Wen Zhong’s ban on whipping went directly to the forehead, and it was a close call to hide in the past. However, his power of banning whipping fell, and I don’t know how far it penetrated. The foot hole is bottomless!

Wen Tian concerned patted his chest "Dad, don’t be embarrassed! No! No! Dad, I won’t say it. I won’t say it again! "
The whole TaiFuFu chicken fly a dog to jump Fu Bonai left.
Tongtian hierarch slowly opened his eyes "good! What a Wen Zhong! Jin Ling’s breath has completely disappeared, but he’s not dead. I don’t know where you’ve hidden him. It’s very kind of you! Wen Zhong deserves to be one of the few geniuses in heaven and earth who is not bound by Xiandao! I didn’t expect you to go this way after all! Very good! "
"But you let the gold flexible to less god wars all right! I really want to know how much you can do! " Tongtian hierarch said to himself
Guang-cheng looked at Chaoge, and it was horrible. Even if he turned over the sky, I’m afraid he couldn’t stand each other. What’s worse, he would be killed by the other party if he was not careful.
Guangcheng didn’t dare to stay in Chaoge. This man is not with himself. If he wants to kill himself, he can’t cry himself, and the reason is clear. It’s time to go back to me.
"I said that it is too early for Dad to pick it so soon!" Wen Tian finally escaped Wen Zhong after him. He felt that Torre was a little unwise this time.
"It’s too early for you to say, but I think it’s too late. Now I’ve picked it early and ended it early. I don’t want to wait. Now that I’m going to start work, I’ll just be frank. Now that the cat was in chaos, they can be timid! Do it when you don’t do it at this time! " Wen Zhong also calmed down.
"In that case, Dad, have you decided when to kill Di Xin?" Hearing the news makes Wen Zhong frown. This damn bastard, you can’t help it
"When the time comes to say again! Now solve the immediate problem first! I thought you wanted to deal with Xiqi! Just start early! " Wen Zhong lost this sentence and ran away
Wen Tiannai sighed and still didn’t make up his mind to kill Di Xin. Then why are you doing nothing to pick this? White wave expression!
Such a big thing happened in the Taishi Mansion naturally attracted many people’s attention, but many people will be disappointed. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Wen and the devil incarnate. No one knows what the light is.
Guangcheng knows what it is, but if he thinks his life is long, he can publicize it. Now he has already run away and reported back to Kunlun Mountain! This is big news!
Chapter 39 Jizhou Animal Husbandry
Chapter 39 Jizhou Animal Husbandry
Jizhou came to be commanded by Jizhou Housu, but now Su Hu has become a king, and the supervisors have been deprived of Jizhou Houwei, so if someone is to be sent to manage Jizhou, Jizhou Houwei cannot be granted.
Don’t say that Wen Zhong didn’t allow it, even courtiers wouldn’t agree to get rid of a Jizhou Hou and make another Jizhou Hou. That’s not idle. Why did he go against it another day? Wouldn’t it be extremely troublesome? Who would do such a stupid thing?
Except Di Xin, an idiot with a brain problem, no one would want to have another Jizhou Houlai. I didn’t know what he was thinking at the beginning, but I have to say that he was too long-lived.
Who can’t see that the big merchants are actually digging their own graves when they compete at the meeting? Wen Zhong knows that, but he can’t get this thing started. If you want to take off a vassal, it’s like stirring up a hornet’s nest.
At this time, Wen Zhong did not dare to move these so-called governors, which were all hidden dangers left by ancestors to come to Wen Zhong. At that time, it was still possible to curb the packet. I didn’t expect Di Xin to make the strength of the governors soar, but there was also an advantage that the strength of the governors was scattered, except for the four powerful governors in the east, west, north and south.
However, this is only to quench thirst by drinking poison, so that the body will collapse one day, and the strength of the four great governors of East, West, North and South is not weak. Xiqi Xibo Hou Jichang has only 30,000 military forces in his hand. It is not in the interest of big business to kill Wen Zhong and not believe that Su Hu has been taken away. It is impossible for Wen Zhong to agree to make another Jizhou Hou.
Since we can’t create a Jizhou Hou, we must have a new official position, and the function of this official position can’t be the same as that of Jizhou Hou, so it must be weakened to a certain extent.
"It is reported that Jizhou has been suggested by the current commander to set up Jizhou pastoral position to command Jizhou!" Compared with the dry talk, the people in the court are stunned. What is this singing? Isn’t it just to seal a Jizhou Hou?
The imperial court reveals what this action represents. Many people have speculated on what it means, or what Master Wen means. It seems that there is going to be a move to set up Jizhou animal husbandry instead of Jizhou marquis.
This is the second measure taken by Wen Taishi after the reorganization of official management. Naturally, the reorganization of official management has eliminated Zhong and You Hun and left their henchmen behind. By the way, some unscrupulous officials have been cleaned up. To be more accurate, those who climb by kissing the king’s ass have all died and saved themselves from jumping out to make trouble.
In the eyes of the royal family, it is to break the king’s arm so that the king’s decree can’t even go out of the palace. This is a big mistake, but no one dares to say it. Wen Zhong and Wentian’s strength are there. Who dares to try and watch it to ensure that he can’t see the sun?
They’re not Di Xin Wen Zhong, but they won’t be soft. Who wants to stop Wen Zhong from rectifying the state affairs? That’s giving him a hard time. Then I’m sorry, even if I don’t kill you, you should stay in prison.
Di Xin was stunned when he heard the comparison. It was Wen Tian calling from Jizhou. Hou Hu had just finished playing Jizhou and let Wen Tian come back. So now the master should be Wen Tian’s hand. Will Wen Tian agree to send someone to rob him of his achievements? This question was put before Di Xin, so Di Xin asked tentatively.
"Who is in charge in Jizhou now?" Hearing this, Wen Tian finally turned to himself.
"When I returned to Jizhou, Mu Li and Hao Blade led me to send a capable official to pick me up!" Wen Tian never thought that even his father wouldn’t agree if he clung to Jizhou.
As soon as Di Xin listened to his mind, he became active. He didn’t consider the difference between Jizhou Hou and Jizhou Pastoral, thinking of sending a person to take Jizhou again.
Unfortunately, he was not happy for a while, so Wen Zhong poured cold water on him. "But now that the Korean song is suitable, you can send it to Jizhou for a decision!"
When Wen Zhong returned to Chaoge, he cleaned a large number of officials, and all the talented people were sent out. Where can Wen Zhong be changed and who can be sent to Jizhou?
When Di Xin heard it, he was at a loss. How can anyone send the Chaoge? Suddenly he remembered that a large number of people were cleaned in Wen Zhong the other day. Now, where are the right people sent to guard Jizhou? The rest are unbearable adults.
"In that case, a surname can have any candidates!" Di Xin can ask Wen Zhong now. He has forgotten who else he has.
"Zhang Guifang can guard Jizhou collar front teeth as a general! However, it’s hard to say that Jizhou’s shepherd is a minister! " Wen Zhong wanted to come to Shen Gongbao, and when he first arrived, he got Jizhou’s grazing position, which did not rise too fast.
"Taishi is outspoken!" Di Xin really wants to send one of his own, but now he has no credible person to send, so he might as well sell Wen Zhong. Wen Zhong will never have second thoughts, so he is not afraid to be honest.