Before he came to speak, he said, "Are you from Huashan?"

Seeing Bian Kui’s eyes staring at the boss suddenly became so big that "Yes, I said your name is so familiar. Aren’t you the Huashan genius?"
Want to know the name of the slope fine among young people, that’s a big name. No young people don’t know the top ten young masters. Even if the ranking has changed after the Songshan sword test, the slope fine nature is still in the list. The border chief was too excited to notice the name of Ben Lei Jian just now. Now the slope fine is reflected immediately.
Border chief when big to "why didn’t you say so? If you had told me earlier that you were from Huashan, I couldn’t bring you here! "
See edge chief so talk while Jingui eyes a stare to edge chief to "shut up! Aren’t you ashamed to be so big and not stable? "
Apologize to Yuan Qing, saying, "Please don’t take offense at this little brain’s bad words" >:
"Who wants you to be a good person? Huashan is a bad person." Just now, Bian Jingui stopped Bian Kui from talking loudly at this time, but he was relieved.
But no matter how young he is, this room is not big, and everyone is good at martial arts. Who can’t hear you clearly?
When Yuan Qing was embarrassed, "Brother Bian may have misunderstood Yuan Qing’s coming here to really help."
Bian Kui didn’t do it at this time. It’s somewhat embarrassing to be angry at the side. It’s to help himself again. Regardless of whether this is Huashan’s plan or not, at least he can’t lose his face too much, so he can drive out the bulging Bian Kui.
Clouds look dark in the eyes. "Although the chief age here is in his early twenties, he doesn’t look very clever. His view of Huashan is obviously that he often talks together here. It sounds like he is embarrassed to say it in front of the sunny side."
Bian Jinfu coughed a lot of gas and went to "Yuan Shaoxia, please sit down. Just now, please don’t take it to heart. There is no such great strength to manage Fang Huashan, such a big place in Shanxi. This is also the case of Anping, Shanxi. So we still want to thank Shaoxia for his legacy." r| I didn’t expect these two old people to say this when I was stunned.
The clouds are so dark in the heart that they are "not right."
Before Songshan re-allied, Shanxi didn’t have a real border home, but none of the sects had the strength of a border home. Now, although the border home has become the name of nine auxiliary generations in charge of Shanxi, it is actually not as good as the former big faction, not only watching Huashan, but also having entered Pingyang. How can the strength of those two hundred people be stopped by those small factions in Shanxi? Isn’t it impossible for the border family to meet these bandits? More Huashan?
However, at this time, the clouds have long since stopped judging people by their appearances. Although Jin Fu here has a pleasant face, he doesn’t believe him.
"Look at this family’s mouth is not right and see if they should be watching Shanxi for these three big parties?" The clouds are dark
Seeing Bian Jinfu go on to say, "Only the virtuous live in this river’s lake, so it’s too small to rule Shanxi. It’s really a shame that nine doors have high hopes for this rogue. After the settlement, I’ll respectfully ask the three big schools to send me here to rule Shanxi together. It’s also a good story to leave in this river’s lake, and I’ll bother you to pass this on to Zhao’s head."
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
In Bian Jinfu’s dialect, these three schools naturally refer to Shaolin, Huashan and Qi schools.
To say that doing business here is actually making all the money between heaven and man, you can imagine how it can be done without extraordinary wisdom. Xing Yun naturally won’t recognize Jin Fu’s words over there as simple as he seems to say.
At this time, Xing Yunxin thought to himself, "What is the idea of playing at home here?"
Try to think for yourself, this is a sign of maturity, although Xingyun hasn’t realized it yet.
It turned out that the enemy met again (Chapter Erqi)
Only the virtuous live in this river’s lake, so it’s too small to be weak. It’s really a shame that the nine schools have high hopes for this rogue. After the settlement, it’s also a good story for this river’s lake to be sent by the three major schools to jointly govern Shanxi (Note 1).
Clouds chew the edge of Jin Fu carefully. This sentence is dark to the heart. "This family will never want the three big schools to be sent to Shanxi. This is no doubt."
Otherwise, it’s been 200 years since the Songshan League. Why have you never listened to the neighbors? How come Songshan hasn’t heard of it since he rejoined the League? It happened that Huashan entered Pingyang before he had this will?
I’m afraid it’s really because they are weak, at least in the rivers and lakes. Without constraints, all three factions can take Shanxi to their arms.
I’m afraid what he means is that in this case, it’s better to bring in all three factions, so that no one will offend anyone and don’t want to take it for themselves. Anyway, the border family is not a pure martial arts sect, so it may be a good thing to protect the business from more big factions. "
Yunyun didn’t know if he wanted to, but he knew that his experience was very insufficient and he was still thinking there. At this moment, the wall cleared up.
"If the younger generation remembers it, it will definitely turn the words to my master." If it is famous again, it is just Huashan’s brother. He has no resources to discuss it, especially how the other party is also a family of Jiufu.
I was interrupted by their conversation, and I’m not here for the time being. I’m thinking too much. "Let’s finish what we have in front of us first." I thought of it here and said, "I heard that the rogue left a letter. I don’t know what it was written in detail?"
What’s the point? Who on earth is the rogue who dares to be so ostentatious and claims to have two soul masters? You know, there are no soul masters even at home. How can there be more than two rogue groups?
Yunxin has been vaguely aware that something is wrong, as if he thinks of something, but he can’t catch it at the moment. At this time, he just wants to see if there are any clues about his legacy.
Xingyun asked Jingui over there at this moment, but his eyebrows frowned slightly. Although he moved quickly, Xingyun looked at it and asked, "What’s the problem with him?"
At this time, Bian Jinfu took out a letter from his arms and gave it to Hangyun.
Xingyun looked at the letter with few words, to the effect that he had an appointment to prepare a hundred and two silver giants at the border home tonight! If you don’t give it, you have to treat your neighbors like this.
This was expected by Xingyun, except for the huge amount of money they extorted. It is not difficult to imagine that it is annoying for Xingyun to ask the people in the city to blackmail.
What disappoints Xingyun is that he can’t see who these bandits are from the letter.
I gave the letter to Yan Qingying and asked, "Are the two seniors ready to deal with it?"
Bian Jinfu sighed, "My family has been doing business for generations. We are more businessmen than Jianghu. This is to protect our own business together with martial arts. We Shanxi merchants travel all over the world and come into contact with danger. It is not economical and uneasy to invite others. This is martial arts.
That’s why the rogue is as powerful as they say in their letter, but we can’t be enemies.
Although there are a lot of 100 thousand taels of cash, it’s not a big problem to make do with it, but what we are worried about is whether they can really keep their word and get wind that they have done a lot of evil things these days, and whether giving them money will really solve the problem will have to be said separately. "
Clouds listened to the heart dark to "this home is not the kui is a rich one hundred and two thousand silver in their mouth said so light"
At this time, Bian Jinfu went on to say, "Of course, with the help of two people, we are no longer worried about getting the help of two people to wipe out this rogue. It is also considered that the Shanxi people should pay attention to those people’s actions."
As he spoke, his face was purged to "the two helpers, Debian, will always remember the heart and wait for this matter, and the border family will pay for it as a gift."
Xingyun has confidence in his martial arts, and he is also very familiar with the martial arts of Yuan Qing. With the two of them in the rogue, even if there are two soul-level masters sitting in the town, what is the so-called "I promised this to the gift, but I came here to ask the people to get rid of a scourge"
After saying this, the clouds are dark to the heart. "He gently wrote this helping hand in my sunny body, but he avoided Huashan’s affection for Huashan because of sunny walls. It’s really bad."
That gift to you is not just money. I don’t need it, do I? "
There is a place where the martial arts of Xingyun can go to the resort to live in Xuanheng. How many people can there be in this Jianghu? See the clouds at this time agreed to come to the other home parents nature is greatly reassured that he don’t reward gifts that is not the point, of course, then the home in statecraft will never be short of ||| technology although far from running ray predecessors, but also said that the past should be able to pick up a coach first "
Just when I was at a loss, I got the help of two masters. At this time, my parents were in a big mood and enjoyed seeing the sky, but at noon, they immediately ordered people to put a banquet in the main hall and several people left the house immediately.
Hangyun had eaten in the noodle restaurant over there. Sitting there at this time is just a scene, but you can’t talk about it. At this time, he will never drink the wine. If he is alone outside, it will be terrible. However, Yuan Qing has not yet landed a bite. At this time, it is impolite to arrive.
Seats talk less and listen more. Clouds have always been cautious and self-aware. Look at the parents here. Although their martial arts are not high, they are world-famous and big businesses. They have their own experience. They sit together or talk less. Even the walls are clear, and clouds will not be big, otherwise they will show flaws.
This meal was eaten for an hour before it was removed from the bandit’s place. It was already after the dinner (note 2)
While the edge chief is still waiting outside.
The Huashan Mountain stationed in Pingyang accused his family of being incompetent in the Jianghu. Bian Kui was angry at the thought and met his admiration for Ben Lei’s predecessors, but before he was happy, he was stirred up by the Huashan Mountain, and then he was driven out by his grandfather. Bian Kui was depressed, but he didn’t want to go back and do everything, so he had been waiting outside.
Finally wait until your grandfather
Yun, after they finished eating, they saw the clouds enter the bamboo pavilion dedicated to entertaining guests, and the opportunity went in.
Yunyun wants to take a break after this seat. Although he is confident in his martial arts, he still needs to prepare enough things. Anything may happen outside. Yunyun dare not be arrogant.
But as soon as he entered the house, Kui followed him in and sent the simple and honest young man away. It was getting dark.
Clouds looked at Bian Kui’s departure from the direction and smiled. "Although the chief over there is older than me, he is pure. I really didn’t expect that there are such people in the famous Tianmen Sect like Bian Jia."
Just now, Bian Kui has been asking himself about the battle cloud of Tongren King Kong Gate, but he said something casually, but he was so excited that he wanted to go out with the cloud to travel in the Jianghu. It is rare to find a soul-level expert, not to mention the cloud. Now that his strength is almost taxiing, it is no wonder that Bian Kui has this idea.
Yun Xin said, "Bian Jia’s parents once said that it is absolutely impossible for Bian Kui’s child not to do business with us, but this Jianghu can’t let him get involved in business. It’s just some foreign things that can be lost in this Jianghu, which may be to lose his life."
It is also because of the constraints of the parents of the border family that Bian Kui is so naive about the rivers and lakes at such an age.
Xingyun thinks that although these two old people have some good calculations, they really care for their grandson, Bian Kui, and they don’t know how hard they are going to travel in the rivers and lakes.
When I saw my parents here, I thought about Bian Kui’s love for Yunyun, who was far away in Qingcheng Muwu. Master Yunyun also patiently persuaded him for a while and told Bian Kui to let him know that his grandfather had painstakingly said either good or bad before sending him out.
At this time, the clouds have to rest.