"What words?" Yin Yan frowned and retorted, "If you are not sure, don’t try it. Will you just sit around and wait for death in the end?"

"It’s not as absolute as you say …"
Xie Hengyan sat next to him and stared at him for a long time. After that, he put his little hand into his pocket and tossed it around, and he didn’t know what he was doing.
Yin Zhu asked him, "What are you looking for?"
Xie Hengyan looked like a magician. He finally pulled out a crumpled little paper ball from his pocket and put it in the palm of his hand, slowly spreading it out and flattening it.
Printing the original, it will be a puppet to play with some small pictures, purely for entertainment.
-don’t want to when the paper completely displayed in front of people, but it really let the printing pour mercilessly shocked.
But in the center of the paper, it is a rough ink block, which carefully outlines a shallow boat shape!
Although it is a simple paper, its head and tail parts, including the deck floor structure, have been roughly drawn, and it can be regarded as a complete composition paper if it is carefully modified.
Print pour bowed their heads and stared at the little piece of paper, my heart couldn’t help jumping wildly for a while, but I couldn’t even say clearly "this … this is …"
"Have you forgotten what my father used to do?" Xie Hengyanbi proudly raised his lips. "When Xie Xie lived in Tongjing Island before, he always liked to study all kinds of ships. There are countless hull drawings by hand, but I can draw one thing at a glance-both cargo ships and fishing boats are unforgettable!"
Yin Yan’s eyes are still fixed on the paper for a moment, and she has never stopped. Xie Hengyan is afraid that she will not be praised and sneaked forward, especially flattering. "What’s up, brother? Am I particularly powerful?"
After saying this, I felt that I was all light, being printed and hugged like a puppy, and I was lifted up and put it in the middle of the half, and I listened carefully for a while.
Yin pour heart said this check is severe, it is simply picked up a piece of treasure in his hand I don’t know how long it has been gray-he never knew that this stupid puppet had so many abilities.
But it’s also his fault that he found it too late. Before Xie Hengyan was still in Fuze Mountain, he had already shown extremely high personal talent in drawing, but Yin Zhu never paid attention to it, which delayed such a long time.
"When will you draw the drawings?" India poured can’t help but ask, "How come I don’t know …"
Xie Hengyan let him hold so unprepared to detain swearing way "silly of course you don’t know! When you quarrel with me every day, pay attention to what I am doing! "
India poured but seriously he said, "I’m sorry, it’s my fault."
"Let me, fool!" Xie Hengyan flustered. "Don’t be happy too early. I can draw and I won’t really build a ship! It’s easy to paint and it doesn’t necessarily work … "
"I know this." Yin Zhu let go and put some puppets back to his legs to hold on. "But … if there are drawings, you can’t find a boatman to do them before. There should be many people in these villages."
Xie Hengyan twist eyebrow way "that also have to be somebody else’s willing to just go" say that finish again remind of what seems to be slightly away face is very awkward tunnel "but you … don’t worry too much, what this matter has to take a long-term view and really want to do it, there will be some snags in the middle … If you don’t succeed, those are another story"
"Well," Yin Yi stared at him deeply, and the sentence "I know" was the same.
"I will always accompany you" Xie Hengyan’s novel gently buckled the seal and poured warm knuckles with the other hand.
Both of them were silent for a long time, listening to the sparks crackling in their ears.
It is the spread of love in the winter that Xie Hengyan’s eyes and ears are all the way, but there is a subtle blush on the end.
When printing is poured first, his cold palm covers the puppet’s beautiful eardrops. "Why don’t you go back to the tent first?" Wait until something happens. "
"No, just wait here for the news of Brother Wu."
Xie Hengyan said, suddenly leaning her head into her arms and rubbing it gently.
Chapter 133 Mr. Kang
-how terrible is it to get a whole group of monsters to keep pace?
Xie Hengyan glared. "What did Bi Yu Fu do to you?"
Shilian looked up at Yinzhu. "How can you be a married man and not know anything?"
India poured way "what do I need to know? Bi Yufu has always been open and aboveboard, and has done anything shameful! "
"I don’t think you’re clean either!" Shilian got up angrily. "You’re a spy on the island!" After that, he pointed to Xie Hengyan with one hand and said, "You’re a kid raised by Bi Yu Fu, and you came to eat people, right?"
Xie Hengyan raised his hands and said simply, "I’m not a kid."
"Inexplicable" is intolerant. "Your husband is dying now, and he will not live for more than three days. You are in the mood to be suspicious here."
After the speech, Xie Hengyan shouted coldly, "When you leave the waves."
Xie Hengyan hurriedly said, "Hey, at least make it clear!"
Just before Yinpour lifted the curtain, ten ripples suddenly spoke behind him, saying word for word, "During the implementation of the" Demon Prohibition Order "in Pingchao City, two people had conspired to burn down the entire living village in the periphery of Laifeng Ancient Town. Later, some people raised objections, but none of them lived to this day. Do you dare to say that you don’t know about this matter?"
Print pour foot slightly, then reveal some unutterable complex expression.
"I drank with my second child, and it was in those years that the first group came out against people, but we were still young at that time, and we couldn’t get an answer to the question … including after that, we drank too much because of our words. Let’s be grounded in the dungeon for a whole year. When he sees the light of day, the accompanying comrades-in-arms department is almost dead, and even the remains are not left. "Shilian looks as pale as a spectre." Later, he completely compromised without saying a word, followed the’m and didn’t ask or say anything. I don’t know if he had a good or bad life in these years. Anyway, after that, my life was terrible, not only because I was run on everywhere in the government, but also because I had to endure rumors from outsiders.’m lost faith in me. If it weren’t for our
"Stop …" Yin poured back. "What do you think is the connection between these and Bi Yu Fu?"
Ten ripple near collapse tunnel "are you really not white or know perfectly well past ask? What do you think it would be such a peaceful scene to come to Maple Town now? Because from the root, all the protest sounds have been erased! No one questions or guesses untimely again! That’s what they do. If they don’t get absolute freedom … then kill, destroy and destroy until they are completely consistent … I’ve been running for nearly ten years alone, and I’ve completely got rid of their control until today … I just met you here again! The jade palace executioner has a cold-blooded monster! "
India pours her eyebrows and her eyes are suddenly cold.
Xie Hengyan noticed that the atmosphere was not right, and immediately extended a hand to buckle the seal "Don’t be impulsive!"
Shilian still scolded "monster!"
Yin Zhu said nothing, but his fists were clenched tightly.
Although he knew in the first place that Shilian was an old man who defected from the government.
-but no one expected that there was such an unknown past behind it.
It’s a little bit of understanding that everything is dirty at the bottom of the road. After all, it’s impossible to support the whole town without a few drops of animal products.
I don’t know to what extent these "animal products" are contaminated … It’s even more impossible for him to know, and those things are too far away from India. No one will ask you clearly. Everyone knows more than words. Every apprentice should help maintain this peaceful status quo-including everyone in Chengfu.
Until today, this idea has been questioned and despised as never before.
Yin Yi doesn’t know exactly how dark and desperate Shilian lived in the days of running around a few years ago, which led her to rush hysterically to expose the ugly things that Pan Chengtao had done together, regardless of Una’s life or death.
-it’s like simply taking a seal to vent your anger.
"Killing people and burying them alive don’t spare young women." Shilian said painlessly, "Even your own family can be cruel. They regard this as a high honor … it’s simply stupid and ridiculous!"
"You also calm down, sugar sister," Xie Hengyan couldn’t help but say, "How can you know what you did before you became a Taoist when Beijing executed the demon ban?"
"If you want to say that he doesn’t understand me, I won’t believe you. Take the nearest example. In that year, a fire in Laifeng Town killed more than a dozen people in a private school-the reason was that a small demon was mixed among the students, which led to the slaughter of Mr. Jiao with his door. The rest of the koos were also lucky."
Ten Lian will stare at the seal and firmly tunnel "but the murderer is not the little demon, but the jade palace. When the teacher surnamed Kang defended the students, he was beheaded on the spot-I was at the scene at that time and I remembered correctly that Mr. Kang was a distant relative. He left a child alive before he died …"
"Nonsense!" Yin Yan suddenly interrupted her tone and was dissatisfied to the extreme. "The Kang family’s death in Yaoshou Town has been recorded in detail!"
Xie Hengyan said, "Isn’t this Kang Wen?"
Chapter 134 Every wife is killed.