"There is no ability to measure the sound of the sword, and Zong Wangren is just soft outside. Even if he is given a chance, he may not be able to catch it. "

At the same time, on the distant peak of Ming Jian, Shi Yunmo, who handled the affairs of Ming Jian Zong on behalf of Zong Wangren, already felt something was wrong. All of a sudden, Ming Jianzong encountered various difficulties in some industries in the celestial world. Even the Xianji Mansion in the cities controlled by Ming Jianzong is full of contradictions, which are related to the foundation of Ming Jianzong. Without the support of these industries and Xianji government. Many of Ming Jianzong’s actions will appear to be lacking in stamina, which naturally includes the plan that Zong Wangren, Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing are secretly planning to upgrade Ming Jianzong to one of the six giants within 30 years!
Don’t. Someone has noticed?
Shi Yunmo took charge of the patriarch at the beginning, and he had little experience in many things. Fortunately, he appointed people on their merits, and according to the present situation, he can still support it for a long time. However, Ming Jianzong’s human and financial resources have been wasted, which really annoyed him.
It’s true that the dragon looks up, but it’s afraid that someone will press it. As long as you can’t lift your head, it will never be a dragon, but a dumpling, a python …
This 30-year plan is doomed to pay a great price to be successful!
Shi Yunmo, who clearly realized this problem at this time, could not help secretly wondering whether Zong Wangren and Zuo Ningqing, who were far away from Haoran Sect, had also realized this problem.
There is no [answer] case, but Shi Yunmo can be sure how determined Zong Wangren is. This patriarch who has been a nice guy for most of his life probably wants to promote Ming Jianzong to a giant even if he loses his own life!
Zuo Ningqing, however, didn’t think about anything at this time. She was watching Xiao Wen’s second test at the bottom of the crystal bowl intently.
Array B is also 30 feet long, but its specific utility is not so mild. It spews countless different forces and turbulence into the air from the surface. If you throw something in, it is impossible to guess where it will eventually fly out …
At the other end of the array is a target, which is only one foot Fiona Fang in total. Nine circles have been drawn, and one point will be scored when hitting the outermost circle, and ten points will be scored when hitting the circle in the middle. However, the circle in the middle is really small, and no one has even scored nine points in this link until now.
Xiao Wen has played twice, and changed two fairy pieces. Now he has the third one in his hand …
He used a flying needle for the first time, and he thought it was small in size, so it might be less affected by the different forces in the array. The result is that the flying needle is too light, although it will not be easily affected, but once it is affected, it will fly directly, almost no longer under his control … So, for the first time, he got a zero directly, and the flying needle missed the target … Fortunately, some people have appeared in front of such an example, and Xiao Wen didn’t lose his mind.
For the second time, Xiao Wen used a gossip seal. This thing is very heavy, and it really won’t be led away and blown away by the different forces of the law. However, the gossip seal is stressed everywhere, which is very uneven and constantly changing. As a result, Xiao Wen only hit the fourth ring on the periphery …
Now Xiao Wen has a flaming bow in his hand, and this fairy is also refined by him purely out of interest, but at this time he feels that it seems that only this fairy can make him achieve better results.
Then, under the eyes of all people, Xiao Wen raised the flaming longbow with one arm until behind him …
Those who are waiting to see Xiao Wen bow and arrow are simply silly, and their mouths are wide open, and they can simply plug in a goose egg …
What is he doing? !
Then I saw Xiao Wen take a step forward and then slammed his arm, throwing the fiery red longbow directly!
The longbow flew directly into the law, and the flight trajectory changed immediately, but under the control of Xiao Wen, it basically flew straight ahead.
With the distance away, Xiao Wen’s control of the longbow is not enough, but the power of the law is more sufficient, so the red longbow immediately deviated from the original track and flew irregularly like a madman.
Xiao asked which song this is?
When all people don’t understand, Xiao Wen is still fully controlling the longbow and staring at its flight path.
Right now!
Xiao asked for a push, and a certain hole in the long red bow in the distance was stimulated, and Guanghua on the bow body and bowstring immediately lit up more than twice! Moreover, the bow bends backward for no reason, and the bowstring is pulled back!
It’s just the performance of the longbow that caused an exclamation!
The next moment, I saw the red flashes on the bowstring suddenly rushing towards the middle, and it was already dazzling red, which simply gave people the feeling that it was where all the weight of the whole longbow was concentrated.
The shadow of the arrow just appeared, and immediately there was a sound of "collapse", the bowstring was disconnected, and the shadow of the arrow had also flown out!
However, the arrow shadow is not one, but three!
"Duo! Don’t! Hey! "
Three sounds sounded on the target in succession, and three arrow holes also appeared there.
Two rings, five rings, seven rings!
The innermost arrow hole was actually tied to the seventh ring!
This achievement is at least the middle reaches of the contestants. When you look at the fiery longbow again, you will see that its brilliance has been lost, and it has already landed on the ground next to the target, which is impressively scrapped …
Just now, Xiao asked what magic skill was used!
One move is about to destroy this bow, and those monks who have scattered repairs and small clan doors are all distressed, which is too much for his prodigal family! !
But where do they know, this red longbow actually has no conventional usage, only the fairy technique … And once the fairy technique is used up, this longbow will definitely be scrapped … It is precisely because of this novel design that Xiao asked this to refine a piece, which has never been willing to use. So he is not a loser at all, but makes the best use of it!
Then it’s finally time for the last test, and then it’s time for today’s final score.
Xiao asked to stand in front of the last law. What he was thinking was no longer a blockbuster, but a guaranteed score …
The attack distance is really a very important issue for the cultivation of immortals. As an initial true fairy, although it can really make the fairy fly out of the body, the distance obviously cannot be infinite.
In front of him was a symbol tester. At this time, the forehand was empty, and Guanghua became brighter and brighter. Suddenly, the empty symbol was hit out!
A man arm thick Lei Guang flash across, directly to the front! The first time to update the Lei Guang was obviously more powerful when it was within twenty feet. At forty feet, it became much thinner, and at fifty feet, it had completely disappeared.
Those last distances are not grades, because there is no lethality anymore, and this is just the last test of the operator, and his final score is 43 feet.
A high-order true fairy hit an effective distance of forty-three feet in an instant attack. Xiao asked this initial true fairy, and how much can it reach?
Coagulation was lost, and Xiao asked his hand that a dark pike was held in his hand! (To be continued. . )! ! !

Chapter two hundred Average
In fact, Xiao Wen can easily throw the dark pike handle at 43 feet, but the problem is that it is no different from throwing an ordinary pike, and its lethality outside 43 feet is almost negligible … The key point is that the gun can still exert the power of the true fairy fairy, and that power is said to be small. In the face of a clear door, it should at least be able to poke a hole!
Under the eyes of the public, Xiao Wen finally exerted all the physical strength on the dark pike, making it fly like electricity.
The specific result was immediately calculated by the law, 26 feet!
This is really a very low score. Fifty-one people have been tested before, and it seems that few people have scored below thirty feet …
No, chapter 200, it’s totally impossible to average it. Now it’s completely confirmed that Xiao asked a true fairy in all the true fairy realm competitions. He not only had the lowest realm, but also the promotion time was too short.
In fact, Xiao Wen could have achieved better results, because there are indeed many kinds of fairy wares in the Code of Instruments, and there are also those that attack far away. However, he didn’t have so much j and jīng force all refined, so there was no one in the hands that worked well at this level …
Don’t say anything, go on …
There are three chances in all, and there are two left.
Xiao asked for concentration, and offered the dark pike again.
Then the third time, the end …