"The patriarch knows this malefic?" Leave the Mahayana master confused and asked

"Don’t like but how could be so familiar? !” Leading Zheng Sihai to the Mahayana master is also a confused face.
If the two of them knew each other before, they didn’t know each other’s cultivation was suitable for the achievement method. If they didn’t know each other, they could be extremely honest and practice their own achievement method characteristics everywhere. It was very strange for them to walk together.
After the host and guest sit down in the hall, 6 can Zheng Sihai instead looks at all kinds of decorations and murals in the hall, while Zheng Sihai drinks tea.
"In fact, I came here for the Golden Sword Sect!" Silent for a moment, 6 can’t bear to break the calm, and secretly scolded 1 Zheng Sihai turtle drinking water.
"Since that petty clique offended Brother 6, it will be destroyed. Brother 6, rest assured that I, Sanfen Qizong, will never intervene in this matter!" Put a tea bowl (but you didn’t read it wrong) Zheng Sihai said brightly, surprised by 6 Can.
"Hey, hey, brother 6, but it’s strange to be so refreshing now?" Zheng Sihai with a thief xi xi said
6 Can nodded slightly when he wanted to come to this Golden Sword Sect. How to say it is also a three-point gas clan sphere of influence? This patriarch should also take one.
"I Zheng Sihai was born with a knife all my life to be the patriarch, and my master forced me to bend around. I don’t like my white truth. Whoever has a big fist in this world has a taboo. Your brother 6 wants to destroy the Jin Jian faction and says that Zheng Sihai is afraid of the whole three continents and six islands, and no one can stop it! In the end, it is better to sell 6 brothers as a favor! " Zheng Sihai’s eye-catching words are different from ordinary people’s wisdom.
6 Can slightly one leng carefully looked at this seemingly rude Han and laughed at himself. Can he be a patriarch and be a simple generation?
I regret shaking my head. If I had been alone this time, I would have recognized this friend today, but now I have to say sad words.
"Now it’s not the extermination of the Sect, but the Sect wants to stand on this Golden Sword Sect!"
6 Can voice down Zheng Sihai immediately froze Jin Jian Sect. Although he is a third-rate sect, his fairy mountain is a good treasure. If it weren’t for Mogu City and the major sects, the place would have been carved up by various factions. Now 6 Can wants to get involved. It’s a bit aggressive.
"It seems that it is difficult to get it if you don’t start work!" Zheng Sihai sighed, and the knife light flashed in his eyes, and his fighting spirit burst through the body.
Old water, I don’t have much time to ask for tickets. This time, I will ask you if there is a guaranteed monthly ticket. Thank you.
Chapter VI Four Robberies and Scattered Immortals: The First Man
With the monstrous fighting spirit, Zheng Sihai jumped out of the hall to the middle school and shouted, "Come on, you and I, if you win the first world war, you will no longer ask about your six things. If you lose, you will be sorry!"
6 can embarrassed touched the nose followed by Zheng Sihai, who is the same as this Wu Chi. Although he knows that there is a sly side in his heart, 6 can still feel appreciate each other to him, so fighters are very interested in 6 can.
"Cang solicitation …" With a long crisp sound, Zheng Sihai slowly offered a huge two-meter-long combat knife, which was completely white but did not reflect light. From a distance, it seemed like a white whirlpool constantly absorbing the surrounding light.
"spirit of war Dao?" Ning Haitang was dumbfounded and then smiled. "I didn’t expect the spirit of war Dao of the Warring States to run into his hand. I don’t know which unlucky Warring States even abandoned this!"
"What is spirit of war Dao?" 6 Can asked curiously and he knew it.
"The war clan and Shiro are just the opposite. Shiro is physically strong, and the soul is weak, and the second sand spell has Shiro’s bloodline. Ancient talents can be put to good use. Ninety percent of Taigu people are born warriors, while the war clan is strong in soul. Almost all of them are masters of magic power, and their souls can brew a spirit of war knife with soul power to make the power poor. However, it is really strange that this spirit of war knife should be in Zheng Sihai’s hands."
"Ya this strange thing let me meet …" 6 can curse a slowly offering Chiba xianjian almost through xianjian complete reality for the first time in a long time.
Looking at the similar size of spirit of war Dao in his hand, it is also rare for Chiba Xianjian Zheng Sihai to be slightly one leng so huge.
Offering weapons, the two of them didn’t say much, shaking their weapons in their hands, and at the same time, they severely chopped at each other and waved a stroke. All the places where Gao Li sentenced 6 Can Xianjian were broken, which seemed to be fierce, but the power was greatly reduced when the power was scattered too much.
And Zheng Sihai is spirit of war knife out without any energy leakage. If it is not surging fighting spirit, Zheng Sihai is just like an ordinary person wielding a knife. Although it is rapid, it is not 6 can.
Sword to boom powerful shock wave spewing out huge impact let 6 can arms a hemp hands chiba xianjian almost sell out of the body is like a windmill rotating fly out.
Zheng Sihai is also uncomfortable to see 6 Can, which is the initial stage of Du Jie’s martial arts practice. Zheng Sihai just made the strength of Du Jie period or so very little.
A meeting, although 6 Can was rocked by a recruit, but 6 Can’s sharp and overbearing seven colors really jumped into Zheng Sihai’s body, which made Zheng Sihai frightened to disgrace and hurriedly mobilized fairy aura to resolve it, but this delay lost the best opportunity to pursue 6 Can.
Waved the acid hemp arm 6 can surprised than although I didn’t make Warcraft skills but Zheng Sihai didn’t make fairy reiki. I didn’t expect to compete with myself like this and be shocked.
Brother, really good means! "Zheng Sihai heart white if 6 can and their own fairy reiki absolute method to resolve the eerily seven colors really yuan afraid of a recruit himself has already lost.
Instead, it stimulated Zheng Sihai’s bloodiness to try to recruit Zheng Sihai once. This white boy is definitely not famous for fencing. Presumably, he should have some kind of special magical power, but just making fencing can and make his own strength at the same level to bomb three points. There is no such talent.
"Brother Zheng is not as strong as you and me, so it’s not enough to bind you and me!" 6 Can Gao said.
"Just what I want!"
With Zheng Sihai’s voice, fairy aura spewed out, and with fairy aura, Zheng Sihai’s spirit of war sword released a light milky light.
At this time, there have been dozens of three-point gas clan people watching and seeing the previous 6 Can and Zheng Sihai all moving the strength of Du Jie period. They are all secretly surprised. The bottom of my heart has been very sure that their patriarch and this famous malefic are old friends. What do you think of their fighting now is like learning from each other rather than fighting for their lives? "Ba Dao! A knife in the sky! " Zheng Sihai angrily drank a long knife and waved a white horse to practice twisting to 6 Can, but it had a strange aesthetic feeling.
"Yi fencing! Attached array! " 6 Can make a drop of fairy liquid fairy aura explode in the hands of Chiba Fairy Sword, which blooms like a lotus flower in the virtual space. With the emergence of a virtual chessboard, when Zheng Sihai practiced chopping, the black and white chessboard jumped out of the chessboard like a living creature and greeted the horse.
Compared with the two, they didn’t explode the noise that everyone imagined, but made a blunt knife to break the leather and tear the blurred black and white chess like a big net to wrap the knife and kill it.
Zheng Sihai eyebrows a wrinkly didn’t expect his own strength to explode a recruit to be caught so strangely that I couldn’t help thinking highly of 6 Can’s strength again.
At this time, 6 can is bitter and knows that it is the first time to make Yi fencing attached to the array. I didn’t expect it to be so effective. It was supported by fairy reiki that a recruit would draw 6 can body fairy reiki department.
This is equivalent to 12 robberies and a drop of fairy liquid supporting such a move. 6 Can cursed the chicken ribs and 12 robberies and scattered fairy forces actually only resisted the four robberies and scattered immortals. This is a huge energy-consuming move.
"Pick me up again! Bully knife! skyshatter
Zheng Sihai’s long knife moved twice quickly and almost instantly, forming a white cross and slamming it at 6 Can.
The three robberies and scattered fairy moves can be broken, but Zheng Sihai’s moves are still not leaked. What happened was that the mighty sword spirit trembled slightly. It was the intersection of six canes that caused the terrible power to suddenly explode. Zheng Sihai’s real yuan control reached an appalling level, but as far as energy control is concerned, he can be said to be the first person to rob four robbers and scattered fairy.
"Little brother, stop fighting. I think you have learned a lot!" Ninghaitang sound channel
6 Can nodded slightly against Zheng Sihai. 6 Can really learned a lot. Before that, I never thought that a person could control Zhenyuan and Fairy Reiki to this extent. Although just attaching the array just made the fairy liquid instantly explode, a drop of twelve robberies and scattered fairy liquid is equivalent to five or six robberies and scattered fairy blows, but it can be seen and balanced with Zheng Sihai’s four robberies and scattered fairy.
"Curse of Silence!" Warcraft skill starts, the ripples are invisible to the naked eye, and Zheng Sihai’s fierce move collapses instantly. Whether it’s Dao Qi, Zhen Yuan or Fairy aura, it’s an energy that fails in the silent curse department.
Astonished to see his knife like Chun Xue melt unreacted body fairy reiki suddenly a shake and then instantly compressed into fairy baby was firmly imprisoned!
Although it was only a moment when I was imprisoned, this horrible feeling made Zheng Sihai black and cold. Looking at 6 Can’s eyes has changed from admiration to fear. It is enough for a master to kill himself!
"I lost!" Zheng Sihai sighed that he had a more eager pursuit and desire to advance to a higher level.
Watching the three-point air clan people don’t know that Zheng Sihai lost, but Zheng Sihai’s unique skill mysteriously dissipates, and Zheng Sihai’s body fairy aura disappears instantly, but what they see with their own eyes is that strange magical powers are often more frightening than strong strength.
"Who dares to challenge my dad!"
Just when everyone was silent, there was a huff from outside, and then a cold light shot at the milli guard against 6 can.
"I grass!"
6 Can body move wind walk teleport is ready to avoid that attack his cold light, but just then that kind of feeling close to the unique breath of Warcraft reappears.
Can sideways to avoid the blaster cold light, and then a single hand around Tai Chi soft strength to move colorful Zhenyuan several times to turn the cold light to the extreme, and then a flying knife showed its true shape.
"Xianger is not polite!" Zheng Sihai immediately looked like water, and after a fair fight, his own side attacked him, which really made him lose face.
At this time, a pink figure flashed into the crowd, but it was a little girl in pink clothes in Du Jie period. Looking at the surface age, she was probably similar to Mo Qingyi, but she was tall. Now, Yingmei is tall and glaring at 6 Can’s mouth and pouting and saying, "The thief still doesn’t give me my knife back!"
I didn’t expect such a hero Zheng Sihai to have such a naughty daughter.
However, laughing and laughing, this flying knife 6 can will not be returned anyway, because it is a baby he has been looking forward to for a long time. Does it make sense to spit it out?
The seventh chapter scattered repair alliance to pieces
"Little girl, if you sneak up on me first, this flying knife will be confiscated …" 6 Can put the flying knife into the ring without waiting for the owner to speak.
Lai! "The little girl stamped her foot and rushed to it.
"Sweet son! I’ll give it to your uncle 6 when the horse is relieved of his mind! " Zheng Sihai calm face ordered
"Uncle 6?" 6 can’t talk. Begonia ningbo has laughed. It is estimated that 6 can’s actual age is not this. It seems that the little girl Xianger is now called uncle.
Zheng Sihai seems to be very heavy to see his gloomy face. The fragrant son Nai pursed his mouth and lifted the flying knife. His mind was officially given to 6 Can.
Seeing Zheng Sihai so refreshing, 6 Can took out a magic weapon with a backhand and said, "The sneak attack on my flying knife was confiscated, but since I saw my niece for the first time, I have to give you a gift!" 6 can deliberately in the big niece three words increased tone.
Are you big … "The fragrant son was about to refute the moment when his eyes got wide and the naked eye refused to see the degree of flying, and it was obviously unusual to take the magic weapon in 6 Can’s hands into his small hands, and his eyes were flooded with hearts.