With a wave of his hand, Sun Hao went forward with a flick of his hand and suddenly found himself back from Yunmengze’s environment, sitting in the magic palace and sinking into the practice, while a mysterious smell around him was rapidly fading away and his ears came gently as if he had heard no songs.

Liu Yiqing, the God King of Wushen Palace, sighed, "Aquilaria is good at repairing Daoxin Liu Bopei, but Aquilaria should also seriously consider my proposal. The three goddesses are willing to introduce themselves to the pillow seats and let them share the paradise with you."
Sun Hao has no common language with this filthy person, and although Sun Hao’s will is firm, there is something wrong with the flesh. It’s not good to suppress the flesh too hard.
Ignoring God King Liu Sunhao’s divine knowledge has disappeared and reappeared in the second floor of Sumeru Tower.
Corleone doesn’t know if he went into the Sumeru tower by himself. At this moment, this guy poked around and just emerged from the Sumeru tower.
After a hundred years’ understanding, the four spirits have been closed and digested while grazing. This guy has lost control and wandered around again. Today, Sun Hao’s encounter with the scene makes the pastoral sigh and feel that he has met his greatest bosom friend.
When Sun Hao went to Sumeru Tower, the bitch dog ran out and sniffed a few times in his head and flew away to the Witch God Palace.
Border grazing is a special number, and you can go out freely without Sun Hao’s permission, but even if Sun Hao knows that it will sneak out, it won’t matter. After all, this small one will never suffer, even if it fits well, it will be difficult to extinguish it.
Sun Hao entered the sumeru tower and fell into the courtyard. Suddenly, pear blossoms came around, surrounded by Sun Haohao, who seemed very attached.
Sun Hao gently touched the white fairy face composed of fairy pear flowers, smiled and flew into the little red sumeru tower room.
As soon as his arms spread, Xiaohong fell into his arms. Sun Hao’s face showed a bit of a wry smile and said to Xiaohong, "Honger’s body has been provoked out of anger, but she needs your help from the palace empress."
Xuanyuangong little face emerged with a crimson little head and suddenly shook down Corleone’s ear and said, "This can’t be done. Xiaohong is pregnant. You can’t mess around."
Sun Hao’s heart was filled with joy and he said, "Really? How long has it been? Boys and girls? "
It’s not easy for Brother Almighty to have children, even if Sun Hao didn’t control the Hang Gai prairie for so many years, the female practitioners around him still couldn’t give Sun Hao a son and a half.
The exception is when I experience life with you. That’s Sun Hao’s forced pregnancy, not like Xuanyuanhong’s natural pregnancy here.
There is naturally an extra surprise in my heart.
In his arms, XuanYuanHong’s little face is full of happiness, and his mouth gently says, "It’s been more than a year, and it’s estimated that it will take several years for a little girl to be born."
Sun Hao touched her belly and said with a smile, "Ah, little princess, I haven’t seen anything unusual for more than a year. Isn’t that pregnant in October?"
XuanYuanGong eyes light said in vain, "Guan Guan there is a special case. How can a monk like me be so easy to have children and be pregnant for a few years? By the way, Xiaohao, I’m going to name my baby Xiaocao. "
Sun Hao froze. "Isn’t the name Xiaohong too common?"
Xuanyuanhong "That’s called Sandy Grass".
Sun Hao "is this name too long? And I feel very weak. The grass is weak. You are still in Sandy. How did you come up with such a name? "
XuanYuanGong head Sun Hao arms arch arch low said, "I don’t want her to have much promise in the future, I don’t want her to seek Tao in the future and work hard all her life. I hope she can be as plain as grass and make people love and happy all her life." To be continued.
Chapter DiErWuSi Border Pastoral Tutor
Sun Hao thought of Zhong Gang and instantly understood Xuanyuanhong’s idea. He said softly, "Let her be plain so that she can stay with you. But Xiaohong, what can I do now that you are pregnant?"
XuanYuanGong fingers Corleone nose a little "are you still afraid of can’t? Go to your own master bedroom and naturally someone is waiting in line for you. "
Sun Hao felt that he was holding Xuanyuanhong’s body and was ready to move. The tunnel no longer stayed in his body and quickly appeared in his bedroom.
Xiaohong is right. If she wants to come back by herself, Xiaozhu will clean up her room. Xiaozhu has never pursued her mind too much, but it is suitable for solving the current problem. I wonder if she can bear it?
You suddenly appeared in the bedroom, and Sun Haoshuang couldn’t help but say "how are you?" What about Xiaozhu? "
The round-faced woman corrected and wiped the tables and chairs. When she saw Sun Hao coming back, her eyes lit up and she said, "Master, you’re back."
Corleone eyebrows a wrinkly mouth slightly said "small bamboo? Let her wait on me. "
Wait for a while, a woman with a round face, has an unhappy expression on her face. Her mouth is deep and she says quickly, "Corleone, why? Can’t I wait on you? I’m telling you, although I have an aisle companion, it was many years ago. When I helped you solve the problem of excess yang, I didn’t plow for hundreds of years. "
Sun Hao looked at an irate, round-faced woman and became slightly speechless. He couldn’t help saying, "That’s not what I meant."
Round-faced women take two steps. Sun Hao tore her clothes in front of her and said, "Then you’d better tell me where the old lady is worse than Xiaozhu, and her skin is white and tender. Is it good for you to hang me for so many years?" Aren’t you afraid that I can’t stand loneliness and go out to find someone to plow? Ah … "
Touch Sun Hao while talking about the peak of pride.
Come to be a few fairy hook the thunder and fire Sun Hao suddenly unbearable face filar silk wry smile "line line today you wait on me, but first say today I like an arrow have to be sent when the time comes you can’t bear don’t complain …"
A round-faced woman’s face suddenly showed a surprise and inexplicable expression. Zhang Yuyan held her up. "My husband and concubine can’t bear to call for help …"
At this time, there have been bursts of blood in the depths of the mysterious witch shrine, which makes people fantasize.
In the sex, Liu Bo, the king of God, suddenly roars "Who? Fuck the king also dare to peep … "
A stream of air suddenly rushed out of the witch shrine and struck the imaginary place outside the window like a flash.
Come, poop-poop, continuous impact
But it didn’t hit anything, as if it were completely empty there
Liu Bo, the king of God, flew and was born, and a pair of bloody armor floated to his bedroom. After the gods were released and scanned around for a while, his face showed indecision and uncertainty.
I still haven’t found it!
At this time, there was a lazy sound in the corner. "Are you looking for a seat?"
Liu Bo eyes narrowed body slightly turned to look at the past.
Actually, it’s a humble soil dog who drools without pulling a few times.
I thought of many possibilities, but I never thought I would see a local dog, Liu Bo, who really stayed for a while.
What’s even more strange is that he can’t feel the breath of cultivation. It seems that this is an ordinary dog.
But how can an ordinary dog appear in East Kunlun and his own witch shrine? And the dog can still talk.
Liu Bo took a deep breath and asked, "Brother Dog, are you Fang Gaoren?"
Border grazing body shook from the ground for a few times as if shaking off dust and coughing. This just tugged and said, "two dog is the first enemy dog in the world for nine days and ten days. Border grazing is and used to be Sun Haosun’s agarwood mentor."
Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, mentor?
Whether it’s true or not, Liu Bo knows a little less. This local dog is Sun Hao’s family. It’s really amazing to throw the dog out casually and he can’t understand the depth.