When Xiao Yong heard this, he knew that everything would never return to the past. He couldn’t help but feel a strong force. He looked at the snow and waves, and his eyes were wet. So he and his adoptive father were far apart.

Du Feng, the treasure, lit the fuse and quickly ran away from the first explosive in the hall. The serial explosion flooded the whole hall in an instant, and several swords fluttered and fell, and then were buried. The painstaking efforts of the masters of the Cold Sword Pool were swallowed up by the explosion.
The tunnel wall leading to the treasure has cracked a huge gap, and the explosion power wave range of the treasure is far stronger than expected. The stone in the tunnel falls off the wall and collapses, and the whole mountain seems to be sinking at this moment.
Shout … Du Feng rushed out of the channel and came to the place where rivers and peonies meet.
"He niang this vicious explosion in Xiao San, if it happened before, we really don’t want to escape." King Luyao scolded 1 in the escape.
Boom … The words sound just fell behind them, and the passage collapsed, and the top of the head kept falling, condensing ice cones and earth and stone.
Boom … It’s another big noise. Several people rush ahead and drop a huge ice block, blocking the road ahead.
"This is not the way. We may be buried here," Zhao Tianheng said, looking at the front of him like rain.
"We underestimated the explosive power!" Dong Fang sighed.
Zhou Xiaoxiao glanced around and thought, "Let’s go to the water quickly." Zhou Xiaoxiao jumped into the water first.
Seeing this, everyone’s eyes were bright. Zhao Tianheng jumped in without saying anything, and then one person entered the water with another.
King Luyao suddenly shivered when he entered the water. "Ouch, this water is too cold. I’m going to freeze my old bones."
"You old guy suddenly talked too much today?" Dong Fang teased
Lu Yao Wang Dao: "You seem to be in a good mood, too. You can stand such cold water without complaining. It’s not like your character. Dong Daming is the one who will enjoy the trade-off best among us. Today is an exception."
Dong Fang didn’t good the spirit way, "What can I enjoy if my life is gone? I have to resist the cold water!"
Zhao Tianheng listened to the words of two people with a smile, and the treasure was buried deep. These people can finally put things buried deep in their hearts, and then they will also arrest Zhao Tianheng from some magical house. Let him go to hell if he wants to go out!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Rare to relax
As soon as Long Biao came out of the entrance of the passage with the camp, the earth shook and the towering mountains around him were constantly avalanche, which made everyone close to the safe place for the first time.
In a short time, when the camp was closed, a thick cloud of smoke exploded at the entrance to the treasure. The entrance collapsed and it was blocked, and even this mountain sank by half.
Long Biao’s face is not very good-looking. Next to him, a general of Shenji Battalion looked at the heavy mountain peak and said, "It seems that the explosive power is not small, and everyone is buried. Should we go back and explain?"
"confessed?" Long Biao said, "How else can we explain that the right eagle king blew up the treasure land? If we didn’t lose our lives here, it would have been a blessing in heaven. Does the general still want to dig up the treasure with our manpower?"
The general said, "Before he left, Yang’s adult told me that the treasure of the Cold Sword Pool must be taken out of Tianshan Mountain and must not fall into the wrong hands. Now it seems that no one can get the treasure back here. Naturally, Shen Ji Camp will not tell Yang’s adult what the dragon guards are not worried about, and we will naturally not worry about it."
"Before I left, Lord Yang gave me an order to obey Du Shen’s arrest and dispatch. Now Du Shen has not come out, and I don’t know if he is dead or alive." Long Biao thought for a moment. "According to the general’s opinion, should we stay here for a while or go back to me now?"
The general frowned and said, "It’s better for the dragon guards to make decisions."
Long Biao sighed, "Then wait here for a day or two. If Du Shen is still missing, we will return, but we still need to leave some people here. If the court is unwilling to give up the treasure here, it may send people to dig. We have to go backward."
The general said, "Then do as the Dragon Guard says."
Xiaomei stayed outside and looked at the scene before her. She was more busy than shocked and asked Long Biao what was going on. Long Biao simply said that Xiaomei was full of disappointment and sat down for a long time. Several guards quickly ordered Xiaomei to help her to a cave to rest.
In the core area of the cold heavenly sword pool, one cave after another collapsed, and Lin Jiayu and Chen Buer escaped from a mountain. At this time, the two men looked at the smoke and could not say a word. They were almost not submerged in the cold heavenly sword pool just now.
For a moment, Chen Buer whispered, "The department collapsed. They don’t know what happened."
Lin Jiayu’s heart sank again and again, and she didn’t want to believe that the people who entered the treasure died like this. She forced herself to say, "Nothing will happen. I’m sure they can escape."
Chen Buer saw Lin Jiayu secretly shook his head. He had already decided that people who entered the treasure would never come out again, but now he didn’t want Lin Jiayu to lose hope.
"Then let’s wait here for a few days! Um … you wait here for a moment, and I’ll find a place to stay. "Chen Bueryan went to the mountain alone."
After the avalanche stopped, Xue Sanping and others found a cave, lit a fire and rested on the spot. Xianglan gently pushed Xue Sanping, "Do you think Du Shen can catch them alive?"
Xue Sanping didn’t want to say "of course" without thinking.
Vanilla wry smile way "but before the movement you can see I’m afraid they will …"
"Don’t talk nonsense," Xue Sanping interrupted Xianglan and said, "Take a rest. When you wake up, some of them will appear in front of your eyes."
Shen Tianyao and others were silent. Just now, there was movement in the mountains. They felt deeply that the movement of the treasure would be even greater. At this moment, where must have collapsed, all the treasures would be buried forever.
As a result, Shen Tianyao wanted to see it, but he was also worried that Du Feng and several famous arrests could not escape, so he could wait in Tianshan Mountain for a while without seeing a few people coming out.
There was a moment’s silence. "It seems that the burning fuse has been extinguished when we left. I think they must have left. Besides, the explosion seems to be a little late. Maybe …"
Shen Tianyao suddenly woke up and said, "Yes, how did I ignore this or was Tu Laodi right?"
Dongfang Cheng mused, "So it’s very likely that several famous policemen and Du Shen arrested rigged the final explosion?"
Shen Tianyao said, "There are several famous arrests. They must have thought that there would be no peace in the treasure. Perhaps this choice is more appropriate. Well, these old guys really have them. Once we solve this matter, we will never be hampered again."
When a few people have hope in their hearts, their hearts are not so depressed. Now they are waiting for Du Feng and others to appear in front of them.
Du Feng and others in the opaque river finally emerged, and Zhou Xiaoxiao led them to escape successfully. Once again, there was a cave in front of them, and the wonders of condensed ice in the ancient ice were beautiful.
It’s strange that ice cloud is dreamlike and dense, like gathering clouds, especially in gloomy clouds, where dripping water keeps falling like a prelude to the storm.
And ice cloud is as thin as the sky, and the light shines in nowhere, making the Starlight Glimmer at the top of the cave become a vast star in the night.
Several people landed and saw this beautiful scenery without admiring King Luyao’s smile. "I feel that the stars are within reach. Haha …"