"Elder Gong Liang, you were here four years ago to uphold justice for me. How can you forget it now?"

Chen Shaobai once said, after a moment of silence, many people in the field patted their heads like an epiphany, thinking of this one.
"The first person on the list of dragons and phoenixes in that year, Chen Shaobai!"
The waves of the times rise and fall, and countless geniuses are born and died. The immortal path changes very fast, and only the deification is eternal, but only four years will not be long enough for people to forget cháo Shaobai.
"Elder, your words are good, but forget it a little …"
Chen Shaobai smiled: "In our family, there are more than three Taoist utensils."
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Chapter three hundred and thirty-one The supreme appeared
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one The supreme appeared
"More than three?"
Hearing this, apart from the two things that I forgot about, and the new biography that absorbed in the duel with the daring, not only the elders of the public, but also the breathing of many spectators in the field suddenly stopped.
What is a Taoist instrument?
The foundation of the magic door of Sendao is where a noble faction rises. To put it bluntly, there is a Taoist device, which represents a useful way to start a school and inherit itself and spread the J and jīng gods for thousands of years.
With Obsidian Ri, Jiaoyue and Taixu, the Qing Xuanmen is one of the top ten ancestral halls in Xiandao. Although the number of great magical powers is less than that of the heavenly gate of science, the three Taoist devices can already make the Qing Xuanmen firmly included in the top three of the fairy road.
Compared with Heaven Gate of Science, the only thing lacking is just attacking xìng. In terms of defensive strength, it is no less than Se.
Plus one more thing?
Even a fool can vaguely feel something.
The rise of Zongmen is inevitable! The general trend of the world is bound to change!
If this matter had been put in normal times, the Qing Xuanmen would have made a fortune in silence, but now the war between the two worlds is in full swing, and it may even have snowballing fame and interests.
More disciples’ sources, higher status of communication between immortals and Taoism, and stronger right to speak …
As the saying goes, one person gains the Tao, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven, and the clan is prosperous. The status and cultivation environment of these inner and outer doors and true disciples will also be greatly improved.
Of course, all this. Based on what Chen Shaobai said.
If he is just grandstanding, even if his personal strength reaches the sky. It will also be remembered for thousands of years-at least in the lifetime, it will be despised and despised by the disciples and elders of the Qing Xuanmen.
"It seems that I heard that the first auction in the world, my master dú lì of Qing Xuan took a quasi-road device, and the man seemed to be called …"
Chen Shaobai!’
The triple figures of memory, hearsay and reality gradually merged together, and the figure of Chen Shaobai finally came alive in front of everyone.
"Collimator, Ziyó u scepter!"
Hearing these people’s comments, Chen Shaobai shook his head: "That’s not what I said. But now the situation is urgent. I will explain it to you when I come back. "
Then he took action.
Chen Shaobai’s current strength realm is too profound, and most people’s eyes in the Qing Xuanmen are focused, but still you can’t see the mystery of his actions, only that he seems to step out slowly and quickly. The figure has already fallen to the top of Sendai.
At this moment, the Cao Shi brothers have already fought for a woman, and the two sides have cut back and forth several times. You come and go, and they are all serious. At any time, they may slay their men.
The firm but gentle spirit is fierce and fierce, and it roars vertically and horizontally. The escaping sword wind floats for ten meters, and it can still cut gold and jade, with no power. I’m afraid it would have been destroyed if the ground under my feet was not strong enough.
But it is. Will the existence that will become a Taoist be hurt by two young players who are newly quenched? That’s a joke!
Don’t be distracted. The two brothers Cao Zhi and Cao Pei are deeply involved in J and jīng pulp. Even Chen Shaobai suddenly came to the side, and he never gave any thoughts, but he selflessly fought each other, and the flying sword avatar fell out, and the posture of Arcane was colorful, which was wonderful.
For these two people, Chen Shaobai originally didn’t want to go to the tube, but after he inadvertently left it, his heart suddenly throbbed.
"The grievances of these two people have to be resolved!"
Cao Zhi and Cao Pei have a translucent identity on the neckline.
The logo presents an oval shape, deep blue Se base, and a small "sword" is written in seal script in the middle.
Cao Shi brothers are all members of the Sword Edge Group, and their grades are not low, which seems to be the existence of the officer level.
As the founder of the Sword Edge Group, how can Chen Shaobai not feel gratified by the inclusion of outstanding talents among the bottom disciples?
At least, those friends at the beginning are still struggling for the same dream.
"Stop it, both of you!"
Chen Shaobai steps wear flowers, figure a flicker, then came to the front of two afraid.
He originally wanted to rely on rank suppression to forcibly plunder, but after a thought, he changed his mind again:
"Flying dragons explore the clouds!"
White mans hands flashing, time and space flow, clearly separated by a long distance, but Cao Shi brothers xianjian suddenly in the hands of Chen Shaobai.
Buzzing, buzzing …
Hard-edged Xianjian buzzed in the palm of Chen Shaobai’s hand, moving unwillingly, but unable to break free, as if locked by the strongest cage in the world.
Like two wronged poor little snakes.
"What are you from? Dare to put in front of the young master … Boss … "
"Ahem …"
"Cao Pei is incompetent and has seen the head of the delegation!"
Halfway through, Cao Pei recognized Chen Shaobai, immediately disguised his embarrassment with two coughs, and changed the subject.
If it were someone else, even a member of the Sword Edge Group might not know Chen Shaobai’s appearance, but as the deputy hall master of the five halls of the Sword Edge Group, he Cao Pei would be pressed by Qureshui every day to burn incense on Chen Shaobai’s portrait with his sword. How could he not know the head of the group?
"I’ve heard about his name for a long time, but I don’t see him. The deputy head of the original week is exaggerated. Now it seems that the head of the adult is a dragon and phoenix, and Yingjie is superior …"
Cao Zhi’s performance looks calm, but there is something sour in what he said.
"Come on, let’s not talk nonsense. When I’m free, I’ll teach you two a lesson."
Chen Shaobai pointed a sword at the same time, with his hands lightly empty, and put two streamers into the Cao Shi brothers: "temporarily imprison your powers, think over the cliff and come back to me after reconciliation."
When the light enters the body, the Cao Shi brothers feel that the mana is still there, and they can even practice progress, but they are isolated from their own bodies and cannot be mobilized and used.
In front of Chen Shaobai, they are like two newly born pheasants, and they have no power to fight back.
For the colonel’s adult, they are completely convinced this time, but …
Make up?
Cao Shi brothers looked at each other, spat, supported their bodies with swords, and slowly left.
At that time, Chen Shaobai was the only one left on the big stage.