
Listen to Zheng Guobao casually say that Li Rong also knows that there is no hope. "How about this?" I’ll send someone to deliver it to you when the child is born? " See Zheng Guobao fist to play this just shut up the in the mind a little unhappy.
Guo-Bao Zheng see a clap his shoulder "don’t this unlucky virtue around but a servant girl, this thing done when you buy Yangzhou thin horse casually what can’t find it? Do you have to compete with a servant girl? After the big deal is done, you can give me more benefits, and I will make it up to you. "
Li Rong recovered a little bit of spirit. "Zheng Ge, it’s not easy for us to come from the capital. You can’t fool us about the last thing about Huama Yanchi in Ningxia. You didn’t take us to do it together. This is not enough fun. This time, we can’t say it again. It’s not nothing to have fun with."
The other two people also leaned in and chimed in, "Yes, when Zheng Ge asked us to chip in to build a three-masted red single boat, we also made the money to support you, not to mention that we have earned a lot in recent years, but it was so risky at that time. Boy, if something goes wrong, we have to be beaten to death. This time, you said you could make a fortune, but you didn’t say what it was. Are you trying to do something to Yangzhou?"
At present, the richest place in Dachao is not Yunyue Port, nor is it rented to Portuguese terrapin to live in Macau, but Yangzhou Yangzhou Salt Merchant’s gold has earned 30 million years’ interest, and its income is higher than that of Dachao government. It is the biggest fat sheep in Dachao. Although Zheng Guobao didn’t say anything about making a fortune, these guys are stupid or not. If you analyze Jiangnan’s wealth, you will have trouble finding salt merchants. However, you can’t say this kind of thing by innuendo.
Zheng Guobao ignored them and said, "Don’t ask what else can you do if you can’t even smash a Qing building?" Xu Ge Nanjing Xu Gong Ye is your elder, and he is in charge of military affairs, so he can talk to you when the time comes. And Zhang Ge, the British husband and husband, always leads the old staff of the three camps of the capital to the south of the Yangtze River. Don’t say that you can’t run without your familiar officers and Li Rong. How good is that? How can there be no friends of his old man’s house in the military garrison of China and North Korea? When people arrive, none of you can run away, but you can rest assured that this matter will be done, that is, a generation can spend a lot of money with knurling. Today, you guys come to our brothers and have a good drink for one night. Let’s talk about it. "
At the second watch, Zheng Guobao staggered back to the bedroom, only to see that Zhang Furong had already seen him coming in the bedroom. For the first time, he squeezed a smile and helped him to lie down. He took off his clothes, poured tea and handed a hot towel. When Zheng Guobao even drank several bowls of tea, Zhang Furong smiled again. "Be careful, don’t choke you. You really have to drink so much wine when you meet. How risky is it to ride a horse after drinking?"
Zheng Guobao looked at Zhang Furong’s half-day success and patted his head. "Mom seems to be really drunk. Why do you have hallucinations?"
Zhang Furong took off his clothes and lay next to Zheng Guobao’s ear and wrote a novel, "Thank you, Sir."
"Furong, I … I’m a little drunk. Did you just say thank me?"
Zhang Furong nodded. "Today, Miss asked me to send tea. I knew what she thought. Where can I protect myself now that I have no kung fu? I don’t know what to do. I didn’t expect my master to protect me even if he offended your friend. Thank you very much. "
Zheng Guobao didn’t know that Li Rong and others were talking when she heard it. "So you don’t hate me? Didn’t you hate my guts when I forced you? Every time you look at my eyes, you want me to poke a few holes in my body. Don’t think I can’t see it. "
"Sir, don’t say this. This is probably my life. I resigned myself to the fact that Furong hated you that day and thanked you today." Zheng Guobao said that in the middle of the night, she gradually went to sleep. Zhang Furong crept up and pulled out the bandage lamp and watched it for a long time before she sighed and took the fire. She burned the bandage a little.
At noon the next day, several other men also woke up from a hangover. Zheng Guobao also called them to say that they would smash the building. Xu Xi gritted his teeth. "I will do it with you if Zheng Ge can guarantee that we can get salt! Isn’t it just smashing a building? Isn’t it just that Liu sees Kou as the enemy? I am throwing caution to the wind! "
"good! If it’s your sentence, your brothers are all taking their families with them. These people will wear fake brocade clothes for a while and lend me some soldiers from my husband. Be brave and dare to hit people and tell them that something is wrong. If you are injured, the soup will be doubled! "
Zheng Guobao also called out the athletes of the enemy brigade and simply mobilized a few words: "When you get to the place, you can see what is good and what is not pleasing to the eye. If you see who is not pleasing to the eye, you can beat who is not pleasing to the eye, but it’s only money. I take the lead, and you take it casually. Do you know?"
Those players in the capital are well-trained and have rich practical experience. Now they are the guest soldiers, and their uncle is behind them. Of course, what they are afraid of is Zheng Guobao, who called Yingying Qinbing Team and made some orders. Please come to Xiang Wentian and make a few more statements.
Xiang Wentian said, "If this matter is done, what will be my debt?"
"Don’t worry, you helped me with this, and you paid interest for one year."
Now that Xiang Wentian’s debt has been taken over by Zheng Guobao, Uncle Zheng’s printing is better than those creditors. He is strong and powerful. If Xiang Wentian wants to default, he has to figure out whether he can beat those many muskets. What does Uncle Zheng say and what does he listen to?
By the evening, Xu Bangfu had selected more than 100 soldiers from the military garrison and sent them. Although he held a lot of shares in the Qing building, Nanjing romantic place was sheltered by clean civil servants such as Liu Yiru and Zou Yuanbiao, who were all big backers behind the Qing building.
These people have high status and strong fighting capacity, and they are the most horrible group in the dynasty. Who dares to provoke them? Qing Lou’s refuge in their door can be regarded as spending money to buy peace. Even the teaching workshop company belongs to Qing Lou, and many of them have made friends with these literati to avoid flower donations and intercept the gold and silver from them.
These civilian officials have long been in name only, even though Wei Guogong has mastered Nanjing soldiers, they are also subject to the Nanjing Ministry of War, so they are sheltered by him in terms of grade and scale, such as "fragrance courtyard" and "leaning on Cui building"
Of course, this kind of raid will suffer, but the civil servants will suffer even more. The hereditary honor is expensive, and Wei Guogong’s family has lost a lot of money. He doesn’t want to see that the civil servants who suffer are worth the fare, and others have already seen huge business opportunities from it. Naturally, he is enthusiastic.
These soldiers are well-known and disrespectful officers, arrogant people, and it is just right for Zheng Guobao to do this errand. "You are all heroes in the Nanjing army to play around today. I don’t want to say much about this. I will charge forward and rush to break the enemy and copy a reward. One person will be rewarded with sycee, five or two injuries, and the soup will be doubled! If you are hesitant, you will be transferred to Jiubian to play Tartars. "
These humanitarians "do everything, but listen to my uncle’s arrangement to go to the fire in the water!" On weekdays, I am much more angry with civil servants. It is secondary to find out the gas money today. "
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Fragrant court
By the second watch, Zheng Guobao sent a "spy on the military situation" and jinyi returned one after another. "It’s a pity that the mother-in-law of the fragrance court really wants to be a busker, but she doesn’t want to accompany us because she has too little money."
"The sister in Zuihonglou is also good, but she can’t even touch her hand. Oh, let’s see if she can accompany her this time!"
"The prince’s maternal uncle don’t play! Didn’t you ask about money? Those places are selling gold caves, and spending money like running water is much more valuable than the Jingshi Academy. If we open these academies, the running water alone will be enough to send out gratuities, plus a fine. This ticket will not be in vain. "
These hundreds of athletes are all in high spirits. They will regard Qing Lou Jiao Niang and wealthy businessmen as enemies. They are not afraid of Qing Lou’s deadly sword, mountain fire, beautiful women’s painted skins, monsters, traps and tricks.
Twenty clippers borrowed from Xu Gongye’s navy patrol the Qinhuai River, preparing for a while when someone dives to escape, so that they can catch the husband and wife temple. The girls in the river rooms on both sides of Nanjing’s Qinglou gathering place are wearing fine gauze dresses and hairpin jasmine flowers. They roll up the Xiang curtain and send it to the river, burning dragons and salivating, and the fast-scented fog is sprayed out together with the moonlight lights in the river, which makes them look like immortals, Yao Palace fairies and the officials and prostitutes on the sixteenth floor. It’s really a cold food to pick up tourists every night.
From a distance, I saw a large group of people rushing towards this side, and there was a lookout from the courtyard. The man shouted, "It’s not good. Go and tell grandma that even a lady with a Niang army has come to knock on the door. That man is often afraid in season, so he should go out and see his tigress himself. Don’t be implicated."
Wait until the distance is near. These guys can see the decorations through the lights and don’t worry about it. Instead, they spit and said, "Ah, bah! We thought there was a lady’s door to catch our husband, but it turned out to be a golden eagle dog. Did you eat too much? Come here to die? Do you know who our boss is? Who do we have here? How dare you come here to make trouble? Get out of here, get out of here, and say that you are your Leidi, and my master has skinned him with a clip. "
Zheng Guobao nodded at this. "It’s no wonder that Nanjing’s taxes are hard to collect. Just turtle male has such a power and prestige. Come on, give me this talk first."
At this time, the big brigade has come to the gate of the fragrance court, and Zheng Guobao has made all the people shout and go straight in without talking. When they meet people, they will smash those Yingying Yan Yan screaming and fleeing, and Zheng Guobao shouts "Don’t go away carefully, the demon! I got it for both men and women! Who dares to resist killing! "
These soldiers listened to the command and became more courageous. At that time, Qi Fei’s jade arms and pink legs screamed one after another
The procuress didn’t expect the loyalist to be so powerful today. It’s not that there is no government middleman here who wants to seize the dock by force, but after being beaten by the nurses, it will be scattered and then moved out of Liu Dagong. What problems have been solved? I didn’t expect the loyalist to be so fierce today, but there are many good players in this nurse.
Xin Lie-zhi is knowledgeable and can’t stand looking at Zheng Guobao’s side. "This place is unambiguous. Diancang sent Chen Daxia and Hengshan sent Gan Sixia. I don’t know who it is, but this Shaolin arhat boxing practice is really not weak. A small Qing building has gathered more than a dozen Wulin experts. It seems that Jiangnan Wulin is really undiscovered."
The martial arts of these academies are really good, among which there are a few famous figures. In the end, they are even more famous. In theory, martial uncle Xin Liezhi is still a first-class master. This sect name Peng Jiawu Tiger’s broken door knife is similar to chivalrous words. Most people try their luck in Nanjing Confucius Temple except for salt merchants’ academies.
That Martial Uncle has a great grasp of the skills of eagle claw and sharp knife all the way. People who are so careless are not fit. They are limited in manpower and Jianghu Kung Fu. These military forces are much weaker than others. Those foreigners are even more physically strong and invulnerable, like rampaging tanks, which will knock the hospital out of the water.
Zheng Guobao even shouted at the right time, "I am the commander of Jinyi, and I am the commander of Zhangbei Town, and my uncle Zheng Guobao has been instructed to investigate the magic education. Now, according to the tip, there are magic education demons hiding in the temple of husband, and they dare to resist arrest. Is it also a magic education demon party? If you dare to resist arrest again, you can send Nanjing battalion to catch the evil demon! "
After all, you have to be wanted by the devil to destroy the property in Nanjing era. You can apply for a new nursing home worker or go to Yangzhou to be a salt merchant guard after two steps. But if you become a Qin offender, you will have no chance before you dare to fight against the Royal Guards because you know that this place’s backer is hard to beat a few jinyi, so it’s not my uncle’s right. Forget it. No matter how hard the backer is, he can’t keep himself safe.
Therefore, these Jianghu heroes have lost their weapons and knelt down and said, "Children are deceived. We are not demons!"
See widely, turtle male are tied into zongzi, and the procuress also knows that it’s not good to blame herself for not being bright. Why didn’t she recognize this young lang who led the team? It’s not an officer in Nanjing. She hurriedly ran to expose her skirt and twisted her waist to Zheng Guobao. "Ouch! It turned out to be my uncle. My slave’s name is Sister Cai. If you have something to say to me, I can tell you that my uncle is coming and I’m going to send a filial piety. Isn’t this a common thing? Prince’s maternal uncle, don’t blame me. You can’t smash this. It was the Song Dynasty … "
Words didn’t say that finish a porcelain vase was a sergeant with a fall to smash Zheng Guobao face heavy as water a business is business "bold CAI second sister you this fragrance court incredibly dare to harbor magic teach demon people do you know the crime? The officer was ordered to investigate the demon religion, and the fragrant courtyard nursing home still dared to resist arrest and beat up. It seems that your pool is very deep, so seal the door for half a month and carefully interrogate and investigate before making sense. "
Cai Ernian saw her hands being beaten all over the yard and running around. Guests drinking sanhua in the hall were also disturbed and stood up in succession. The Royal Guards shouted, "You may all be demons. Don’t leave! Later, the yes will be carefully interrogated one by one, and none of you will go home for a few days and nights. "
She handed over a few ingots of silver with her, but she didn’t bother to pick up the connection. It was too little to tell me what to do. "Surround the room and give it to me!" Don’t let the devil teach the demon get away. In my opinion, the fragrance garden is not only a problem, but also a very big problem. If you don’t carefully examine the first instance, you will leave. The big fish will be searched for me in the girls’ rooms, no matter whether there are guests or not. Who will bear the burden if there is a demon hiding in it? "
Second Sister Cai saw that the guests would be frightened if they rushed into the room. It’s a pity that none of these people had a familiar face, and they couldn’t even find anyone to talk and walk. They were sweating like a pulp, hoping that Liu Shaoshao would come out early to curb these people. "Who is bold and presumptuous?" As far as she is concerned, she walks out of the building and looks handsome, but she is a little thin and fragile.
"Liu Gong, you can give justice to the nu house. These official schools are peak sexually. They came to extort lynching by searching the name of the magic religion. These royal guards had to come to the fragrance court to collect the routine. The silver nu house refused to give them a grudge, and they were not to be taunted with justice. Mr. Liu took his anger on the nu house."
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Blunt-handed
Seeing that she finally came to the rescue, Second Sister Cai rushed to the building and grabbed Liu Kan’s arm and cried bitterly. She was under 30 years old, and she was really no longer young by Korean standards. She was no longer fit to be a pimp, and it was time to change jobs and become a procuress. However, it seems that Zheng Guobao is still very rich. Now she is as attractive as a flower when it is in its most beautiful bloom.
The Liu Kan Liu Gong not the kui is a son-in-law who was chosen by Zhang Juzheng in those days. He is also a famous minister and younger brother. See him point to Zheng Guobao "Duh! Bold Zheng Guobao! I was born in a slippery city, relying on my in-laws to confuse the Lord, and I got today’s status. I am loyal, honest, virtuous, and benevolent. I, Liu, read with great integrity, but my blood can be broken, but my ambition can’t be bent. I’m not afraid that you, a consort, an eagle dog, a traitor and a villain, can’t climb the false koo by this means. "
The Jiangnan officialdom Liu Dagong really didn’t read it in vain. A pair of driving officers made a virtual point at Zheng Guobao’s head. It was like Wen Tianxiang’s possession and rebirth like a sea pen rack
His voice just fell and he saw an old man wearing a towel from the balcony. He cheered, "What a good Liu Gong really has integrity and literary talent. It’s true that Liu Mengzhen is a father who doesn’t admire your wind. I don’t want to help you. This Nanjing city is not expensive. It’s been bullying Gu Laotai for more than a year. It’s clear to everyone that when did you have a magic demon here? Zheng Guobao doesn’t want your sister’s palace to be favored by you, but Hu Fei, if the old man knows who is bullying koo by taking advantage of the status of consort, will be effective, and Kong Fu will punish Shao Zhengmao with drums and drums. "
The old man is not young, but his speech is full of vigor and vitality. It seems that the fragrance courtyard is familiar with this statement, which is true. Zheng Guobao asked calmly, "Sir, are you from?"
"Good old Qin Minglei!"
"If Qin Weng punishes the yes men, how can I be without Wei Maozhong?"
"Yes, and I can’t kill Zou Yuanbiao."
"Also count me in Zhao Mengbai."