Tianchi killers were caught off guard by the sudden flash of bright light. At this moment, they heard shouting and killing four people. More than 200 gangsters rushed out from dozens of cars around. Everyone held a machete and gathered around to increase the number of people. Han Yi was protected and 20 Tianchi killers led by impatiens were surrounded!

"Bad XianGe we get! They are ready! What should we do? !” Ten Tianchi killers versus Fengxian Road
Impatient impatiens smell speech reveals a cruel smile as cold as a snake. "Kill one without leaving! !” Say the sword in Feng Xian’s hand shakes and goes straight to Han Yichong, who is heavily protected by his master!
"kill! !” See impatiens blunt come over to block in front of Han Yi, a group of doormen, Qi Xiao, embrace one by one and slash at random, sealing impatiens all directions around her body!
In the face of all the people who rushed to the door, Feng Xian smiled cruelly and licked his blood sword in his hand. For a moment, his body suddenly bloomed like a flower and instantly differentiated into more than a dozen phantoms. He rushed to meet the opposite people, but after seeing a crisscross cold light flashing, all the people who rushed to the door fell in a pool of blood!
The remaining 20 Tianchi killers are not as brave as Impatiens, but they are all fierce. Every time they make a move, they kill people and take away a famous person’s life!
Han Yi’s masters are not in a series. Hundreds of people were killed by twenty Tianchi killers like pigs and dogs. Less than a minute before and after, more than ten people fell on their swords and survived! The remaining disciples saw that there was no strength left!
In a cafe not far away, Jiuchong said that he couldn’t help but frown. "These killers are really not easy to underestimate Han Yi. These roots are not enough! I’m afraid I have to worry about my life if I go to Han Yi like this again. Li Tang takes people to help! !”
"Yes!" Li Tang immediately led the accompanying dozens of Dragon Tooth Guards to rush out of the cafe and rush toward the word door Tangkou!
Jiuzhong and Shen Yue also left the cafe and slowly came to the front of Zimen Tangkou!
Although the Dragon Tooth Guards used to be gangsters, they were all carefully selected from many gangsters. The elite can be used to fighting. After these days, they have become more elite and become ten masters!
Li Tang led a dozen dragon teeth guards and rushed to the front of Tangkou to take out a waist machete and drink it like a lion’s roar. "Let! !”
People who are fighting bloody battles have turned their heads to watch. Although they don’t know the Dragon Tooth Guards, they do know their machetes, all of which are gold-handled. The whole back and handle of the knife are a small golden dragon, hence the name of the Dragon Club. The Dragon Tooth Guards know that it is one of their own, so they let the road one after another!
Li Tangshou’s dragon teeth roared past the guards without saying anything about a dozen Tianchi killers fighting in one place!
If it is said that the Dragon Tooth Guards will definitely not be the rivals of Tianchi killers with extraordinary attainments in Gu Wu, but now they have all gone through the nine-fold training, that is another matter!
See more than a dozen dragon teeth guards like tiger mountain dragon magic war strength is overwhelming, then will just be reckless Tianchi killer killed left right block mess abnormal!
If you look carefully, you will find that a little black gas looms in the brow of more than a dozen dragon teeth guards in the battle, and their eyes and pupils are also different, as bright as black gems! This is exactly the characteristic of urging Gu Long’s magic to fight!
Once the Tianchi killers fought against the Dragon Tooth Guards, they launched an offensive like a storm, and they didn’t give the Tianchi killers a chance to breathe. The Tianchi killers were caught off guard, but they couldn’t display it for a while, and they were killed by the oppressive attacks of the Dragon Tooth Guards.
However, a long-term defense will lose the battle in Li Tang. A Tianchi killer was accidentally swayed by Li Tang with a sword, followed by a sudden backhand. Listen to "poof" with a knife. Just now, this Tianchi killer killed more than a dozen famous people with a sword. Now he is also killed on the spot by Li Yi’s knife.
When the Tianchi killer died, he had to pull his companion to spit out a cavity of blood and splash it around in the eyes of two Tianchi killers. The two killers were suddenly delayed, and as a result, they were seized by two dragon teeth guards. One was directly killed, the other was cut blind and the throat was sealed with a knife.
Once a Tianchi killer is killed, other Tianchi killers will be affected, and there will be psychological flaws, and with more and more dead people left, the flaws will be even greater, and finally a vicious circle will be formed, like dominoes from beginning to end!
Less than five minutes after the Dragon Tooth Guards joined the fray, half of the Tianchi killers were killed by gangsters, and their strength was seriously affected immediately. Instead of killing as easily and freehand as before, they were besieged by gangsters, and their left and right sides were in a terrible mess!
Once again, the Dragon Tooth Guards intervened in the situation, but it took a sharp turn for a moment. Except for the first impatiens, the rest had been beheaded!
Finally, the Dragon Tooth Guards and the Zimen Master surrounded Impatiens completely! In the face of the crowd surrounded by impatiens, she is not afraid of her face and still hangs a cruel and ferocious sneer!
At this time, Jiuzhong and Shen Yuelai said "Let!" Although the sound is not big, everyone present is shocked in front of Jiuchong, and the master of the word quickly makes way for Jiuchong!
Nine heavy slowly came to the encirclement, bowed their heads and looked at the body of the master who was lying on the ground, and then looked up at the front of impatiens, and the words "… you should die!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Give it a try
When Jiuzhong made this remark, everyone’s heart seemed to have been struck by a heavy hammer of one thousand pounds, and suddenly he trembled and had difficulty breathing!
Impatiens face smile was replaced by dignified squinting at nine heavy a long time "… you should not be the new dragon club leader nine heavy? !”
Nine heavy face like water, "that’s right. Who are you? !”
"Hey hey …!" When I heard Jiuzhong’s exact answer, I smiled and returned to my face again. "It’s really hard to find a place. Your head is more valuable than four heads of four door owners plus one piece!"
Nine heavy sneer at a "I see your skill is not as good as the xuan night at the beginning even can’t kill me xuan night do you think you can? !”
"Xuan night …!" Impatiens smell speech also sneer at a way: "Xuan night that loser not only can’t kill you, but also be turned by you, which really disgraces the name of the first killer in Tianchi. He doesn’t deserve to be called the first killer in Tianchi! Today, I’m going to take your head back to see the cabinet master’s card and show it to the cabinet master that I am more qualified than Xuanye to be the first killer in the pool that day! "
"It’s a good idea, but it’s a pity that you can’t achieve it in your life!"
"Hey hey … don’t try how do you know? !” Impatiens eyes such as intensely staring at the sword in Jiuchong’s hand, habitually licking his face, still dripping with blood, suddenly making moves just like when he instantly killed dozens of famous people. The whole person blooms like a flower and differentiates into dozens of shadow members, like snakes dancing together, and comes from all directions to Jiuchong to kill!
This is the most proud stunt of impatiens, the shadowy sword at night, and the double magic sword at Tianchi!
In the face of the phantom thousand heavy nine heavy indifferent until dozens of phantom department killed before touching the nine heavy clothes nine heavy suddenly made a consistent move like lightning, and dozens of phantoms suddenly stopped before the right hand was shot and pinched, and impatiens disappeared in an instant. The sword was shot in front of nine heavy hands and the throat was firmly choked by nine heavy hands!
Impatiens a pair of eyes stare like bull’s-eye can’t believe looking at the nine heavy "I" phantom thousand heavy "slack can hit you … how can you break it? !”
"No matter how many phantoms you have, there will be a fatal attack in the end. You must be able to grasp your attack body and play your sword a moment before it breaks. If you pinch it again, a person can break your’ Phantom Thousand Weight’!"
"You … you …! !” Feng Xian can say that he has finally seen the nine horrors now. No wonder even that pervert in Xuanye can’t kill him!
"Xuan night can almost kill me and you can touch my skirts at best because I’m too lazy to move or you won’t even wipe my side! You have too much difference in the night! !” Jiuzhong suddenly crushed the throat and trachea of impatiens directly!
"er …! !” Impatient impatiens put her hands on her neck and fell to the ground. After a while, she finally turned her eyes to death!
After the ambush at Zimentangkou ended, Han Yiliu left the scene to clean up and bury the fallen masters Jiuzhong and Shen Yue and returned directly to Longyu.
Road other three door owners have come to the good news Zhou Dingguo and Li Yuanzhen. One of them didn’t run away, but they also paid a big price! The only accident was that the Zheng family tried to assassinate him. Most of the Tianchi killers were killed on the spot, but they were escaped by a lucky deus ex named Xiangyun!
Hearing this news, the nine centers of gravity sank, knowing that things were going to go bad, so they quickly told the four-door master to let go of the first thing for the time being and go to Longyue!
About forty minutes later, all the people in Qilongyu Big Leading Mansion, the main department of Jiuzhong Four Doors, took their seats one after another. The Zheng family didn’t sit down and handed over to Jiuzhong Road, "Please punish the leading old man for failing to do things properly!"
Jiuzhong waved his hand and motioned for the Zheng family to sit down and said, "I can’t blame you either. The main reason is that I underestimated the strength of these Tianchi killers and didn’t tell you to send more people to take precautions!"
Shen Yue said, "It’s no use discussing who is responsible now. It’s urgent to think about what we should do next!"