Volume 46 Dare to light Chapter four hundred and sixty Skillful sneak attack

When I was in the center of my mind, I gave birth to a warning sign. Before Song Chang-geng allowed me to keep seven dragon incense sticks straight and put them in the cold golden tripod to make the fragrance diffuse. The green gas seemed to be alert and immediately became dim, and then another five-color smoke came out of the ground and then both of them disappeared at the same time. At this time, I heard the witch cold and charming smile outside and suddenly a green light descended.
All kinds of thunder and fire couldn’t move her. The green light hit Song Changgeng’s magic weapon’ Mirror of Heaven’ and was immediately bounced back by a jinxia, and then fell to the ground not far away and turned into a stunning beauty, wearing a veil and walking towards everyone as if she had been violently fighting.
Go to the nearby to see her gently stroke cloud temples to Zi Long way "old dragon, how can you be so cruel? You know I like you best in my heart. I accepted you because I was afraid that you would leave me, but it really makes me sad that you still have to go. If you come back now, I will marry you if you come back. "
Zi Long listened to a sad smile. He shook his head and said nothing to this point. Of course, he was lying to the other side. At the beginning, he was simply deceived by her. Seeing that Zi Long didn’t answer, it was as if nothing had happened. He moved lightly and smiled and walked around the screen of Science Mirror.
Now there are thirteen of them in a phalanx, and four of them are in the center. One person, Song Changgeng and Qian Kang, has their backs to the front and back. Song Changgeng is in the left front corner, Qian Kang is in the right back corner, and Zi Long is in the right front corner, and the spider is in the left back corner.
Song Chang-geng knew at the sight of the enchantress Han Ling that it was her magic, and it should be to confuse everyone. While continuing to fight against Zhongxing Array, he shouted, "Don’t panic. This is not another body but an illusion. Run Xuangong immediately. Don’t be confused by her magic. At the same time, let everyone release their magic weapons to form a joint defense circle."
Although Ji Jinchan and others don’t want to be commanded by him, they know that he is right and they all release magic weapons. In the mirror of Heaven Science, they are connected into a defensive circle. When the syren looks at the outer circle, Ji Jinchan and others, together with Zhong Gong Lingqi, can’t help but hate each other as Song Changgeng said.
As soon as she turned her steps, she turned around everyone. Every time she passed a palace, she saw a piece of green smoke flashing, and then she differentiated from her body into an incarnation of a witch. It was almost more glamorous than a naked witch who cast evil charm spells at the defenders of that palace in the local area, while the witch body still went around.
Like this, there are six naked witches around the screen, except Song Chang Gung and Qian Kang. There is a witch in front of everyone else. The naked beauties are all powder cast and fat, but they are charming and charming, laughing and flirting, teasing the people in front.
Later, when I saw these people, they vomited like Baoyu beads, which were natural, clean and spotless. The gap was even more erotic, so ourtenant gave a glad eye to each lotus root arm and even shook Qi Fei, and danced alone outside as if there was no one in front of them. Six beautiful women danced so gently and posed several attractive postures.
In the circle, A Tong, a little monk, saw the beautiful women in front of Song Chang Gung and Qian Kang in the fight against the accidental lightning attack of Star Array, but it didn’t seem that these women didn’t have the same quality as Lei Fa, which didn’t affect them.
As soon as Song Chang-geng saw it, he would no longer be attacked by thunder. Everyone knows that this is an illusion. Others are on the alert, and so are Qian Lai, Bai Qi and Bu Tiantong in the enclosure. They all look straight back as if they were sitting in meditation on weekdays, but the little monk A Tong feels physically manic and can’t calm down.
He looked around and thought,’ These women dance beautifully!’ Just thinking of this, he couldn’t help but be surprised,’ What’s wrong with himself?’ After thinking about it, he realized that something was wrong, and he couldn’t help thinking to himself,’ Master often said that the six thieves met a fierce demon in a layman’s way in the future and displayed’ Nine Mothers Monty’ and’ Twelve Gods’.
Or the magic of’ Asura’s Five Immortals’ and’ Concubine’s Sucking Yang’ in the magic religion, no matter how strong the force is, you should be alert in your mind. When you see that you are shallow and the situation of the other side’s magic is not good, you should immediately close your eyes and see the teacher’s’ donkey kong Tianlong meditation method’ and settle in. It’s hard to infringe on the Buddha’s light to protect yourself.
He also said that he was born in March and entered Buddhism, and soon he was accepted by his mentor. He had to practice Buddhism diligently since he was a child, and his magic power was really reduced. Although he was not able to work hard, he was still not bad. He had to be careful when he was in trouble, and he had never been in contact with women several times in his life, and he had never encountered such evil methods with everyone. At first, these spells would be powerful
Before and after the demon’s death, I should have a great dislike for it, but actually I don’t. Now I know that the six women in front of me are illusions, and the demon woman is a vicious and ugly monster, but I feel that the other party is beautiful and I have pity for myself for no reason. What’s going on? If you will be tempted by it?
Hiding around the screen, these magic weapons are all treasures of the fairy house, and their own dharma is also good, and they can’t attack the evil methods and treasures, but now they have these situations. There must be something wrong! Thought of here, he decided to look around, but he didn’t see himself in front of Jijinchan, whose eyes were closed and his forehead was slightly sweaty
When looking at other people, A Tong consciously looked at the dancing outside. Six naked beauties have danced to the beauty, and the snow-covered crisp bean jelly seems to vibrate together. The mouth of six women is even more full of songs and groans. If a normal man sees it, he will salute with his gun at once. Unfortunately, people here are not normal.
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A Tong can’t help but relax when he sees the other party’s dance becoming more and more beautiful, and at the same time, he thinks,’ It turns out that the evil trick is just that I have to be firm and have something to fear? It’s rare to meet such a vicious monster without testing your skills. It’s heavily guarded and in the center. In case of any change, Xuangong will resist it.’
Thought of here, he actually withdrew his Buddha’s light and guarded his own mind, but he didn’t know that he was just before he turned around. He and Qi Jinchan’s feet were all colored smoke haze, and they disappeared. He didn’t know that the witch was cold and scheming. The first one took a fancy to Qi Jinchan, but the other party had a profound virginity and had to have a mysterious door to take advantage of it. The mind was very firm
For everyone else, especially Song Chang Gung and Qian Kang, although she also wanted to collect them, she was a little afraid in her heart. She aimed her eyes at several people with weak skills, such as Shi Sheng and Zhen brothers, Lingqi, Qian Lai, Bu Tiantong and others, who were all gifted and bad, and even took Ji Jinchan with her.
Just now, she sneaked herself from the ground, hid Dan Qi in the ground, hid the five-color obscenity in two people’s feet, and teased the diplomatic attack outside. The two of them were unconscious.
Qi Jinchan had long felt that something was wrong. He just felt a flash of feverish body, just like he was poisonous in the temple. He knew that he had an accident, but now everyone can’t be distracted from the enemy, so he can stick to his heart and close his eyes without watching the dance outside. He endured hard. He knew that the witch was cold and fierce, and he didn’t dare to slack off when he saw his crisis.
He didn’t know that the little monk behind him had been on the same path as him, but he didn’t know that his heart was as hard as stone, which caused his desire, and his mind was eroded by the witch cold, and he was gradually controlled by the other side. He was still suffering from the manic heat of his body, but he didn’t know that the little monk A Tong had entered the witch road.
If it’s hard to hurt Qi Jinchan and A Tong in ordinary times, but they don’t want to be coincidental, the enchantress can’t tempt everyone when she sees her magic dance, and it’s hard to trick herself, but she’s very resentful in her heart, but she’s determined to win the battle for Qi Jinchan, and it takes a long time to see that Qi Jinchan’s mind is firm and not easy to shake.
Besides, there is also a circle of Buddha’s light around Qi Jinchan, and one of the other thirteen people must have been shaken and loosened, otherwise they will have to take advantage of the situation. They want to fool the front by choosing one person from the crowd to carry evil spirits, and they should show a little gap to make the illusion of the whole sky fool and enjoy the past one by one.
After a while, the enchantress danced and saw the little monk, A Tong, tempted to look around and thought,’ These two little people look as if their skills are a little poor, but they are unique. They are hard to grasp, but they don’t want to be together.’ So they first tempted A Tong to let him gradually indulge in his mind, and then gradually dived himself from the ground. It was Dan who entered A Tong’s body and mind from his feet
When everything is ready, when she sees the darkness, she is coming, so she smiles outside and says, "You know little kids don’t know good or bad! I have learned that killing you for hundreds of thousands of years is a piece of cake, huh! I want to swallow you together with people and magic weapons as soon as I change my dharma body slightly, and it takes me 36 hours to refine in the cold of the Taiyin.
When the time comes, it will be a great benefit for me to have all my treasures, but you will be destroyed in form and spirit, and even the residual souls will not escape. Isn’t it pitiful? You’ll regret it if you don’t surrender to me, baldy. Now that you’ve decided to surrender to me, don’t you want to make me sad? "
[End of Volume 46]
The forty-seventh volume demon fairy Lian Dou Chapter four hundred and sixty-one Fight again.
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Everyone listened to the siren’s cold words, but they didn’t know what she meant. But just as her voice did not fall, the little monk A Tong had flung himself at the front of Qi Jinchan and hugged him. At the same time, A Tong’s feet flashed green smoke and wrapped them in Qi Jinchan’s binge drinking, and they would struggle, but they were summoned by the siren in their hearts, and they were unconscious.
While A Tong was holding Qi Jinchan in the green air and wearing it, the sudden change of the protection circle surprised Song Chang-geng and Qian Kang at the same time. Song Chang-geng’s "Mirror of Heaven" could resist the attack from the outside, but it was not hindered from going out from the inside, which made them easily wear it out. When he wanted to stop it, it was too late. The six dancing witches had turned into six strands of green smoke and became one.
Easily stopped behind A Tong, whose eyes were glazed with a strange smile, holding Ji Jinchan and continuing to rush forward, but ignoring the call of Shi Sheng and others behind him, Song Changgeng checked whether others in the array were abnormal while facing the array, and told everyone to be alert to each other and turned a deaf ear to A Tong.
It’s not that he didn’t go to save two people, but now he really can’t get away from seeing Ah Tong and disappear. Presumably, the syren got two people in the distance, and the sky-rocked price and the roar of the four mountains responded with a bang. The towering jade Qionglou with dozens of feet was shocked for a while, and even the whole Cuifeng seemed to be crumbling, which was amazing first.
Then, one dark day before everyone’s eyes, the star-studded witch also revealed her true body in the room, which was ten times larger than what they had seen in the jade platform in the temple. The six strange heads, nine long bodies and forty claws waved their bodies together, and their flesh was soft and greasy, and their skin was green and swarthy, and their saliva overflowed like strips, which were bigger than earthworms.
This neighboring form is more ugly and horrible, and Ling Feifei stops outside for days, which obscures most of the succubus. Cold Ling’s appearance this time and the left and right three heads are particularly big. There is a green bubble floating around her, which means that A Tong and Ji Jinchan, who have been in a coma, want to be controlled by her, and she just looks at the villain in the middle of the suspension.
The succubus seems to know that the darkness is almost over, and she still has to go back to the place where Yutai was imprisoned. After getting two men, she still has to show her strength. She wants to catch all these guys, and at worst, she has to catch a few more to go back and enjoy herself. She has to remove the star array, face to face and grab twelve front paws forward.
Listen to a piece of jade. Just now, Song Changgeng and others lived in a jade building. The whole jade building was shrunk into a large flat cliff building. The jade on the base was smooth, but it was gone. Followed by the witch cold, she spit out a green gas from her mouth, wrapped Song Changgeng’s mirror of science and heaven into a defensive screen, and then she sucked it into her mouth like a blood basin
Song Chang-geng, who had previously heard from the witch’s cold mouth that they were going to devour them together with the magic weapon, was not convinced at that time. Now, as soon as the witch shows her true colors, she will spray green gas, which not only greatly increases her pressure, but also puts a lot of pressure on her to form a curtain of magic weapons and flying swords by Shi Sheng, but they are still stable and not panicked.
Song Chang-geng, who was wrapped in the cold and green spirit of the enchantress, stepped up his attack on the Chinese enchantress while resisting the operation skill, but the enchantress’s cold and green spirit could not be easily dealt with. It was a little more strength, and both Song Chang-geng and Qian Kang behind him felt the pressure suddenly increase, and the curtain was tightened as if they were trying to break free. They could not help but be frightened.