Aishi answered "Hello" neither too cold nor too pale.

These two people have lived like this.
We went into the Internet cafe and found a box to sit and said, "Let’s arrange it in a large group. It seems that you two are not giving you two diamond numbers."
Xiao Zheng and Ruozhou nodded, and we entered the game and immediately had a drill.
After waiting for more than 20 minutes, I finally got a queue.
"Everyone chooses the first one who is good at training. If you can’t get the door red, don’t play the game." I laughed.
Everyone nodded in agreement.
"I’m going to BAN fengnv crocodile mantis. Do you mind?" I asked the crowd
"No" they replied together.
So I BAN the wind girl crocodile mantis in this competition
Across the street, BAN met the blind monk Time Angel.
Then this led me to choose Obama.
Aishi chose robbery.
Shan Zhuangkai chose Ritz.
Hito Ruozhou chose Pan Sen.
Xiaozheng assisted in choosing the hammer stone.
And the opposite road is the male gun and Morgana.
The middle is clockwork.
Road is crocodile.
Playing wild is emperor.
There are no obvious injuries and defects in both teams. We just need a training match with a higher level now.
Enter the game, our blue side, I call everyone to take a good eye position.
The wild monster refreshed the wild, and the red sides were cautious. There was no first-class group to help the wild. After the red BUFF, I directly turned to the road with Hammer Stone.
"Brother Tong, I’ll come to help you at the second level," Ruozhou said.
"Secondary will come? Do you want a blue BUFF? " I was surprised and said that this is too ridiculous.
"If there is no opposite emperor, it doesn’t have to be blue. I’ll get it properly. If the opposite emperor is red, I can double BUFF. That’s it," Ruozhou said firmly
I can’t refute it. After all, everyone has different ideas and ideas. I can’t deny others based on my personal views.
Successfully grabbed the second level and pressed the line forward a little. Pan Sen is going to squat down the line directly
We have been in Pan Sen for a while since we got to the second level, and we didn’t rob us of our experience. He was at the end of the grass, and we leaned over immediately after we got to the second level.
The hammer stone is very common, twisted and coquettish, and lit Morgana. Now he can flash EQ, but the position of the male gun is not good, and he can’t get it first.
Morgana is not a law-abiding person either. You still want to run after touching me?
Reverse A and release QW together with the hammer stone.
Hammer stone is waiting for Mogana to release QW. Because Hammer stone doesn’t know whether Morgana’s second-level study is W or E, it is relieved to see that Morgana is W Hammer stone.
At the moment when Morgana Q was approaching his body, Xiaozheng was angry with his chubby single, twenty-year-old fat hand, and Morgana, opposite E, must have been stunned by this move. Didn’t I just get a QW? Is it necessary for you to flash e directly with the line of fire on your back?
"I lived first if the elder brother of the boat" said Xiaozheng in no hurry.
If the boat has been keeping a close eye on us, we will see Morgana being flashed by the hammer stone, and immediately go forward and follow a flash W.
However, the control time of E is too short, and there is a pawn in front of the hammer stone, which is owned by French E Q. Morgana jumped in Pan Sen and flashed away. He was stunned. It doesn’t matter if Morgana doesn’t flash, he will be out of the protection range without a pawn to resist Morgana.
The hammer stone gives out a hey, hey, lewd smile, a little whip and a little chain. Are you ready to say your name is Queen?
I took two steps before the hammer stone, and I put the savage chain in my hand on the delicate neck of Morgana without blowing off dust. I used to be QA in Morgana, and I always kept E.
At the moment, I saw that Morgana had bowed in the hammer stone pomegranate pants with Pan Sen Q’s own general attack effect, chasing and killing Morgana, and only the male gun had the ability to flash a summoner
"Yes, brother Zhou, go and see if there is a blue BUFF across the street. This wave will not lose money." I laughed.
Chapter 13 Squatting Little Dragon
"Yes, brother Zhou, go and see if there is a blue BUFF across the street. This wave will not lose money." I laughed.
Pan Sen helped me catch it and immediately ran to the opposite blue BUFF to see if his mother really had it! God!
"Brother, this routine of yours is a bit rigid. The opposite side is really red." When Xiaozheng and I saw a lump of big blue on the opposite side, Dad immediately gave up the line of fire and headed for Ruozhou, which was close to the opposite side to prevent wild attack or to keep it alone.
"I’m flattered, brother Tong. I like to play Pan Sen like this. According to my experience, it’s normal to play games in general or in this high-end group. It’s either our own anti-BUFF or going to the opposite side. My blue side has won the red catch and then played the opposite blue BUFF routine. It has been tried and tested several times in the Internet cafe league," said Ruozhou Xin.
Me, too. I secretly admire this wild-fighting brain. There are some ideas in it. Nice
After helping him get the blue BUFF, we went back to the line again, and we didn’t lose much. We just lost a few soldiers. After all, the previous money was not for show.
Now it’s no accident that our blue BUFF should be gone, and both sides are normal. Double buffs make a net profit.
At this time, the middle road has also reached the third level one after another. When the other side saw the spark in the road, it was difficult for them to resist fire and burn lonely. But the clockwork across the road must have gone badly. Somehow it was hit by Ai Shi’s robbery.
Clockwork gave itself a shield, and then QW robbed it, but the emperor looked at it. It was also a split eye. EQ came over and wanted to pick up the chrysanthemum and fly Ai Shi. Hehe smiled and hid it in the direction of clockwork.
When the clockwork saw the robbery, it actually went to his side for a short time. The robbery asked WEQ to fight back and immediately stepped back for a certain distance so that Emperor W and Red BUFF could stick to the robbery.
I didn’t know that the idea of robbing the root was simply to avoid the emperor EQ Erlian through that walk, and then turned and walked towards his tower like a confused bird eager to fly to a warm nest.
Clockwork a robbery like this, and suddenly I decided to come over and plan to rob Q. At the same time, my shield disappeared
I don’t know that robbery is waiting for this moment. A set of WEQW Ping A ignites for one second and explodes. A set of extremely fast hand strokes directly shocks the clockwork into an idiot.
The clockwork immediately flashed, grabbed a deadly flat A, successfully took it away and ran towards the grass on the right side of the middle road, because Panson had just finished playing purple square blue BUFF and was heading for it.
The emperor opposite seemed to smell a little bad breath and didn’t turn around again. He plunged into the unfathomable middle road and the grass on the left disappeared in the vast distance.
"Aishi, you’re in a bunker. Kill the middle road alone," I praised.
Ai poem satisfiedly turned to say with smile "what’s the matter? Is it difficult to kill alone? Make a fuss "