"I’m Miss Su Ling. What can I do for you?"

Su Ling retreated quietly for a few minutes, and then when the woman on the roof still didn’t speak, she tapped her toes on the ground like a dancing butterfly, and she spun around and climbed the roof.
It seems that the woman didn’t expect Su Ling to be so calm and stand on the roof with her. This is the scene at this time, that is, the height difference between the two people is a few meters. On the roof, the whole body is shrouded by the last sunset in the evening, and the only difference is that Su Ling’s casual expression and the angry look of the woman form a fresh contrast!
Seeing Su Ling never forced her to be unbalanced, but I have to admit that this has disturbed the two countries’ spring water women to be somewhat feminine!
"Do you think miss looking for you can have what thing? I’ve heard about you for a long time. You were abandoned by the dust king of the State of Qi and Chu and then left for five years! But since you have left, why do you want to come back? And since you are his sister, why are you so shameless to seduce your brother? No wonder the dust king divorced you in those days … "
"You shut it for me!"
The woman on the roof chattered sarcastically at Su Ling, but she seemed to be going to make a long speech at the end, but she saw Su Ling’s figure moving and breathing in front of her. At the same time, she was slightly surprised by Su Ling’s sudden dyeing of Li Sefeng’s eyes, and her words froze in her mouth without knowing it.
Su Ling squinted at the female phoenix, but after her eyes faded, she dyed a joke and said, "This girl, you have slandered me, so you know me?"
The woman quickly took a slight step back from her stupefied look, carefully guarded against Su Ling in front of her eyes with an alert look, and then sneered, "Who knows you, the famous former princess of Qi and Chu!"
There is contempt in this woman’s words, and Su Ling is therefore more and more curious!
Just at this time, the roof was always carefully observed. When Yu Su took a piece of rice paper from the people around him, he quickly opened it and looked at it for a moment. Then his brow was full of pondering.
After he collected rice paper into the sleeves, he also instantly flew to the roof. At Su Ling’s side, Yu Guang looked at the woman and said a few words in a low voice!
After listening to his words, Su Ling also flashed a ponder smile. After gently waving at Yu Su, she looked at the female tone and calmly said, "Shui Tian Yue, the first daughter of Shuijia, was born in a noble family, but the emperor was a friend!"
At this time, Shui Tianyue listened to Su Ling so deeply that she even said her age and water family so thoroughly that I couldn’t help playing drums.
She seems too impulsive today! But when she saw that it was so painful, she was angry at the moment and would do this.
Now that I think about it, just because that man was able to investigate her identity so clearly in a short time, although it was sensational, she really regrets it now!
"You … what do you want? I can tell you that my father and emperor … "Shui Tianyue’s face is getting pale, and this is actually more curious for Su Ling that she has heard of several times!
She knew that this Shui Tianyue should be the woman that the emperor wanted to let You Qing accept the toffee. Now that she is so abrupt, she must have scolded her because of You Qing!
This thought made Su Ling feel funny when she looked at Shui Tianyue’s lack of confidence. Then she slowly walked to the edge of the eaves and smiled in Shui Tianyue’s slightly embarrassed look. "If you want to settle accounts with me, why don’t you come first? This roof is not a good place to chat!"
Su Ling fell directly from the roof to the ground, and Shui Tianyue looked at her alone. Although she was still nervous, she always felt that this Su Ling should not seem to be what she imagined or heard!
So after several struggles in Shui Tianyue’s heart, her heart gritted its teeth and followed Su Ling’s figure to fly to the eaves.
When she settled down, she was trying to be alert to see if anyone was going to sneak up on her, but she heard Su Ling coming from the room faintly. "Come in and have a cup of tea, Miss Water!"
Regardless of whether Shui Tianyue’s bad feelings towards Su Ling are accumulated over time through supporting Qing, at this time, in the face of Su Ling’s elegant behavior, she constantly overturns her former thoughts in her heart.
Shui Tianyue walked slowly into the room step by step, and kept looking back at the door after entering, as if she was afraid that the door would be closed and she would be hurt!
At that time, Su Ling, who was sitting firmly at the table, looked at her expression and her actions. She smiled and said, "Water girl, don’t worry. If you want to hurt you, you may have died long ago!"
This is the truth and the fact!
Now if Su Ling wants to kill someone, it may be a word!
It is impossible for ordinary people to tell the identity of Shui Tianyue in a few minutes by herself!
Of course, in today’s situation, Su Ling will not easily let herself be noticed by the Ministry of Human Resources!
After all, Feng Rujun and Long Shi have buried hidden dangers in her heart!
"Hey, I have nothing to worry about! I’m the first daughter of Shuijia, the future toffee! If you want to hurt me, it’s a full charge! "
Su Ling can see from these words that this Shui Tianyue is actually a well-protected darling daughter! And in just a short contact with Su Ling, I also saw that her clear eyes were only full of anger at her, but there was no dark or vicious light flashing.
Obviously, it is still very simple!
After Shui Tianyue finished, Su Ling didn’t deepen her smile, but Shui Tianyue looked at Su Ling but smiled and remained silent, and she felt that she had some problems talking in an instant.
This Su Ling identity is now my younger sister, that is, Princess Qing!
And she said that she is a future toffee, which seems to be something to do!
Su Ling slowly pushed a cup of green tea on the table to the opposite position and immediately looked at Shuitianyue with knowing eyes. She looked at Shuitianyue after sipping the tea lamp and said, "Water girl, why don’t you tell me what it is that you came to me angrily to make you so impulsive! Do you know that if you step on the roof of the mansion at ordinary times, you may have been pierced by thousands of arrows! "
Su Ling is by no means scaring her! But she didn’t hate Shui Tianyue at first sight, but she thought that her impulsive personality might really make her suffer! I met her this time, but after that!
What’s more, in Su Ling’s heart, there is another kind of mood for her, that is, she can see that Shui Tianyue should like You Qing very much!
This is the second watch updated today! Role announcement Shui Tianyue’s role is played by Reading Bao [shuiyangsha]! The name is also what she gave Yuebao!
Zhang Sanqi is pure and water-loving!
After hearing Su Ling’s words, simple Shui Tianyue suddenly flashed a panic on her white cheeks, and then she carefully sat opposite Su Ling, with her palm on the edge of the console table, biting her lip as if she were looking at her.
After a long silence, Shui Tianyue was nervous. She took a sip of her red lips and looked at Su Ling with a stiff tone. "It seems serious. Why don’t you say that you are too vicious!"
Perhaps it was from the beginning that Su Ling was treated with prejudice. Even though Su Ling was telling Shui Tianyue not to be too impulsive in the future, she still seemed to have a deep grudge against Su Ling!
Such a situation can also make Su Lingnai shake his head with a smile on his lips and shake his head slightly. "Water girl can’t say that. Since you came to me on purpose today, why don’t you tell me what’s really on your mind!"
After five years of polishing Su Ling, she is not as handsome as before, especially when she is facing Shui Tianyue, who is a few years younger than her. Seeing her suddenly reminds Su Ling of someone who is far away!
Actually, her personality is very similar to Shinohara’s!
Shui Tianyue heard Su Ling’s sincere words and suddenly felt more mixed feelings. She looked at Su Ling’s cheeks and began to be unpredictable.
Perhaps Su Ling was calm and relieved from letting Shui Tianyue feel a little relieved. She opened her mouth without thinking and asked, "Aren’t you going to punish me?" I just scolded you on the roof! "
"Don’t hang you don’t know why the impulse is difficult! But I may need to explain that I have never been used to seducing my brother as you said, just as you know the news now, in fact, I just learned it today! "
After saying these words, Su Ling’s eyes with half drooping eyelids gradually flashed a touch of nai and heartache where Shui Tianyue could not see them.
Just like the arrival of Shui Tianyue, since she can take care of her and scold her, the situation of Youqing must be not optimistic! Although she knows that he is here now, this time is definitely not the best time for her to find him!
The appearance of Shui Tianyue just solved Su Ling’s worries!
Her thoughts about You Qing are almost written in her cheeks and eyes, and she should really like him. If she can have such a cheerful female companion, You Qing’s heart will be healed soon!
Naturally, this is Su Ling’s own idea!
At that time, sitting opposite her, Shui Tianyue looked at Su Ling in an instant, and she suddenly felt that it was not right for the man to talk to himself!
In her opinion, Su Ling is not that kind of vicious woman!
But why did that man slander Su Ling like that? ! Do they have a problem? !