"These golden lights are familiar and somewhat similar to Yuan Keshi Zhengyi!"

Seeing this way, Kang Mo-yan hurried to twist the cloud and put it in the smoke screen for a moment, then it melted into the misty darkness.
"hey! ! Where is the demon! Dare to sneak attack an old pig! ?”
Kang Mo’s words disappeared, and at the same time, the strange wind towel in front slammed into the wind, and the whole limelight rolled up and surged. A towering shadow suddenly rushed out of the wind, and the big monster had not yet revealed its truth. This shadow has already turned around and resisted the fellow Jin Guangfu’s seal fight in one place!
The black wind stirs the golden snake to dance! Hiding ten miles away, I don’t know where to drag a cloud to cover Como’s words. Looking intently, I saw the dark shadow of the big killing square, which was impressively huge. It was bigger than the cold light of the nine nail teeth on the rake face. After a while, I stirred it up and put two golden snakes under pressure.
However, this character seal is like a living creature jumping and pulling its tail out of the golden light. It is like a dragon and snake being attacked from one direction. Although it is often pinned down by a rake, it gradually hangs over the whole limelight.
"Nine teeth rake! Why didn’t you go to Gao Laozhuang to block Marshal Tianpeng? Isn’t this looking for death? "
Como muttered something in his heart! I was waiting for a closer look when I suddenly heard the Aoqing sound in the Yuan God. "This character seal is the Lingbao character seal of Gezaoshan Lingbao School! Although it is an ordinary Fu Bao, it can wield the array power and often come to get people! It must be the Taoist priest in Gezaoshan who is blaming. "
These days, although I teach young people to heal their luck most of the time, I occasionally talk with Kang Mo. The first thing they talked about was that Yuan Ke’s relationship with Li Chunfeng might be involved.
Yuan Ke’s master is holding a seal from the Dragon and Tiger Sect. When they were talking, Jiao Qing briefly explained the three schools of the Dragon and Tiger Sect and the Maoshan Sect Lingbao Sect, so that Kang Moyan had a certain understanding of the door pattern. So at this time, Kang Moyan moved slightly to Lingbao, wondering if the Lingbao Sect bearer was killed with Yuan Ke’s master and Li Chunfeng.
"hey! ?”
Jiao Qing suddenly exclaimed, "This character seal is very powerful. It seems that the Lingbao Sect has taught Fu Bao. Is it that a faction of Zhang Jiao personally came to catch the demon?"
Zhang teaches the seal! ?
As the name implies, three kinds of symbols in Kang Mo’s mind are sacrificial symbols, and the symbols of the main sect are the most common symbols in the practice, which make them have many similar spells such as attack, defense and so on.
There are many kinds of materials that can be used to make Fu Bao. For example, Kang Moyan’s yin-eating bone stick is taken from the leg bone of the East China Sea dragon turtle, and the strange bones can be incorporated into the magical power. Most people in the door often use special brocade to refine Fu Bao, which is better or worse than the rest.
In comparison, all kinds of paper materials also have high scores of ordinary sects to refine Fubao’s natural method and palm teaching.
It’s best to incorporate the material of the palm-teaching symbol seal into the mana, which is the strongest and more refined. Often, the power of the palm-teaching symbol seal is more than 100 times higher than that of the ordinary brother!
However, it takes a lot of time to refine Fubao, and it is often difficult to achieve it in three or five years. It takes ten years to be successful, and a lot of mana is poured into it. Although it is different from losing the true value of life and affecting the way of doing things, it will be affected. Therefore, most of the brothers of the Fu Zhuan Sect forge a Fubao, unless there is a good brave and ruthless generation who will spare no effort to forge it, only two pieces will be taken up in the fight, but they will delay their practice.
Sect palm teaching is often thorough and mysterious. Naturally, it is not a simple combative person. Therefore, there is a Zhang Kang saying that listening to the teachings at this time is not a little shocking. Although the Lingbao Sect is not as present as the Heaven and Lingshan, it is also a behemoth in the boundary. Things that happen to the Sect palm teaching the symbol can’t be counted.
At this moment, the golden light of Kung Fu Road has occupied a fixed position, and it gradually shows the law. There is a faint tendency to encircle the pig’s mane.
"This is impossible!"
Kang Moyan was surprised. Although he could see that the seal script in front was very powerful, he had more confidence in Marshal Tianpeng from the bottom of his heart. How could this unfair and famous figure and magic weapon be surrounded by a worldly door in?
"Lingbao Fu Zhuan is a Fu Bao, but the refining method is very wonderful. When it is released, it can form a Jiugong hexagrams maze. Although this monster is severe, how can it stop the palm teaching Fu Zhuan from being trapped? It’s a piece of cake if the Lingbao Sect teaches you to display the feedback and pressure of Yuan Shen monsters! "
Teach Qing doesn’t know the origin of the monster. She is at the level of knot Dan. Although she knows that the other party’s way is at home, she doesn’t go to the level of dharma body to think about being the monster in front of her.
"Zhang Fu’s seal script can not only struggle together separately, but also form a ban. Compared with the law, it seems that I still underestimate the wisdom of uniting sects."
Kang Mo-yan has made some research on the array. After being taught to wake up and look at it carefully, you can see that Lingbao Seal has formed a new ban every time it changes its position. It seems that the array is generally more flexible because it can move than setting up the array. Although the number of bans is far less than that of the Yellow River array, it can move and fight for a while.
"A little FuBao really trapped your pig grandpa! ?”
After drinking an acre of strange wind, a monster suddenly rolled over and rushed out of the skyscraper, and his figure soared by three or four hundred feet. Among the masters, the rake was even better in the wind. His body danced with the wind, and suddenly the magic symbol was like a mosquito. This monster swung his magic weapon in his hand and captured the entangled golden light like a shot of Cang Juan.
The sky in the east is slightly white, and the sky will light up. The strange one turns around and shows an ugly face with black face, short hair, long beak and big ears by the morning light. The body is magnificent and abnormal, and the sky is hazy. You can see that a straight piece is worn in the body, but it is not strange to dance with two arms, as if to tear a place in the wind!
"It’s avatar method astronomical phenomena! This monster has the realm of dharma body! !”
Yuan Shen’s middle school teacher exclaimed that Kang Moyan was comparing the image of the pig ring in his heart with the monster in front of him. He said, "How can you see his dharma realm?" What’s this miraculous avatar? small
Teach Qingdao that "you can cultivate all kinds of magical powers after the realm of Dharma God, but you can’t recognize the realm of Dharma God until you watch him use the magical powers of Dharma Heaven!"
Kang Moyan asked, "What is an avatar? What other magical powers are there besides Dharma, Heaven and Earth? "
Aoqing said, "Avatar should be a special spell with great power. I didn’t know about it until I heard Master mention it by accident, but I didn’t know it very clearly. Cousin Mohang of Xihai had practiced the magic several times, so I could recognize it.
"Yes, when I escaped from the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, there was a Dragon Tai who used this magical power to turn out to be the famous Moang Tai! But is it really a magic weapon that he didn’t take me when he had a dharma body? "
Kang Mo said that he knew that Gan Kun in Zhenyuan’s sleeve and a monster’s display of moving mountains and pushing mountains on his journey to the West should all belong to the category of supernatural powers. He was thinking hard when he heard a pig’s mane shout out, "No! Small "fierce looked up to see this big monster put his rake in his hand and danced straight. Suddenly, his figure flashed and his avatar became more and more magical.
"Maoshan Qingyi!"
Nine misty rumbling shadows are firmly chasing behind the pig’s mane, but it is the horse that distinguishes them.