223 hell to pay

? Lin Cheng’s left hand followed Hong Qi’s five hands as early as his right hand.
Hong Qi’s five palms picked Lin Cheng’s right hand and followed Hong Qi’s five left palms to Yishun, followed by his left hand to cover his hand and hammer at Hong Qi’s five hearts instantly.
Although Lin Cheng’s left-handed hammer strength is not as good as that of his right-handed hammer, it is also amazing and powerful.
Hong Qiwu knew that he had been tricked by Lin Chengji, and his palms were urgently recycled. He wanted to intercept Lin Cheng’s left-handed hammer halfway, and at the same time, his steps turned sharply and he wanted to get out of Lin Cheng’s boxing range quickly.
When Hong Qi’s five palms quickly entangled Lin Cheng’s left hand hammer, Lin Cheng’s right hand did not know that it was another handshaking hammer.
Although the palm of the hexagram is good at lifting, Lin Cheng’s right-handed hammer is much more powerful than his left-handed hammer, and it is not as hasty as the left-handed hammer just now. The right-handed hammer is smoother and more powerful
Lin Cheng’s hammer directly broke Hong Qiwu’s hasty palm defense line, and the hammer strength directly hit Hong Qiwu’s chest and lungs through his palms, and Hong Qiwu spat out his blood, and his feet thumped back and sat down to the ground.
After Lin Cheng finished these two hammers, he felt a real strength in his chest, but Lin Cheng’s situation was much better than Hong Qiwu’s. After all, Lin Cheng was the attacker and Hong Qiwu was the attacked party.
"Is there anyone else in China who wants to compete?"
Hua Yingmin’s face turned red and white. Although he had expected Hong Qiwu’s fiasco, he didn’t expect that he could tangle with Lin Cheng for so long.
In fact, when Hong Qi-wu and Lin Cheng really started fighting, they didn’t fight for a long time, and they were also playing with flint. In layman’s view, this is to immediately tell the difference between victory and defeat at the first contact. In fact, the master’s training is like this. Although it is cumbersome, the real training is only a few skills away. It is almost possible to have a few more skills, but it is not much more than flint.
"If Master Lin wins this money, I will call Master Lin’s account as soon as possible, and please ask Master Lin to find several owners’ representatives to discuss the demolition details together."
"Hehe, that’s a lot of Xie Hua."
"Go!" Hua Yingmin made himself go first, but Hua Xiaogang dawdled behind and Lin Cheng didn’t pay attention to him. Hua Yingmin didn’t go to help Hong Qiwu when he left. Previously, Muay Thai and Nanquan Cai Dongsheng were not seriously injured. After this period, the rest also slowed down, and Hong Qiwu just received a hammer from Lin Cheng without reservation, and now he is sitting in the mouth and spilling blood.
Lin Cheng hurried over to help Hong Qi, Wu Hong, and his May Day struggle didn’t want Lin Cheng to help him, but in fact, his insides were just shaken and injured, and if Lin Cheng didn’t help him, he wouldn’t even be stable.
"Haven’t you asked the master’s name yet?" Lin Chenggang didn’t ask the names of Zhali and Cai Dongsheng. The gap between them was too big and there was no need to ask the names. However, Lin Cheng felt that this black man had a profound skill to help boxing, but he was abandoned after being defeated, which made Lin Cheng, a fellow fighter, feel a little sad.
"Hongqiwu!" Hong Qiwu doesn’t talk much, but he has a faint pride, but his pride is facing Lin Cheng at the moment, but it is also a few left.
Just as Lin Cheng asked Hong Qi when a policeman "creaked" and stopped not far away, Hua Xiaogang quickly greeted him. "Zhang Suo, why did you come in person? You see how embarrassed this is. "
"Mr. Hua is polite, and we should quickly send police to those who affect the development and stability of the sea."
"Oh, Zhang Suo deserves to be a model among the police."
"Mr. Hua is flattering me. What about people?"
Hua Xiaogang refers to Lin Cheng and Hong Qi-wu "It is that young man over there who openly destroys the development and construction of the sea. People like Zhang Suo must go to hell to pay."
"Manager Hua can trust me."
Zhang came to the front of Lin Cheng and Hong Qi and looked at Lin Cheng. He took out his police officer’s card and shook it in front of Lin Cheng. "I suspect that you have openly undermined the development of Haida’s construction. Now please come back with me to assist in the investigation."
Hong Qiwu has no affection for Lin Cheng. Although he is young and his kung fu is super strong, Lin Cheng and his benefactor Hua Yingmin regard Lin Cheng as enemies. However, just now, Hua Yingmin’s "walking" was completely cold. Hong Qiwu was not unwilling to leave, but he was beaten by Lin Cheng for a while and wanted to leave. However, Hua Yingmin still ignored walking and took many people with him, but he didn’t expect to let a person help him. Unexpectedly, he looked at his opponent and the young man helped himself.
That’s not to mention following Hua Yingmin, a young man who abandoned the scene in Hua Yingmin, and then secretly called the public servants to solve the Jianghu affairs. Naturally, there are Jianghu rules to kill and injure people, which are their own business and have nothing to do with the government. Although the society is no longer the same as before, the real Jianghu people still keep the Jianghu rules.
If you cross the road, you have to be willing to lose the bet, that is, you lose the bet. It’s not a Jianghu person’s job. Although Hua Yingmin didn’t instruct his hand to call the police in person, from any point of view, it was all arranged by Hua Yingmin.
Lin Cheng patted Hong Qi’s five bodies of dust for a while before he took a look at the policeman. "Do you mean me?"
"Don’t talk nonsense, you punk, saying that others are worthy of you?" Zhang has also been humorous since childhood.
Lin Cheng took out a small one and shook it in front of Zhang Suo. "Are you sure you said let me go back to investigate?"
What is Zhang doing in the government? If you don’t have a pair of good eyes and can’t see the situation clearly, you can’t mix public officials. He saw Lin Cheng’s certificate position at a glance. Major Major, at least, is a battalion officer in charge of hundreds of people’s guns. This kind of person is by no means his own. A small director of a police station dares to move. Besides, people in the army are notoriously justifying their mistakes and will certainly come to an end when they are old. Not only will this body be lost, but even their lives will be mysterious.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I think I may have mistaken you for someone else. It’s a nice day today, and I’m just out for a stroll." Zhang Suo said as he stepped back and quickly slipped away.
I don’t know what’s left. Hua Xiaogang is silly wait for a while.
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224 Hongpai people
? "Remember to call an official to be bigger," Lin Cheng teased Hua Xiaogang.
Hua Xiaogang is not stupid. After one leng, he also lost sight of the present situation, and then he slipped away despondently.
After a period of pranayama, Hong Qiwu’s injury gradually stabilized. Anyway, for the time being, he can press his chest to accumulate qi and blood, and normal action is hindered.
"I haven’t asked this master what to call?"
"Lin Cheng"
Lin Cheng sent Hong Qiwu to his residence in the suburbs of the sea. Hong Qiwu lived in such a place with extraordinary kung fu. Lin Cheng was saddened to see it.
Hong Qiwu lives in a residential area next to a small freight wharf along the river. This wharf often transports some heavy cinders mixed with rice grains.
Hong Qiwu obviously rented a room. It’s not a bungalow, but it’s more than ten square meters. If it’s a person living alone, it’s also true. But there’s also a person living here. He lives outside and has a cooking gas pipe next to Hong Qiwu’s bed.
Hong Qiwu is an extremely respectful person. When the master died, he took care of his teacher’s mother alone. She was in her fifties, and her heart ached some time ago. She went to the hospital to have a heart failure check and needed surgery. The bypass surgery alone was nearly 100,000 yuan. If Hong Qiwu had no choice, he would not be good at talking and doing business.
Although Hong Qi-wu practiced domestic boxing, he was tall and powerful, and he didn’t have any skill to betray himself.
Suo Hongqi found a small dock to load and unload.
Loading and unloading, but eating well by strength, stevedores can get 5 thousand to 1 thousand in January. Of course, this workload is definitely not small, and it is also a piece-rate salary
To what extent is the work of loading and unloading this? Even if the countryside is used to working in the crops, the strong man has to run for three days, so you can imagine how tired he is.
However, Hong Qi-wu is different. He still has strength and depression in his heart. It seems that he has to work hard to solve the problem. Hong Qi-wu always gets the highest salary here because he can get almost 10 thousand yuan a month at most, but hundreds of thousands of operations. If Teacher Niang can wait for those ten months, he can earn it himself, but it is too long to drag on this heart disease for a month, let alone nearly a year.
Hong Qi’s five worries, the master is as kind to himself as a mountain. When the master goes to the west, he can’t watch his teacher’s mother get sick and can’t cure Hong Qi’s five kung fu skills, and he has access to them. Before his master, he was a member of the Haihua Martial Arts Association, and he was well known. He also got a small role in the Wushu Association by virtue of his master’s name. However, people like him can’t show their money, and he has always been a small role.
In an accidental opportunity, he heard that Hua Yingmin was eager for public interests and kindness, and rushed to tell Hua Yingmin that Hua Yingmin took out 100,000 yuan without saying anything, and Hong Qiwu was grateful.
In this way, the 100,000 yuan went to the hospital to operate on the teacher’s mother, and then Hong Qiwu worked hard in the port to make up the 100,000 yuan and returned it to Hua Yingmin. However, Hua Yingmin was surprised to give away the money, and someone even asked him to keep it if he didn’t need it.
However, Hong Qi’s five grievances were lent to Hua Yingmin, and it happened that Hua Yingmin met Lin Cheng at this time. Although Hong Qi-wu paid back the money, he still felt that he owed Hua Yingmin a favor and came with him. This is the whole story.
Lin Cheng saw that the teacher Niang of Hongqiwu could not do strenuous activities after heart surgery. She also walked around and cooked for Hongqiwu. This is a strange family.
Hong Qiwu didn’t get married at such a big age or his wife died early. This Lin Cheng didn’t ask, but even Lin Chengdu felt sad that a master of strength had fallen to this point.
"Master Hong, in this way, I feel that Teacher Niang is not conducive to her recovery in this environment. I will help you find a local job. It happens that there is a martial arts school in my family. By the way, I need teachers to find you a place to live in the school, which is suitable for Teacher Niang’s recovery."